The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.73

Weekly chapters (2/2)

D-d-d-d-double chapters!


Chapter 73 – The Battle of Heinz Part 1

[I see. So His Highness Carlos and Archduke Saxon have returned to the capital… well, they virtually did nothing.]

Rozenheim’s little lord Scion murmured as he read the report.

Carlos and Georg’s return to the capital was a shocking news.

Failure is unforgivable.

Regardless of whether those two are the Empire’s great generals, they’ll still be punished for their failures. It goes to show Emperor Sephiros’ attitude to his army.

Scion crumpled the paper and threw it away.

[Only those two were deemed responsible for the defeat….weren’t they? I suppose I can consider this as my luck… but they are really not worth it. The names of the『Arcadia Young Lion』and『Tiger of Saxon』have been smeared.]

It was Scion who proposed this plan. He meant it to win the generals’ favor, thus giving him some benefits…that was his original intention.
But on the contrary, both of the generals suffered losses and had become a liability. Fortunately he himself was not held responsible, but there are various aristocrats blaming him for the failure.

[Those aristocrats are ignorant fools… unsightly pulling my leg down.]

And there is also one fact the doesn’t interest Scion… the growing demand for Ares to take the lead in lieu of his achievement in previous battles.

[At this rate, that guy will tilt the tables… and that won’t benefit me in the future. Let’s try to erase him before he can make any changes…]

Muttering that, Sion looked at the small box nearby and picked it up.

[I’ve decided that it’s time to use this… I need to move carefully…]

Scion stroked the box’s lid as he said so.


Sephiros switched his battle plan into using the entire Arcadia forces to siege the capital Heinz.

While Scion and Silvia remaining at the rear, Ares was stationed near the Emperor Sephiros. Sigurd and the Black Legion readily following behind him.

[I never intended to make this battle a war of attrition. Tomorrow, we’ll commence all-out war.]

That was the order Sephiros had commanded to the entire army. This caused so much tension among the aristocrats as they waited for the next morning to come.

But tomorrow, should the Arcadia forces suffer another loss, then it will be…


[Looks like the siege will be finished soon.]

[And in the morning… will be an all-out war.]

Darius and Dirk discussed as they oversaw the situation from atop the hill.

[That means… the best moment is tonight.]

Having said so, Darius commanded Dirk

[Alert the Thousand Knights. We are going to attack tonight. The target is the Arcadia forces’ ‘headquarters and Emperor Sephiros’ head. The reward for those who took it is freedom!]


And so, the Battle of Heinz that will propel Darius’ name worldwide, began.


The Arcadia army refrained from attacking the next morning.

The area was covered by thick fog, reducing visibility to a minimum.
Despite supposedly preparing for a total war, the size of the Arcadia forces is still very large. Many of them are still sleeping soundly in their tent.

The day was very calm.

The silence was broken when a long spear was thrown to the tent where Emperor Sephiros was staying in.

[Enemy! They are attacking… from behind!]

The 300,000 strong army was sent into a panic by that single spear.
The Arcadia soldiers were not really aware of their surroundings as they had little to no grasp to the geography.
On the other hand, for Darius, the campsite of the Arcadia forces is already like a playground which he knew every nook and cranny.

The knowledge of the surrounding terrain and the heavy fog allowed Darius to plan his ambush without a hitch.

Darius did not stay inside Heinz and instead marched through the back of the hills with the Grants army. He succeeded in laying the ambush and came very close to the Arcadia forces’ headquarters..

[Take the Emperor’s head! That’s the only thing you need to do! No need to think about other things!]

Everytime Darius screamed and swung his spear, the number of corpses on the ground would increase.

The Arcadian elite royal guards were slaughtered without mercy.

[I have never heard about this guy back at the capital…huggya!!]

[Barbarian fools! You’ll become the rust of my swo…haggyaa!]

The royal guards who were supposedly elite knights were taken down with ease by Darius.

When Darius caught sight of the Emperor…
He also noticed another man standing there at the corner of his sight, smiling.

He did not give it much thought at that point…
Darius still didn’t know…

The man who stood next to the Emperor, would be the one who’ll change his destiny.

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