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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Sushi

Chapter 53 – Conclusion of the Prime Subjugation

With Estel’s bombardment, a large number of high kobolds were culled.

But even that isn’t enough to wipe out the kobolds, and the remainder began to spread out from less attacked areas and approach us.

Most of her firepower has been focused on the front due to how excessively they were coming at us from that direction, plus they have begun to realise clumping up increases casualties, so they have started to spread out more which reduced the overall effect of the bombardment.

To deal with their flanking maneuver, I headed to the right, while Noru takes care of the left.

Dhius will still be protecting our back lines, he’ll join the fray when the number of kobolds are further reduced.

I won’t be able to defeat every single enemy that comes my way unlike Noru, so it’s reassuring to have Gauss-san and him protecting our backs. Shisuha is also there for oh shit moments… but I do want her to focus on healing though.

The girls have been covering for my misses up til now, so I still feel uneasy regarding my own ability to fight multiple foes at the same time.

[Dammit, why are there so friggin many of them!]

I ran towards an incoming group of kobolds to engage them. Countless kobolds swarmed before me. It was practically a black wall of mobs.

Swinging down my favourite Bar, I unleashed the invisible wind element blade attack and cut down a handful of their vanguard.

Following that I make contact with the group, I immediately get swallowed up into the swirling mass and clanking sounds could be heard from all directions as they poke my armor with their spears. It hurts a teensy bit.

I swing Bar around to cut down the high kobolds even as that happens, but their numbers just don’t seem to dwindle.

Their numbers are just mind boggling… I really want to thank past me for getting myself this new set of gear.

[Uuoh!? Wh-, what’s this.]

As I continued to fight, light suddenly gathered around me and was absorbed into my body.

When that happened any pain I was suffering dissipates, and my body feels lighter. This is probably healing magic from either Shisuha or Sumika-chan, thanks to whoever did that.

The occasional enraged Tyranos Kobold with bloodshot eyes would attempt to bite my arm, or stagger me by hitting my armor with their axe.

Then there’s also the occasional explosion nearby from Estel’s bombardment.

If this was one of our typical farming runs, I might be whining about going home right about now. But thanks to the Lion’s Heart I am able to maintain my sanity.

[Huff, huff, ouch…]

[Are you alright, Okura-dono?]

[Ah, thanks.]

Noru came to my aid shortly after she finished up on her left side, with her help we clean up both fronts and the battle comes to a temporary halt.

I’m dead tired…… Her caring voice almost sounded soothing.

I had no visible external injuries, but having being ganked all over my body is in shambles.

There were currently no kobolds advancing towards us, so me and Noru regrouped with Dhius and the others.

[Soz, I let a whole lot of them past me.]

[Ah, yeah… Shisuha-san lent her hand in defeating them so there weren’t any problems.]


[Eh, ah, that’s not what happened! They were the ones who came towards me so I had no choice! It was an emergency! I did my healing role I swear I did!]

Sure I was the one who couldn’t hold them back, but she just had to do it didn’t she…

When I glared at Shisuha, she gave her desperate sounding “reasons” while fiercely shaking her hand before her chest. She needs to work on her follow ups.

Well she did do her job as the healer so I’ll at least give her that.

[A, anyways, is that the end of their 1st wave?]

[Nnー, apparently so. Their numbers have thinned out significantly thanks to Estel-chan.]

In response to Dhius’ remark, Miguru-chan nodded in agreement.

The majority of the kobolds have been defeated from this first round of combat, but there were still another 100 or so of them standing by beyond the scorched plains.

A neat line of Red Tyranos Kobolds stood at their forefront.

Is the Core Individual inside that group of monsters?

[The next wave isn’t charging at us.]

[The ones we cleaned up were simply an unruly mob of foot soldiers. The main force would be what’s next. Those big guys at the front are the subspecies of the Tyranos Kobold. That monster is usually the Core Individual but if there’s a line of them up front, the Core Individual is definitely something else this time.]

Fumu, so that is usually the Core Individual huh. It looks fairly strong, let’s have a looksie.


Red Tyranos Kobold   Race:Kobold

Level: 45
Attack Power: 800
Defense Power: 150
Agility: 160
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability  none
Skill  Enrage


Uu, it certainly is quite strong….

It wouldn’t be a problem if there was only 1 of them, but I’m fairly sure I see at least 20 of them at their front line.

Should I just get Estel to use her Skill and destroy them all in one fell swoop…?

No, if something unforeseen happens Estel wouldn’t be able to help if she gets decommissioned after doing that.

That leaves us with the option of fighting and defeating them the normal way.

[Estel, how’s your MP? You did display quite the fancy fireworks show.]

[Ee, I still have potions, and this as well. I can keep going.]

She pats the Moon Drop, her bracelet with a silver bead attached on, and replies positively with a smile.

I have given the majority of the MP potions to Estel and Shisuha.

So I shouldn’t need to worry about either of them running out of MP… The girls are more dependable than I give them credit for. Am I the only one who’s tired here?

[Noru… looks fine and dandy.]

[If anything I’m more worried about you Okura-dono. Perhaps I should fight in closer proximity to you.]

[Thanks for the concern, but I’ll be fine.]

[Muu…. you really should stay on your toes.]

She sounded awfully worried, maybe it’s because she saw what happened to me earlier.

Honestly I’d want to fight together with her, but the situation says otherwise.

With our members fully recovered, we advanced forward to engage the last monster group.

There were extravagant amounts of kobold Drop Items everywhere, namely fangs, spears and axes. The craters in the terrain were a bit of a hassle to traverse.

Dhius’ party looked around themselves at what was supposed to be grassy plains, they had frowning faces saying “Is this even fixable…” but the deed has been done.

[Time to get the ball rolling again, ei!]

After advancing somewhat, the entire party was buffed with support magic again. Then Estel begins her attack, on the last group of monsters.

She launches boulder projectiles similar to what she used previously, towards the group’s frontline.

I thought it was going to be a clean hit at first, but a handful of Red Tyranos Kobolds advanced to receive the attack. But at the moment they did the projectile exploded, causing widespread damage with the shrapnel.

…Isn’t it awful that the attack can’t be blocked? Makes me feel how glad I am to be on Estel’s side.

After their frontline was broken through by the boulders, fireballs rained down to follow up.

Though with their massive HP pools, the surviving red kobolds trudged on towards us.

They may have already used their Enrage Skill, you could see the muscular strains on their faces and splattering saliva as they ran.

[!? This looks bad.]

With the red kobolds heading the charge, the monster group advanced as they pushed through the magic attacks.

Me and Noru took to the front to intercept them, but then Estel’s magic attacks abruptly stopped.

We turned our heads to see what happened behind us, and saw yet another detachment returning from behind us. Estel has turned to attack in the other direction as her response.

Turning back to my front, I stabbed the red kobold running towards me with Bar and it falls immediately. The approaching monsters have considerably diminished HP due to Estel’s initial bombardment.

Noru was fighting a slight distance away, and could be seen cleaning up the mobs at speeds incomparable to mine.

We should be able to pull through despite losing our support fire. With that thought I focused on defeating as many kobolds as I could, and at last the densest part of the Horde comes into view.

At their very midst, a handful of kobolds could be seen carrying a palanquin of sorts, and on it sat a roughly 2 meter tall macho kobold that had bulging muscles. It wore nothing but a red cape on its nude body, and a gold crown on its head.

It had fashion sense befitting of a kobold, not that you’d want to ever see a human donning that same outfit. It does get me wondering how it ended up with that sort of interesting appearance.

As I fought the kobolds surrounding me, my attention was getting drawn towards the Kobold Lord’s intentions, so I tried to keep it in my field of view wherever possible even as I was cutting down other kobolds.

The melee was too chaotic for me to afford checking its Status.

Just as I was almost done with the kobolds around myself, it stood up from its chair.

Grabbing a golden and very sparkly spear from one of its retainer kobolds, it then takes a stance with the spear held at shoulder level, and throws it at me.

[Uoo―― Blargh!?]

The thrown spear was cloaked in light, and flew at me with incredible speed.

I thought I could block it with my awesome Pot Lid, but I was unable to react in time to the sudden attack and the spear strikes me cleanly on my armor.

It didn’t pierce through my armor, but I was launched into the air by the spear’s momentum.

….. Oof, I’m feeling this one all over. Ahー, I can’t thank my new armor set enough. There’s no way I’d be able to block something that fast.

I’m seeing myself getting some mad air. But it’s gonna hurt when I hit the ground right? Nuuuu, I wanna stay in the air.


[No, Noru…]

I was desperately flailing my limbs about, when suddenly the floaty feeling disappeared and was replaced by the sensation of my waist and legs getting carried.

I turned and looked at the direction where the voice came from and a Noru clad in platinum colored light enters my view. Apparently she’s princess carrying me.

… normally our roles should be reversed.

[Honestly, this is what I was so worried about!]

[Um, yeah… this really helps. Thanks.]

We land safely, and she puts me down on the ground.

Light gathered around me immediately after that, and was absorbed into my body. Our healers are doing good work.

Noru left that one line after dropping me off, then immediately charged in the direction of the Kobold Lord.

With her Platinum Aura already active, she intends to defeat them before her time runs out.

She cuts the distance between her and the lord almost instantly, which was responded with a sidewards sweep from the golden spear that was thrown at me earlier. When did they retrieve that spear?

5 lumps of light appeared before the lord, which then transformed into 5 Red Tyranos Kobolds.

But before the materialized red kobolds could do anything, slashes from Noru’s swung sword instantly turns them back into particles of light.

Getting called in only to be cut down… It feels like I just saw the epitome of absurdity right there.

And Noru’s showdown against the lord begins but…

The kobolds around them have already been mowed down by the shockwaves from Noru’s attacks, and the lord is being diced up as it is unable to keep up with the speed of the attacks.

It soon lost both of its arms, along with countless deep cuts in its torso. It may be called a “Lord”, but it was naught but a punching bag before her Skill buffed might.

I could only watch, as I was left behind. I’ll only be a hindrance if I tried to join the fray, I can almost see myself getting caught in the attacks. She’s currently on the level of walking disaster.

So I’ll just have a look at its Status before it gets defeated.


Kobold Lord Race: Kobold

Level: 60
HP: 15000
Attack Power: 2500
Defense Power: 1500
Agility: 250
Magic Resistance: 50
Unique Ability  Dominance
Skill King’s Judgment Summon Familiar


So it was using a Skill to summon those other kobolds. King’s Judgment was what it used to attack me.

Its Status doesn’t seem to be that high. It’s not surprising their battle turned out the way it did, when you compare the numbers against the Skill buffed Noru.

And it looks like it has concluded, as I was ogling at the numbers.

The lord was at its limit as it knelt on the ground whilst using its spear to support itself. To the lord’s neck, the platinum blade mercilessly cuts through.

The headless body crumples onto the ground, and turns into particles of light. Leaving behind the Golden Crown, Golden Spear and the Red Mantle.

… I don’t really want to touch that mantle.

[Uuu… Okura-dono, I will be in your care after the Skill duration ends.]

[Leave it to me. Let’s return quickly.]

Noru returns after finishing up. She was still clad in platinum light, but she looks downcast probably because she was thinking of what happens after her Skill effects expire.

I’d rather not have her use her Skill as much as possible, but she used it for my sake so I’ll take good care of her afterwards.

I’m also worried about Estel and the others who had to fight off that other detachment that circled behind us. We hurriedly head back to where they are.

[Estel! Are you guys alright!]

[Ee, no problems. Just a little surprised by the enemy coming from behind us.]

The battle here has concluded as well. Dhius’ party were sitting on the ground maybe due to the fatigue, their faces were all slumped down for some reason.

[Huh? Where’d Shisuha go?]

I thought we all had safely gotten through the ordeal, but I then noticed Shisuha wasn’t around.

The moment I blurted her name, Dhius and Sumika-chan brought their faces up with great momentum.

[Okura, just what the heck is that person. Me and Gauss weren’t able to cope with the overwhelming number of enemies, so we had her join the fighting as well but…]

[Just what is she?! I don’t get how she’s a Priest!]

They pointed to the back as they said their pieces.

There were a handful of kobolds in the direction where they pointed, and that was where the form of Shisuha laying the beatdown on the kobolds could be seen.

Aaaand, I just saw a Tyranos Kobold getting some airtime from getting kicked by her.

In their eyes, our party’s “priest” must have been nonsensically unusual.

[*sigh*… There really is no helping her is there.]

[Quite true that, but she did do her job as a healer. So don’t reprimand her too much.]

[Aah, so that healing was her work then. She did do her job so I guess I shouldn’t―― Nnn?]

It has become something of a routine for her so I’ve stopped being surprised anymore, Estel is vouching for her too so that’s that. She must have been the one who healed me after I was sent flying by that spear, so I’ll at least thank her for that.

But before I could turn my thanks into actual words, my smartphone inside my pocket vibrated. What could it be with this sort of timing?

I took out my smartphone away from Dhius’ prying eyes and had a look, displayed on the screen was【Prime Subjugation Achievement Reward ● Manastones x50 ● SSR cost reduction】, [Notice] [Opening of Commemorative Prime Subjugation Achievement Item Gacha].




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  1. This is my first time read a LN that the MC is an absolute idiot.
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    A failure leader to me, and only in the way when he choose to be a tank.
    But it’s refreshing to read.
    Albeit he is annoying.
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