Return of The Former Hero ch.62

Reuploading chapter 61-68.


Chapter 62. Former hero・ bewilderment.

[I will say it again.
Tell me everything that you know. If not, I’ll use any and all means with all my power in order to
make you talk.]

I threaten her a little.
It’s her final warning.


… I have some funny ideas swarming my mind… No, I must remain serious.

The brown beast woman does not reply. Is silence her answer?


You fool. It’s wrong to be so stubborn.

[By the way, what is your name? Why you are in this area?]

Without fear in her eyes, she look at me.


It’s indeed a straight answer.

She also puts out her tongue and turn away her face.

You B・IT・CH!!

Despite having such a gorgeous body, she acts like a fool. Is she a runt?

But, this might be good. Keep doing it… I won’t give you any mercy.

I move my right hand and send magic toward the ivy tangling around her.

I use said manipulation to have the ivy to crawl and grope her brown body.
The ivy wriggles, stirring and twisting up her body.

It would hurt if it was only a mass of earth and plants. So I combine this with a water current to make it wet and slippery.

The girl raise her voice in reaction to this strange movement.


Did she just have an “innocent” reaction?

[Do you feel like talking now? Humm? Still No? Not that I care. What should I do next… You can guess right, can’t you? ]

The slimy ivy got wet with water… The tentacles are prepared after so much difficulty.

The tentacles are squeezing all around her body.
It grip her big breast, crawl to the tips, turn over and roll at the waist while coiling around her thighs… Just like what I aim for.

With the multiple tentacles crawling on her body, I have them uplift the beast woman face.


[When you got caught by the person you tried to kill, did you not expect something like this to happen?]

[Haa…. Su,such things…. tte, why…? I, I don’t know….]

N? What’s with you?

Don’t you seriously understand?

Don’t tell me.

I didn’t expect to see such a naive mindset inside this glorious body.

I approach her carefully. It would be troublesome if she were to use some secret skill.

I’ll “punish” her while keeping some distance. Always stay on the safe side…

[Haa… Ha…]

We’ve been at this for 2 hours already.

I kept having my way with her by using the tentacles to the fullest.

Tears are floating on her eyes. She is spasming while drooling.
So erotic.

Total victory is nearly at hand.

However, I am also at risk.

In normal circumstances, using both water magic and earth manipulation is difficult.
Because I used it for a long time, I became tired.

Truthfully, if it were not me, such display of skill would be impossible.
So painful.
Especially below my abdomen.

How many times did I almost jump to those big breasts and ass?

With her hands and feets restrained, I can’t help not wanting to push her down.
If I jump on her now, then I will definitely act like a moron in heat. That’s why I can’t approach her.

I must not yield… Damn, my reason is reaching its limit.

Ah, I know!!

Once everyone in the party are together, I’ll introduce bondage play to them.

During these two hours, I learned the tentacle tricks.

The problem is, there is NO way I’ll soil the room with earth.

Oh well, I can always manage it with using magic.

It seems the beast woman finally reached her limit while I was playing with the girls in my mind.

She reached climax several times up to now. But this last one is the longest.

[Ha… Ha… Mou, dame… This strange feeling… I can’t hold it]

She mutter in low voice.

Her eyes are hollow.

Tte, can’t hold it anymore?
There is uneasiness in these words.

During that moment.

[Aaaaaaaaaaa! M,mou! No moreee!!]

She is shouting with all her might.

As she screams, her magic overflow, there is a “bigibigi” voice coming from her body.

Oh no.

Is she going to burst too!?

I instantly jump back to take distance.

I am reluctant to separate from my playtool, but it can’t be helped.

If I’m caught in the blast at short range, I might be heavily injured or end up dead.

However, it didn’t explode.

The overflowing magic disperse itself in the atmosphere. I stop supplying magic and the tentacles crumbles….It become a lump of mud.

Inside the mud lied a small little girl.
She’s maybe around 8-9 years old. Looks younger than Laurier too.

There are white hair on her brown skin…
She only wear a loose cloth… and is sinking down in the mud…

E? Don’t tell me? Seriously?

[Ha, Ha… Uu… I…returned back…]

The girl mutter while panting.

So much thing just happened, my mind blanked out…

In other words, all of this tends to the following conclusion:

After being bullied by the tentacles, the true appearance of the dashing brown beast woman, is this… thing?

H-How did it came to this?

Did she use transformation magic, just like that?

Her true body is that of a small child…. I have “played around” with her using tentacles for two hours…

A strange guilt feeling is growing.
No, more than that, why do I restrain her again?

I wonder about it.

Seeing her appearance now and imagining her restrained by magic, this mysterious guilt feeling

And, the brown little girl stand-up unsteady. I was still astonished.

I kept attacking her for two hours… she couldn’t muster any strength… And yet, she manage to standup and point at me.

[U~…. Using such a stra-strange thing! My accumulated magic, all of it is gone! Idiot! Take responsibility!]


A fairly heavy word.

I feel bad, yes. But this and that are 2 different thing…. Somehow I am overwhelmed by the word “Responsibility”.

I wonder…

Staggering on her foot, the cute brown little girl approach me.

W,wh wh what should I do?

Should I be weary? No, it’s not on the level to be weary, is it?

For the time being, I immediately take a defensive stance while staying vigilant.

However, this cute little girl doesn’t emit any killing intent.

[You are an idiot! Idiot! A warrior’s pride is to sacrifice their life! But this… I don’t understand
…These pleasurable things! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!] (TN:Baka,Baka, Baka.)

Afterwards, I am beaten with her fist making “pechipechi” sound.

Such a spoiled brat.

I felt something “pleasant” toward the little girl with watery eyes….Is a new door about to open?

Nope Nope Nope No never!!!

This fellow originally tried to kill me… Don’t give me any weird thought.

And also, was I not unable to find out anything by questioning her?

[Take responsibility!! Take this!]

With her height no higher than my stomach, she clings on my waist protesting while glancing upward.

This is so very bad.
Her face…. It also directly hit on my groin….

[Take responsibility!]

W, what should I do…??

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