The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.82

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Meanwhile on the MC’s harem side…

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 82 – Secret meeting

Inside a room of a certain mansion.

The sounds of ladies chattering could be heard from behind the door….

[Everyone, have some tea.]

[Ara, thank you.]

[Both of you are really big~]

[In any case, let’s begin the talk when you are finished. We can’t begin this meeting without you two.]

When women are having a discussion, poisonous words were sometimes said, but the overall atmosphere was good. In fact, they appeared to enjoy it.

After the tea had been distributed to each attendee, the two who were serving tea also took a seat on the vacant chairs.

One of them, having a merchant-like appearance, opened up the discussion.

[Well then…what is the main topic today?]

Then she resumed with a large grin on her face.

[Information on Ares’ war progress.]

Seeing everyone’s attention piqued, she nodded in satisfaction.


[No way…surrounded by hordes of monsters… what are the main forces doing?]

The black haired and particularly big breasted lady complained.

[Apparently the flooding of the Depay River prevented them from sending reinforcements]

Listening to the merchant lady, the blonde haired lady across the room raised her voice in annoyance.

[Don’t be too hasty. If she can be this calm then it can only mean that he’s safe, right? So what actually happened?]

The merchant lady was not perturbed by that voice.

[Now now, no need to rush.]

She waved her hand dismissively.

[Well, to be honest, I don’t know what exactly happened there. But I know this: Ares managed to not only repel the monsters, but also took over Grants]

The ladies spontaneously let out a sigh in relief upon hearing the merchant lady.

[But…can we feel relieved yet?]

Again, the ladies’ interests were piqued.

[Think about it carefully. Ares just took over 4 countries: Trevoir, Brittany, Redgear, and Grants in less than a month time. Have you ever heard something like this happening before?]

[Certainly…’s very amazing. That’s like witnessing the birth of a new hero, right?]

Said the brown haired petite lady .

[Then shouldn’t we be happy? After all, Ares-niisama came back bringing great achievements with him?]

Responded the blonde big breasted girl sitting next to her.

[Certainly it’s a delightful thing. But, the thing is…there will be more people trying to get into the new hero’s side.]

The ladies started clamoring at the merchant lady’s words.

[Do you mean…there will be even more ladies flocking around him?]

[Does that mean more girls will go after Ares-sama?]

The two ladies who served the tea… the black haired lady and the flaxen haired ladies voiced their concerns.

[Well, aristocrats and big merchants will surely try to forge connections. And lots of women will also come to him… to be intimate.]

Provoked by the merchant lady’s words, the two’s voice got even louder.

[No way… all of you should be alright, but as for someone of my status…]

[Well Ares is not the kind of person that cares about status anyway!]

The blonde haired lady was the one who replied to that instead of the merchant lady.

[Having spent a long time by his side, do you think that he is the kind of man who values those kind of connection and people?]

[Also…I believe we can all get along well even if our numbers keep increasing. We also have the backing of Sera-sama.]

The merchant lady also added.

[Normally, we are competitors in love. It’s only thanks to her power that we can have a friendly tea session together like this. We are still competitors though.]

[I was surprised when everyone invited me that day…]

The big breasted black haired woman laughed in response to the blonde lady’s words.

[Sera-sama is really a strange person…. That is that, by the way, it’s a marvel how competitors can get along this easily]

[If Ares-anii is here as well, I wonder if all this will still go as smoothly…]

The brown haired lady laughed.


The merchant lady once again broke the relaxed atmosphere with her serious tone.

[I don’t want to spoil the mood. But what if he’s forced into marrying an imperial princess …what do we do then?]

Those words caused everyone to freeze.

[That is a possibility. Ares has amassed a lot of achievements this time… If that imperial princess is someone with stronger influence…then, I think Sera-sama won’t be able to do anything about it…]

[Do you mean we’ll be thrown away?]

Responding to the worried big breasted black haired lady, the blonde lady spoke up.

[Whether we’ll be abandoned or not… there is nothing we can do about it since it’s not happening yet. It’s only natural to be worried, right? We just have to believe in Ares, that’s all.]

The blonde lady spun some words to reassure everyone.

[Since back then…. he’s always been kind to people who are close to him. Everyone has the right to seek happiness after all. So…I think everything will be just fine. Let’s trust him.]

All the ladies present showed their agreement to that.

[We can always dig up some information in the meantime. From now on, let’s hold this『Secret Meeting』on a more regular basis, shall we?]



Ares suddenly trembled while still riding on his horse.

[Ares-sama, did you somehow catch a cold?]

Sigurd asked.

[No? That’s not it. I only felt a chill running down my spine just now…]

Ares shook his head.

[Forget that. Look, Sigurd. The Royal Capital is within sight]

Sigurd turned to see what Ares meant.

Looking closely, the『Gate of Victory』was indeed already visible in the distance.

What will be decided in the Royal Capital, even Ares did not know…. Nobody knew yet.

(TL Note: I’ll make character glossary later, since as the story progressing, the author’ will introduce more new characters.)

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