Glutton Berserker ch.126

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Fate x Mimir.
Their relationship is kinda cute and intimate.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 126 – Bloodseeker

Mimir also followed me to the military district.
She’d suffered a supposedly grievous injury during the battle against goblin shaman, that’s why she’s also heading to the military district.
It was a coincidence that we met up at Rafal’s grave earlier.

None of us expected to meet each other there.

[How often do you go to see Raine?]

[Now it’s once a week. How about Fate-sama?]

[I’m twice a week.]

[But Raine-san said you rarely come to visit her. So I thought it’s once a month or something like that. Turns out it’s twice a week.]

[Un, in addition to that, the diagnosis time is strangely long.]

[I see. Fate-sama’s case is indeed more special than mine. Speaking of which, regarding the diagnosis, I hate when she uses a syringe to take a blood sample from me.]

[Ahahaha, me too.]

After talking about various topics along the way with Mimir, I felt that it’s easier to hold a conversation with her now.
When she was first brought to the mansion by Aaron, I couldn’t even hold a short conversation due to a sense of distance between us.
After talking with her like this, I realized that Mimir wasn’t a stuck up girl I thought she was. Perhaps it’s just something to do with education she received while still being part of Burix family.

It’s been a while, but I suppose people still recognized Mimir’s face.
I noticed that when the soldiers guarding the gate to the military district stopped us for inspection.
One of the soldiers attempted to grab her, but received a bag slap for his trouble. Apparently Mimir still hated being touched by a stranger.

[I’m a servant of Barbatos family now. I don’t think inspection was necessary, especially since we are walking together at the moment..]

Her tone was not that of a servant, but a holy knight’s.
That cold smile reminded me of the past, making me shed cold sweat. It was such a stark difference since she’s usually calm and gentle back at the mansion.
Well, I suppose it’s fine considering she’s now with Barbatos family and the situation at hand.
It’s hard to be kind to everyone, and the soldier seemed to have no good intentions as well.
I went ahead to explain to the other soldiers.

[Mimir does dress like a servant. But she’s still a woman adopted to Barbatos family. I’ll take full responsibility if something does happen. No need to conduct physical inspection on her from now on.]


[Didn’t you hear me? Barbatos family head, Fate Barbatos, will take responsibility. If you still have any complain, feel free to report it yourself to Her Majesty Eris Seyfert.]

[No need. Please proceed.]

I may have gone overboard a little there. I inwardly apologized to those gate guards before passing through the gate.
When we got to the distance where the soldiers won’t hear us anymore, Mimir happily told me.

[I never imagined that you would do something like that for me.]

[Because Mimir is part of the family now. Like my own sister.]

[I see… because I’m your sister, you won’t let a stranger touch me. Because it’s gross. I see, I see.]

She sounded and looked somewhat disappointed by my reply….
This sight is too painful to see…

Unable to stand it, I told Mimir.

[What the hell was that! Really now!]

[Fufufufu, I’m just… wondering why Roxy-sama really likes to do this kind of thing]

Mimir said proudly without stopping her pacing.
So you love seeing my troubled face!? What’s with that satisfied look on your face.

[I get it. Imagine in your head, what will happen if those soldiers do a physical inspection again without you around.]

[Fine, but…]

I have no idea what will happen. As we proceed to the research facility, I couldn’t help but to have my imagination running wild.

[What are you thinking at the moment?]

[Oh, No idea yet? I’m still thinking.]

[Simple then. Just imagine if it happens to Roxy-sama instead of me.]

Just like that!? You want me to practice it like that!?


It was such a great shock to me that I stopped on my track.
That struck me in the weak point. I never even consider that.
What with this dark emotion rising in my mind.

[It’s something you never thought before, isn’t it? Even, I never thought that it’ll go that far. What are you going to do with the soldier then?]


[That’s just too much! Overboard!!]

I reversed direction, about to head back to the soldiers, but someone held my hand to halt me.

[Hold it right there, it’s just an example, why are you trying to put it into action right away!?]

Seeing Mimir’s face, I knew I shouldn’t keep the charade up anymore.

It’s so funny, my stomach hurt.


[Ah!? Could it be that… you tricked me!?]

Her mouth was wide open, perplexed. It appeared that she thought I was serious.
I’ve been spending a lot more time with the likes of Greed, Myne, and Eris before. Compared to them, Mimir is like a naive child.
I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for her, but

[It’s 100 years too early for you to do that to me.]


[But honestly, my sister is such a good girl.]

[Humph! I’m not as good as Fate-sama thought.]

It seemed that I’ve gone a bit too far. Mimir seemed annoyed.
But I suppose the distance between us had shrunk even more. I did it.

While I was thinking like that, Mimir dropped a bomb on me.

[Actually…there was a time when I was sucking Fate-sama’s blood. Perhaps because I sucked too much or maybe Fate-sama was already exhausted beforehand, you ended up falling over me on the bed]

[And so…?]

[No matter how hard I called out to you or poked you, you wouldn’t wake up.]

[What happened then?]

My heart was pounding… What did we do? It’s alright, Mimir is a good girl. And I’m a good boy.
But wait. Mimir had that little devil attitude in her as well.

I was asleep, so I might not notice it. She did suck on my blood several times to the point that I fell asleep.
Still, when I got up in the morning, Mimir was not on my side, and there was no sign of anything happening.

It’s alright, it’s alright. While I was trying to convince myself, Mimir said with a grin.

[You didn’t get up, so we ended up sleeping together.]

[Eeeeeeeee, for real!?]

[Yes, it’s true. But I woke up right before dawn. I still had my duties as a maid after all.]


[It’s alright. We are brother and sister. Nothing is wrong with that. Un un]

After making such a huge reveal, it was Mimir herself who made up an excuse for that.
She then left me to my own thought, heading to the research facility.

[Wait a minute. You are just trying to get even with me, aren’t you?]

[Arara, what time is it? We should make haste, Fate-sama]

[Tell me about it once again in more detail. What happened… oi, tell me!]

Mimir then stabbed me with an even more worrying statement.

[Rest assured. I will keep it a secret from Roxy-sama.]

[Ee, to Roxy!?]

[Yes, because it’ll be embarrassing if it becomes known that Barbatos family head had slept with his own sister, will it not? You must’ve realized that as well!]

[That’s not the problem here!]

Nono… if Roxy knows about this…
There is also a possibility that Mimir was just trying to trick me.
Even so, I couldn’t deny that as well.

It’s as if I had no way to retreat.
Mimir put her hand on my shoulder, and gently said.

[I knew this already, that Fate-sama has very low resistance to woman. This side of you is sweet as well. Un un.]

[That side of me… is sweet…?]

Clearly there were very little amount of women I could consider as a good friend. At this point, I could hear Greed laughing at me.
Resistance!? There was no such thing!!

[Therefore, it’ll be best if I help you to practice more. It should be fine since I’m your sister]

[Un un, my arse! Of course it’s problematic!]

[Isn’t it better that way? Me being your sister? Otherwise, it’ll become a big deal. You’ll have to be careful to not let Roxy-sama knows about it]

Her mentioning keeping a secret reminded me of the fact that I should be more honest to Roxy.
Fuuhn… not half bad.

[What’s the matter? Why are you sweating so profusely?]

Arara, she produced a handkerchief and hurriedly wiped the sweat on my forehead.
Mimir herself was the culprit behind the sweat though.
At that point I sensed that Mimir’s intensity becoming stronger. The strongest so far.

Our destination had already visible. I promptly made my escape to the research facility.

[I’m going ahead]

[Eh, why are you doing that when we should go together!]

[I’m sorry, because my sister is really scary at the moment!]

[That’s but a slight discouragement. First of all, how about we discuss it while having a seat around here?]

[No way!]

[Fate-sama! Please wait up!]

I dashed to the facility and immediately entered the elevator.
I pressed the button that will bring me to the floor where Raine’s office is,
Huwa~, this is relieving. This made a good temporary retreat from Mimir who gradually showed her true nature.
Just when I thought so, a hand got in the way right when the automatic door was about to close.


[How dare you to leave me like that! I’ll suck your blood out!]


[Blood… Blood… I’m digging in!]

Mimir’s eyes were stained in blood red.
This is when she’s driven by the urge to drink blood the most.
She managed to squeeze herself into the elevator. The automatic door closed in short after. Which means, we’re stuck together here, on a closed room.

There was no escape. She pushed me to the wall.

[I guess, I can’t endure it anymore]

[You must try to endure it. This isn’t the place]

[Impossible for me. All of it. I terribly need Fate-sama…]


The battle with Goblin Shaman had caused her a great deal of damage, which may have consumed a large amount of energy to recover from.
The sound of her harsh breathing near my ear was evidently the sign of her needing my blood.
Usually I won’t allow her to suck on my blood on random places. But, she did save Roxy earlier today.

I guess I had no choice…

I offered my neck willingly.
Taking that as a signal, Mimir promptly bit me. There was no pain.
If anything, it actually felt good. That’s the strange part. Such sensation would invade my senses when she’s sucking my blood.

According to Raine, it’s an ability that belongs to the Nightwalker origin, so that he can feast on his prey’s blood without being resisted. Mimir seemed to have done similar things, since I felt no intention to fight her off.
While being sucked on, I turned my sight to the number representing the floor we are at.
When it displays the desired floor, the automatic door will open by itself.
What appeared on the other side was a sleepy looking woman in white lab coat. She regarded the both of us with a nonchalant tone.

[Can’t you two do that while you are back at the mansion?]

[You got it all wrong, Raine! Mimir is in need of blood!]


Raine narrowed her eyes, and pressed the button to close the automatic door.
It’s like she’s saying that she doesn’t care about my excuses.

[I’m sorry for interrupting your funtime. Well then…]

[Please hear me out!]

And the automatic door closed completely.
While sucking my blood, unbeknownst to me, Mimir was smiling. Her face was colored in satisfaction.

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    1. Dude you don’t even know what you write about: Isekai is a story about REINCARNATED OR SUMMONED from another world MC. Funny that since the term become popular so many of readers put all diffirent stories in this genre. But oh well grammar and spelling isn’t your strong point too.
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    Fate and Roxy woke up in each other’s body (Yeah it’s that same day lol)
    Fate and Roxy visit Raine’s lab together
    They get explanation on the goblin shaman and Roxy collapses
    Fate, Roxy and Miria, return to the mansion to have Roxy meet Mimir
    Mimir sucks Roxy’s (Fate) blood to reduce starvation
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