Return of The Former Hero ch.61

It seems Former Hero chapter 61-68 (hosted on Raising The Dead’s old site) is dead.
So I’ll reupload them now.

Please let me know if there is dead links among my project.
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Enjoy the old chapters~

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Chapter 61. Former Hero・ Half-success Restraining

The wave of assaults from the two beast-women is so troublesome.

They have an excellent combination. They have an excellent attack power and reaction time. But they lack real combat experience. I won’t take any hit.

(“Earth Bind”!!)

And, Murphy had to come and ruin my plan.

I try to use restraining magic.

My spell was eluded!! I have a hard time believing it since I casted said magic without chanting!!

Did the werewolf girl notice I was aiming at her? She moved a big distance away.
Ivy is growing fast in the area of effect of my spell, but it’s twining an empty space.

Uo… Seriously?

She successfully avoided it.

I didn’t chant any aria, nor said any magic name. How did she know?!?

Coincidentally, the 2 of them aren’t moving from their current position.

The lack of movement is to be credited to my display of magic.

Right now, no attacks are coming. It seems they are watching my magic from a little distance away.

Now that I think about it, one of the surprised ladies also felt the “Search” magic.

Since there is no chant, do they sense magic from its flow?

[You!! To be able to cast magic without chanting, you are beyond than what I heard about!
Moreover, the magic shrouding your weapon is amazing.
Normally, my fingernails should rip you in flash.]

Now that there’s some distance between us, will it go back to the beginning? At least, the werewolf girl restart to communicate with words instead of her nails.

As expected, they clearly aim at me.

Since I’m given time, let’s try to analyse my situation.

We never talk to each other before today. So, their knowledge must come from a third party angry enough to send them to me.

In this world, I only came across a handful of people.
Moreover, I don’t recall having a grudge with someone…

The face of Pig Frog-kun crosses my mind for a moment… Nah.

Therefore, another possibility… That underground Golem… eh?

Unn… Although it certainly is a nuisance… But would it purposely send me assassins?

Oh, right! Before It goes away…

[Since you’re a little more calm, why are you tryin–]

[Less talking with the target, and more killing it!]

[Yeah yeah, I understand.]

Damn you Hoody!!
Stop ignoring me when I talk!!!
And stop chatting between the 2 of you!!!


Well then, if talking time is over, let’s get back to fighting.

They may not want to listen to me right now.
But as soon as I catch them, I’ll “question” them to my heart contents.

Up till now, I was only defending myself.
Now, it’s my turn to be on the offensive!!

The weregirl is on the move again.
Because it will be favorable, I focus my mind.

[Earth, answer my plea and restrain my enemies…“Earth Bind”!!]

I chant the whole aria this time.

The advancing lady take a stance.
As expected, she is able to see the flow of magic.

However, it’s irrelevant this time.

The current “Earth Bind” is different from the previous one.
The magic area encompass all the surrounding.

[H-How is that possible?!?]

Says the astonished girl. Is she feeling the widely extending magic flow?

Right then, they jump away trying to escape from the spell range. (ED note: I’m using plural because in the following sentences, he comment about targeting 2 people, and it would be stupid for him to just talk about one and then switching to 2.)

However, their landing zone is also inside the range of my “Earth Bind”.

They may have reacted quickly, but escaping with their current jumping power is a big NO.

At their landing spot, ivy grow instantly.

But their nimbleness allow them to avoid it several times.
However, they stop moving for an instant.

During the ivy expansion earlier, a wall of earth, currently blocking their ways, was created.

This is the full restraining power of the “Earth Bind”. But such ability consume considerable concentration and magic force.

And aiming at 2 people at the same time is way more difficult than just focusing on one.

It may not be a trump card, but there is no other wizard capable a such feat.

If I were a farmer, with the ability I just displayed, I would be able to live a stable life.

Finally, the ivy catch their feet, limiting their movements.
Then, coming from all sides, my plants tangle around the 2 beast women and it also extend in my direction.

I grip it, pour magic on it, and strengthen its power.

Since I need to spend an immense quantity of magic for this tactic, I dread to use it.

But when I do, I drink a beer… Or not… I make sure the restraint won’t be broken for the time being.

[Ku! Yo.. you…!]

The brown beast woman is struggling with all her might to escape, but it’s still safe.

The hood lady is wriggling its body for a while and stop, does she notice that it’s useless? She silently await.


For the time being, it’s my victory, right?

[You’re defeated, give up. Now speak!! Why were you coming after me?]


Brown-sama ignored my question.

Not knowing when to give-up, it seems I need to “discipline” her.

While thinking how to interrogate them, I hear a voice from the hood lady.

[Humph, I‘m done checking if it’s possible to fight with only one person. As I thought, that’s impossible. Well, it can’t be helped… Let’s do a little something.]

This is not a woman’s voice, it’s a man’s !!


What do you mean?

Eh, what?

I am confused at the moment… This is quite an unexpected development.

I’m sure everyone would be surprised when hearing a breaking voice.

Then, during the confusion, something occurs.


Beeping sounds resound suddenly.

No way!!!!

[Uwa!! W-what is that?!? I don’t want to believe it!]

Being restrained, she can’t close her ears. After receiving such a hit, Brown-sama begin to fluster.

Tte, this seems familiar for me.

This is kinda similar with the sound the Golem made before exploding in the underground labyrinth.

Don’t tell me!?

[“E, Earth Wall”!]

The instant I realize, I use “Earth Wall” to surround the Hood golem(?).

Before I’m done covering that golem(?) with the wall, it exploded.
The explosion is not completely stopped. Some fragments of my wall are flying apart.


I evade them.

[Ga!? …. Tte!]

My captive, being unable to move, is hit. Can’t be helped.
I don’t have any obligation to help her.

After the crash settle, the dust cloud start clearing up.

A little crater stand in the center of the explosion.

Where is that hood golem? Did it burst without leaving any trace?

I examine the area, nothing moves.

This time, no smaller version of the Golem comes out after the bang.

Wasn’t she a beast woman?

When this “thing” attacked me, without a doubt, I saw hands and feets of a beast woman, didn’t I?

…. There is another one, let’s ask her carefully.

I take a peek at the brown beast woman, did the debris hit her face directly? After she turns around, her eyes open.

I recall that there were several big debris flying toward her…
She’s so tough.

[Oi, are you okay?]

I approach the lady cautiously.

This person is the companion of the other “thing”.
There may be a chance that this girl might explode too. (ED note: There may be a chance that this girl might go with a Yang… a Bang too.)

Although I didn’t saw her because she was on the other side of the wall, she is not splattered like I imagined it.

[Kuuu~…. My nose, my nose is hurt!]

The beast woman awaken while shedding tears.
Is her pain limited to the nose?!?

[Oi, you, who was that fellow with you? Was it a golem?]

[sob sob…. Aa? That… fellow? A, etto ne, I don’t know, who was it anyway?]

Why are you asking me about it???

After ganging me up together, she says that she doesn’t know… But I think she is not lying to me.

No, I should not relax my guard.

[Even if you don’t know him, please tell me anything. Why did you aim at me? It seems you were an acquaintance of him earlier, why did you act together?]

I gather the information to get the truth.

Anyway, I might get some information from questioning her.

[N? Nn~…. Nope, I was actually hired, I won’t divulge the client name! Since I was defeated, kill me or do as you like!]

It’s the trademark of assassins, saying something cool like that.

Throwing away her life so easily.

Maa, this is another world, maybe dying after being defeated is not unusual around here.

Finally, even though she tried to kill me, I don’t have any intention to kill her.

I don’t think I can get another information from her.
I can’t torture her, nor want to do it.

Well, what should I do?

Wondering about it, I look at the girl. Her body is tangled in and roll-up, the way the ivy restrain her catch my eyes..

It is spread around her body. Her ass is entwined down. It’s in the deep of her rack and also around her breasts, emphasizing them.


It’s fun time!!

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