The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.78

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 78 – Miracle of Heinz 1

[Please explain to me what in the world is going on!]

[As if marching back alongside the Arcadian soldiers isn’t insane enough?]

[For some reason, we have to mind ourselves around some unknown young man as well!!]

The Grants soldiers brought by Darius inevitably fell into discontent after having to return to the capital alongside the Arcadia forces.
As soon as the begrudgingly allied forces entered the city, many Generals, civilians and soldiers alike started to throw questions.

It’s only natural. The two countries have always been hostile to each other, not to mention that the other party had just invaded with 300,000 strong soldiers.

Even if they’re quite used to Darius outrageous actions, they couldn’t help but to complain on this one.

Darius opened his mouth bitterly.

[….hundred thousands of demons and magic beasts are currently marching towards Heinz as we speak.]

Darius’ words put a great shock on everyone.

[I’m out of ideas on how to protect Heinz. But…]

He then turned toward Ares.

[This man claimed that he could save Heinz. Regardless of what will happen, we’re only waiting for impending doom to come. But until then, I can only cling on any thread of hope.]

Everyone present was startled. But then on the next moment, someone raised their voice up.


[I’ve never heard of a beast stampede that large!]

[What are you plotting against us!?]

Listening to the noise, Darius struck his fist on the wall.
The fort went silent.

[If any of you think that it’s a joke, then feel free to ask the soldiers accompanying me. They’ve witnessed that horde of monstrosity advancing like a sea of black cloud… each of them will testify the same.]


One of the warriors raised his voice,

[That man sought to conquer Heinz… yet he claimed that he would save it from peril?]

A voice came from the rear of the group.

Hearing that, everyone except for Darius and Ares began whispering to each other.
Turning around, they saw a man being supported by two aides. That man, Sovereign Gail, stood up with an air of a ruler after freeing himself from the support of his aides
It’s said that he’s currently undergoing medication. But his eyes were still sharp enough to force any normal man to run away on the spot.

[We have heard the news from Darius… so you are Ares-dono? Are you really saying that you can save us from this impending doom?]

Ares who had remained silent up until now looked back at Gail, then finally spoke.

[Yes. I have confidence that I’ll somehow manage, Grants Sovereign Gail-sama. However…]


[It’s… only under the condition that all soldiers of Grants’ army is willing to follow my command…]

The warriors who heard that raised their voices once more, complaining one after another.

[Are you shittin’ me!]

[Why do I have to obey to an Arcadian army general’s command!]

[I’d rather choose death!]

They kept complaining against Ares.

[….cut the crap!]

Once again Sovereign Gail showed the intensity unlike that of a sick person.

[Darius…why did you bring this man along with you?]

Gail asked Darius, turning his intense gaze to his heir. The others also turned their sight on Darius.

[I can’t save Heinz… but he claimed that he can. He defeated me. His sword was straight and heavy… judging from that and my intuition, I could tell that he’s a reliable man. In any case, destruction will eventually reach us. But if there is still even a sliver of hope, I’d choose to cling on it…. That is all I have to say.]

Gail listened attentively then closed his eyes.
Grants’ warriors were shocked.

Darius was defeated. That news was shocking for them. To that small man no less.

Darius’ intuition… it has saved Grants on many occasions. And that same Darius put his complete trust in this person to save his country.

[We understand.]

Gail then turned to Ares, dropping on his knees slowly with the help of his two aides.

[Ares Schwarzer-dono. We can’t possibly hold off more than millions of demons and beasts on our own. Would you… please save this country?]

Those sentences surprised the warriors.
However, Ares immediately took Gail’s hand

[That will, I’ll carve it in my heart.]

Hearing that reply, Gail looked up to Ares’ eyes before standing back up slowly. He then commanded the warriors.

[From now on, Ares Schwarzer will have the full authority over the army. Are there any objections?]

No one dared to speak out. It’s clear that some of them were actually against the decision for a very obvious reason.
But Grants is a peculiar place where the strong has absolute control over others. Therefore no one dared to go against valiant heroes like Gail or someone as strong as Darius. And both showed their support for Ares this time. This was equivalent to have surrendered the entire Grants Principality to his hands.

Everyone quietly bowed their heads and kneeled before Ares.

And so, Ares managed to gain control over the Grants Principality.


The war council began. Currently present were Ares, Sigurd, Darius, and several Grants generals. Sovereign Gail also insisted to participate despite his illness because the safety of the country is at stake here.
Of the 50,000 strong Grants’ army, Ares had the 10,000 led by Darius to wait outside the fort alongside his 5,000 Black Legion. The remaining 40,.000 are to defend from the interior of the fort.

[As I mentioned earlier, these hordes have been driven insane by 『Demon King Galgain’s Artifact』. Their attack will be rabid and hard to read. Therefore, we must not let them breach the fort at all cost. Soldiers defending outside should be constantly moving while reducing the numbers of the horde approaching the fort as much as possible. Never stop moving. Otherwise you’ll end up overwhelmed by their number.]

[The soldiers atop the fortress must stop the enemy from scaling the wall at all cost. Use everything you have, be it rocks, pebbles, anything.]

[The archers and mages should conserve their attack for airborne enemies. Leave enemies trying to scale the wall to the soldiers.]

After giving such instructions, Ares began to appoint generals for the defensive battle.

[Despite your sickness…I’d like Gail-dono to manage the defense of the fort’s interior. Can I entrust the protection of all sides to Gail-dono?]

Gail was unable to move freely due to his illness, but still listened to Ares attentively and nodded.

[I will do as commanded. Leave it to me.]

Then Ares turned to Sigurd and Darius.

[The horde is attacking from the west gate. Darius will be positioned at the right of the gate, while Sigurd will be responsible for the left side. Darius, leading the 5,000 Grants’ army, and Sigurd, leading the 4,000 Black Legion will freely move to smash the invading beasts. As for the gate itself… I’ll lead the remaining 5,000 Grants’ army and 1,000 Black Legion myself to defend it.]

And lastly, Ares shouted.


[Yes! Here I am!]

Everyone was surprised at the sudden appearance of a mysterious man at the war council. But Ares could be careless about that and proceeded as is.
He passed a compass and a dagger to Zekka, then commanded.

[Probably a『Demon King Galgain’s Artifact』is hidden somewhere around Heinz… or someone is in possession of it… find it, and destroy it. This compass should show you the direction. Once you find it, destroy it with the dagger… if someone has it… kill that person.]


Zekka thus disappeared just as how he appeared.
Ares delivered his final instruction while spreading his gaze to everyone.

[Zekka is excellent. But even he will take at least 1 day to find his target… if we can defend the fort until then, it’ll be our victory.]


The next day after Ares entered Heinz, it became possible to see the sea of beasts heading to the fort in the distance.
Demons and magic beasts that were driven crazy by the『Demon King’s Artifact』gradually approached Heinz.

[This is amazing. So I will be fighting with these guys from here onward…]

[There is no way we’ll win… only death awaits us all.]

Even some of the Grants’ army couldn’t help but to have a nervous breakdown in the face of such predicament…
The citizens are also scared.

When Darius was about to raise his voice to at least shut them up…he heard a voice that also reverberated in the ears of all the people in Heinz.

Looking to the direction of the voice, he found Ares, standing atop the hill so that everyone could see him, speaking while utilizing the wind magic so that his voice could reach everyone.

[All the courageous soldiers and citizens of Heinz! Listen to me!]

[As I speak, more than hundreds of millions of monsters are upon us. They probably came here to lay waste upon Heinz… however, their crazed mind does not know one thing. Who is the hunter and who is the prey!]

After taking a short breather, he resumed.

[Soldiers of Grants! What have you all been fighting for all this time! Why did you all fight against the barbarians, demons and the Aryans? It’s because of family, friends and compatriots… to protect the people around you!]

[Residents of Heinz! Have you always been living in fear? The answer is not! You are all the most noble and courageous people in this land for having survived in the harshest environment in the continent!]

Finally, Ares raised his fist.

[Heroes! Let us show to the whole world! Who is the most noble and the strongest of this continent. Let those demons and beasts know firsthand! That we are the hunters, and they are our prey. We are not going to fall here. To battle and survive! Come, heroes!]

With that, Ares pulled out Divine Sword Oldeus of the Seven Heavenly Swords, infusing it with magic power. In response, Oldeus emitted blue light like a beacon.

[Follow meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!]

Ares then proceeded to swing Oldeus down. At the same time, an invisible slash cut down a large swath of the incoming hordes with a loud explosion.

At the signal, the west gate is opened and the first to charge out was the Black Legion led by Sigurd.

Darius looked at the Grants’ soldiers he led.
There are no longer any hateful comments.
Moreover, the residents are also no longer panicking.

[No way I can imitate that… well done.]

Soon afterward, he raised his voice.

[We will charge out! Let us show them the might of the Grants’ army!!]


There are no terrified looks on their faces anymore, only resolve and eagerness. That speech earlier had ignited their warrior blood…

Darius showed a ferocious smile himself and began his assault. He’s confident that they might just have what it takes to emerge victorious against the hordes of monsters.

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  1. All hands, battle stations. This is not the drill, the demons have siege the city.

    Really want to say this, and thank you for translate.


  2. Pretty sappy but very ‘heroic’ I guess. Would’ve laughed if it took a Terry Pratchett turn and the Grant soldiers closed the gates when he left and told him to sod off.


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