Glutton Berserker ch.130

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More scene about Eris. Greed’s past possessor.
And the Kingdom’s creation in the past.

We still have a lot of questions unexplained yet.

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 130 – Those who Depart

The White Knight took me to the Palace. She walked quietly ahead of me.
I didn’t like this heavy air… Trying to diffuse the atmosphere, I tried to hold a conversation.
Usually I would get ignored, but for some reason it’s different this time.

[When will Eris return?]

[…it’s almost time. In about an hour or so.]

[That’s amazing. How do even know that?]

[I think you should’ve known the answer already.]


Even if you say so I still don’t know. Seeing me shaking my head, the White Knight laughed at me.

[You really don’t know anything, do you? Hasn’t Greed told you anything at all?]

[That twisted soul, do you think it’s easy to make him divulge about anything?]

[Indeed… I’ve heard from Eris-sama once before, that Greed is actually even worse than Envy.]

I don’t know what kind of face she’s making behind that helmet, but she sounded sympathetic just now.
Of course, being told that he’s even worse than that sly Envy didn’t really sit well with Greed… He ranted in denial over and over, and I got to hear all of it through 《Mind Reading》.
The White Knight stopped, and spoke to me as she looked up at the Palace.

[It’s the same as you and that Aaron Barbatos. No, I suppose it’s something a bit more advanced.]

[You mean a bond with Eris?]

[Yeah, it’s merely a story of old times. I still won’t forget the day when the two of us vowed to serve Eris-sama with our life.]

The Kingdom was pioneered by Eris, Envy, and the two White Knights.
With Gallia collapsed, many people lost their place to live. It began with a small town where those people gathered.
The reason behind why those people were attracted to go here was apparently Eris’ Lust skill.

[As you know, Eris-sama is very kind. It was originally a promise she made to the previous holder of Gluttony skill. She led the Gallian survivors here, and built a Kingdom.]

[About that… what kind of person the previous holder of Gluttony skill was? You see, Greed is always like this. Eris wouldn’t tell me as well… and Myne kept pretending that she had forgotten!]

Really, everyone…? Would you please make a better excuse if you don’t want to divulge the matter to me?
Perhaps I had a very troubled look on my face. The White Knight sighed and spoke.

[That person was everyone’s hope. But…in the end… I don’t really want to remember it. For some reason you have a similar appearance to him. When Eris-sama looked at you, I suppose she would be reminded of the past.]

[What was Eris and that person’s relationship?]

[I was also saved by that person when I was still a child. Even then, Eris-sama had always been together with that person. Eris-sama tried to shape this Kingdom in his ideal. But without the person in question even present, then it’ll just be empty shells.]

In the past, many powerful monsters lived around the old Capital. In order to deal with this threat, the Kingdom gathered together people with holy sword mastery skill to become their main forces. Thus the Holy Knights were born.
Even if it wasn’t the case at first, in the end people with proper skills gained supremacy over those who don’t.
In general, the Kingdom wasn’t that bad. Even though there was some discrimination, commoners’ livelihood were at least guaranteed.

For better or worse, the Kingdom that Eris had built, became a sanctuary to those who had lost their place.

[Of course, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone.]

If there was no underlying framework that kept the people together, then the kingdom would be… honestly I couldn’t imagine what will happen.
Roxy told me this once, that we made mistakes because we are only human.
But if you were stuck with thinking about it all the time, then you wouldn’t get anywhere.

[Even if something went wrong, it’s not over yet. You can start over from now on.]

That caused the White Knight to stare at me. Perhaps asking me to cut it out already.
Was it no good…? While I was wondering on what she’s thinking,

[No way… I did not expect that you’ll say the same thing as that person.]

That person said a similar thing to Eris in the past. Back then, the girls had already swore their fealty to accompany Eris till the end.

[I feel like I have some understanding of why Eris-sama roots for you now.]

[That was something Roxy told me. I simply borrowed it]

[So it’s a borrowed words… but if you truly take it to heart, then it too, will be yours.]

[Right. Eris-sama and us, we were able to change after meeting that person as well.]

The White Knight stopped looking at the palace, and resumed walking.

[Perhaps, you are…that person’s…]


[No, that shouldn’t be the case. Please ignore what I said just now.]

I couldn’t hear her properly because it’s like she was muttering to herself.
And since she said so, I won’t get any answer even if I pursue the topic. So I simply followed her quietly.
I’m kinda happy that we were able to have a small talk though.

When we entered the palace, Aaron and Mimir greeted us. The other White Knight was also there.

[O Fate! I heard that there is another ruckus happening at the military district. I tried to go there as well but…]

Aaron glanced at the other White Knight. Apparently he was instructed to wait here.
I was wondering why he, who usually appear on the scene the earliest, didn’t come. I suppose I understand why.

[Aaron Barbatos is to wait in the Palace for the time being. According to the record, he rampaged quite a bit at the hobgoblin forest.]


That Aaron was reprimanded like a kid by the white knight. This might be the first time someone treated him this way.

[You are one of the individuals that will assure the future of the kingdom. You should stop acting so ridiculous.]

[That is…]

For the battle maniac like Aaron, that would be a very restricting order.

I saw him drooping his shoulders in defeat as I turned to Mimir.

[How did it go?]

[Yes, I got pardoned this time. I’m relieved that they unexpectedly received the reasoning well.]

[That’s good to hear. Otherwise it’ll be tough on me…]

[AAaa… because it’s Fate-sama after all. Am I right, everyone!]

The two White Knights nodded in agreement. And surprisingly, Aaron nodded too!?

[Well, I guess I should just nod as well. Un un!]


That’s horrible… I can’t win against the majority.
Recently, I felt like I kept hearing this ‘because it’s Fate’ around me more often.

Roxy, Greed, and even Shara… as if there was no end to it!
While I shook my head, yet another person casted a vote from behind me.
Even though it’s been only a short while, it felt like a long time has passed since the last time I heard her voice. I turned around to see her blue hair swayed around as she approached me.

[I think so too.]


[Hi, I’m back. Somehow, a lot of things happened while I’m gone. You really are a troublemaker, aren’t you?]

Following Rafal’s trail, she went to the mountain city to investigate.
When I think about it, she did return much faster than expected, but that’s because she had rushed over and left her entourage behind in the process.

[I felt a bad premonition coming from the direction of the Capital. That’s why I hurried back… but it seems that I did not return in time.]

The Queen herself had appeared before me. The two White Knights were glaring at me because of how casual my tone is when talking to Eris.
They would then use their spear to stop my insolence. This show of obvious jealousy always make Eris laugh.

[Oya oya, it seems you’ve become fast friends while I’m away.]

[ [ We didn’t !! ] ]

I was a bit shocked when they denied so strongly.
What the hey… didn’t you already tell me that story of the past? I thought we’ve grown a bit closer with that.
The feeling when you thought you’ve come closer to your goal, but found out that you still have a long way to go.

Did you think you’ll be able to get away with only that level!? Don’t get carried away! Their actions screamed as such.
I heard that people got crankier the older they get. I suppose that applies here. I wish they could act more like Aaron. Each of them may have lived since ancient times, but would it hurt to act more friendly?

I guess the answer to that would be impossible.

In the first place, the White Knights were following Eris who is somewhat an eccentric herself. She hugged me, thinking that I felt troubled.

[Why the long face? Ah, I get it. It must be because you were lonely while I was away!]

[Please stop.]


(Those Eris’s Eris… What a lucky MC!)

[You are the type to say you dislike something when in reality you actually like it, aren’t you?]

[What the, that’s such a one-sided interpretation!]

Peeling away the clinging Eris from me, Aaron coughed and spoke up.

[Eris-sama, there is more important thing to do now. Please save it for later.]

[I guess there is no helping it~]

Since she’s unwilling to stop, then just told her she’ll get another chance later instead. Apparently Aaron already knew the method to handle Eris’ misgivings.
But then, after the talking is over, she’ll cling to me again…

It was decided that we’ll have the talks in the palace’s first floor. Mimir tugged on my sleeve a little as we walked.

[I feel like I’ll only get in the way…]

[No, I want Mimir to stay around.]

[Eh, will it be okay for me to do so?]

[Of course. Because we’ll be talking about what we will do from now on.]


We sat before a wide table in the palace hall. Aaron sat on my right while Mimir on my left.
Eris sat on the other side of the table. The white knights stood guard behind her.

[Well then, let’s begin the talking.]

[Alright. First of all, about the change in the goblins’ behaviour. Me and Roxy went to investigate it.]

I recounted the event, while Eris listened intently.
The goblins’ abnormal behaviour were caused by an ancient monster, the goblin shaman.
The monster swapped my and Roxy’s bodies up, but we managed to resolve the situation with the help from Aaron, Mimir, and Miria.

[The battle happened in the hobgoblin forest. And there was a Gallian laboratory hidden underground?]

[Yeah, Eris seems to know that already.]

[No, I only know the gist of it. Most likely, if the facility is underground, then it’s got to be more than a simple laboratory. I’d like to investigate it, but I guess it’s impossible for now.]

[The place was sealed away by unmelting iceberg. And it was my father who did it.]

Aaron reacted quickly to those piece of news.

[Did he not die already… could it be.]

[Yes, probably the same thing that happened with Roxy’s father.]

[I see… if it’s iceberg, then the accident at the military district was also his doing.]

[That was indeed my dad’s doing. He took away the philosopher’s stone and Raine… I’m sorry.]

Eris remained silent. She then looked up to the ceiling and sighed loudly.

[The dead came back to life. Extinct monsters returned. It’s going faster than I thought. But we still have time. It hasn’t opened completely yet.]

[Does the Door to That Land have the power of resurrection?]

[That’s just one of many. Nobody knows its real limit.]

[The goblin shaman, Roxy’s father, and my dad… do they have something in common?]

[Simple. All of them had their soul lingered in this world because they still have something they regret.]

The goblin shaman hated something in this world. Mason-sama was worried about the family he left behind.
Then, father… He might be…

I visited my hometown on my journey of following Roxy to Gallia. There, I took some time to visit my parents’ grave.
However, apparently that did nothing, seeing dad actually returned to this world.
As for my dad’s real intention, he died when I was nothing but a little kid. He must’ve wanted to meet me once more.
Next to me, Aaron seemed relieved upon hearing the conditions of the resurrection.

[Earlier, you said that resurrection is just one of its power. What about its other power?]

[Unfortunately, I have no idea. Because last time, the previous holder of Gluttony skill closed it back before the Door could open for too long.]

[My predecessor…?]

[Yes. He did so at the cost of his life.]

In the past, Greed told me. His previous wielder died after releasing the full power of Gluttony skill…
I wonder why such a person could end up dead, but now I know.
He died in the attempt to close the Door to that Land.
What should I do with the power I’ve gained so far? I’ve always been worried about it.
Greed spoke to me right then.

『It appears that you’ve decided.』


With all the reporting done, the day after tomorrow I’ll head to where Shinn is. To where Myne is.
And my father as well…. Who had taken Raine along with him.
Turns out, Eris had done her own investigation in advance before sending the stone to the capital. That’s why she said that she knows the approximate location.

[Is it really a reliable info?]

[You can count on me with that. Envy is especially adept in manipulating an individual’s psyche. I used this ability to interfere with the link Shinn had with the stone and track his whereabouts.]

Eris patted the black bayonet hanging on her waist. By now, apparently they’ve made up to each other and have become a partners once more.

[I actually wanted to study it more thoroughly in the capital. But I guess it’s impossible now.]

[Then, where is it?]

[Please don’t be surprised. Aaron and Mimir as well.]

That forewarning made me even more curious, and worried.
Eris was sorry for making us anxious.

[Shinn, is in the vicinity of… Barbatos territory Hauzen.]

I was speechless. Hauzen has finally shown a promising prospect on its reconstruction. But now a monster called Shinn was lurking nearby.
The person we were looking for unexpectedly very close. Truly the case of hiding underneath the shadow of a lighthouse.
Eris following words only further upset Aaron.

[I understand that your territory is in danger, but I want you to stay here to protect the capital.]

[But then.]

[I know. But many more things will happen in the future. What if more monsters like the ogre were to reappear around the capitol? The white knights may not be enough to handle them all. That’s why I want you to stay and protect the capitol as it would be the evacuation area for refugees.]

Aaron said nothing. In the past, he couldn’t protect his family and his territory because of his duty to the kingdom.
As a result, [The Crown-tier] Lich Lord took over Hauzen. He lost his family in the process.
He couldn’t afford to repeat this. It’s only natural to think so. Aaron stared at the table bitterly.
Eris kindly comforted him.

[I’m the one who will be going there. I’ve recovered most of my power back.]

[Eris-sama herself!?]

[Un! Therefore I want Aaron to protect the capital in my place.]

If a Ruler exists, then he only can follow. He had returned to the capital as a holy knight after all.
Aaron obediently followed Eris’ decision. But still made one suggestion.

[Eris-sama, I have but one request. Before this Aaron Barbatos agree to undertake the order, I would like to have a duel with my son Fate. And I wish that Your Majesty can bear witness to our battle. Would that be fine?]

Hearing that he requested for a duel, I gave Aaron a look.
His face was serious. It was not a half hearted request.
Despite troubled by it, Eris nodded in agreement to Aaron’s request.

[Very well. Regarding the location, we’ll need a wide place. Right, the Goblin Forest should do. The time would be tomorrow morning.]

[Thank you for the considerations. Does Fate have any objection?]


[I’ve told you countless times, we are warriors. We do not speak our heart with our mouth.]


He already had a new Holy Sword with him. Perhaps, Aaron had a feeling that this will happen.
That I won’t be able to come back…

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