Return of The Former Hero ch.64

Reuploading chapter 61-68.


Chapter 64. Former Hero・ defeated by a little girl.

[Shall we make a deal?]


Now, Tanya and I are both staying in my room at the hotel.

After I cleared up the misunderstanding at the adventurer’s guild, it was decided that I’m the one who will handle Tanya.

The reason being that there is no reward for Tanya’s head (TN: Bounty). Also, she is a little girl.

She is aiming for my life, why she should only be regarded as thief!? My opinion however, was rejected.

At the Torres Adventurer’s Guild there is reward for thieves & robbers, but there isn’t at Iris’s adventurer guild, aren’t they a little too careless?

Well, the stance on criminals is most likely a little different in this town because the Knight Order more active in here than the guild. (ED: So the stance on criminals is different).
or so was I told.

While talking about the Knight Order, I remember something.

I don’t have a good impression of the Knight Order here.
While going about our guild business for the past month, we have passed by several times, they seem to look down on Adventurers.

Even though the Marquis is friendly and understanding, our involvement with the underground labyrinth, and because of Rithina.

If it’s adventurers of an unknown origin, they would surely have a bad reaction.

Anyway, if I were to hand Tanya over to the Knight Order, it would be difficult to get information from her.

I am once again going to rely on Rithina.
If we’re unable to get any information, our plans for the future are going to change as well.

[Yes. A deal.

You will regain your magic and I’ll help you with that. That’s the deal.

I’ll let the issue of attacking me slide.

In exchange, I want to know why you attacked me. Also, who was the fellow who exploded earlier?]

[Nn~ Nnnn~….]

Even though she already said it when I captured her earlier, it seems she is still reluctanct to talk about her client? The worried Tanya shows a troubled face.

If you don’t accept my offer, I’ll use my new [Tentacle Punishment] torture again…

Not bad.

[Ma, okay. I understand. I accept your offer]


Just as I come up with an evil plot, Tanya shatters it.

Despite the sense of dread that those defeated in battle often experience when there life is on the line,

it’s splendid comeback.
But, I feel magnanimous, I don’t really hate her.

And then, I hear the whole story from Tanya.

After learning magic she gave herself the appearance of an adult and departed her village to become an adventurer.

At the tender age of 7 years old, is it the effect of being a demonic half-blood? Frankly speaking Tanya is far stronger than a normal adventurer, so she probably had a head start.

Around that time, she came to be interested in fighting stronger opponents.

Tanya is the same as Laurier, are all Demons battle maniacs?

Are you always anxious for battle? Do you also search for opponents who are much stronger than

Whatever, both of them are bare-handed fighters, next time we hold magic practice let’s compare

I’m really ambivalent.

Next, according to Tanya’s tale, she began wandering from town to town while her fame is grew.

Around a month ago she was informed by a mysterious hooded person that there was a strong fellow named Amagi Haruto in Irisu. The mysterious figure encouraged her to find him and test her abilities.
The fellow wearing the hood told her all about Haruto’s exploits and acted together with Tanya afterwards.

From the hooded person, she learned about the story.

Over the next month made their way toward Iris town, and they accidentally met me in that forest.

Even though they spent a month working together as guide and Guard, they barely spoke and Tanya still hadn’t caught sight of the face of her hooded partner.

Is this girl an idiot?

Tanya doesn’t seem to care about it, this was the first time hearing about it, she was also surprised by the explosion later.

… This is honestly great information.

However, I still don’t understand.

The hooded person who travelled with Tanya was probably that Golem.

Tanya also explained, that even though it’s body was completely covered by it’s mantle, she clearly remembers that the figure didn’t have a left hand.

According to Tanya’s story, they came from the east to Iris town.
From a town near the border.

I’ve never been to that place, I try to recalled what I might have done to carry my name to such a far off town.

For the time being, although I prove it yet, I have no doubt that it was the Golem.
The other one.

It seems the target is me.
Rather, the golem seems not to target anyone but me..

I don’t understand.

If I the culprit is the Golem, as I suspect, then Celis should be targeted as well. However, no such thing happened.

Maa, let’s tell about this to everyone later.
While I am listening to Tanya’s story, Sharon and Rithina come back to the room.

[Haruto… Where did you kidnap this child from!?]

Sharon accuses me from the beginning.

This is a misunderstanding.

This girl, she might think I did something.

Tonight, I’ll punish her with my new special skill.

Because I’ve had such an exhausting day, I might as well treat myself.

Without deciding whether or not to do it, I explain to them.
I have an easier time, because it’s the second occurrence.

I manage to clear the misunderstanding in 30 minutes.
I wonder why it took 30 minutes.

Then, I repeat the story once more when Laurier and Mina return.

Why did everyone, in beginning, think that I was a kidnapper?

I expressed my regret.

[A, oh yeah, oi.
Then, what is the plan to regain my magic?]

After clearing-up everyones misunderstandings, we ate dinner, and Tanya asked about my previous offer.

Oh yeah about that.

[Yeah, about that.
Laurier, does she use magic like Sharon did? Can we try the strengthening ones?]

My plan is simple.

As I just said now, when Laurier is given magic, she recovers quickly, that’s what she said.

[N? This little girl? I don’t mind]

Laurier easily accepts it.

Then, Laurier pours magic into Tanya
but, it doesn’t go well.

There is nothing wrong with the transferal, Laurier is transferring magic to Tanya’s but she doesn’t turn back into an adult, I wonder if there is different mechanism to it?

Oh no, I thought we could settle it…

Tanya will, likely, not consent to this, what should I do?

[Oi! I already told you everything, but I didn’t turn back! Unfair!]

As I thought, Tanya protests.

She seems ready to bite me at anytime. Please don’t.

[This little girl wants to replenish her magic, right? Then, most likely kissing will do the trick.]

While I am still pushing at Tanya’s head, Laurier gives advice from the other side of the room.

Eh? What?

Kiss? Why?

[Ha? What do you mean?]

[Well, see, her magic supply is being replenished while sticking to Haruto, right?
When I am stuck to Haruto, my magic circulates remarkably well, especially at night]

At night, eh? That love affair thing?

E? Is that so? Seriously?

I never knew such an important thing!

Eh, this fellow, now that I think about it, she always attached to me. Is that her real reason?
Without knowing it, my magic was being absorbed? Yada, it’s scary.

Not that it will affect my health, but it makes me a bit uncomfortable.

[Ee? Laurier-chan, is that so?
I, didn’t feel anything at all?]

Sharon also expresses her surprise from the side.

[Well, the human race is no good at absorbing magic after all]

Hee, is that so.

I considered myself to have excellent magic recovery, does it mean I am similar to Devils?

[Kissing can recover my magic? Yosh, Pervert, let’s kiss]

Once Tanya hears the explanation, she speaks as if pleased.

Mou, what I would say will be meaningless.

[You, don’t you value kissing? This is kissing, a kiss.
Magic recovery or a maiden’s lips, which one is more important?

[E? What are you talking about. After you shamed me earlier, you said you would take responsibility didn’t you?]

She throws my words back in my face.

No, I really did say I will take responsibility, so this is gonna be alright, right?

E-tto, T-this is okay, right?

It’s not like I don’t want to kiss her.

To be honest I want to do it, but kissing 8-years old girl in the front of everyone.

I feel a little bit guilty.

Heck, does everyone accept this? None of you mind?

I glanced at everyone, there are no looks of envy, no cloud of jealousy.

Maa, if they got jealous easily they wouldn’t have accepted our current relationship.

[Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!]

Tanya begins shouting. There is no sexual intent coming from her.

The heck? you will disturb our neighbor shouting with such a loud voice.

[I understand I understand. I understand so don’t shout anymore]

I hold Tanya’s small head, overlapping our lips.

A light kiss. However, our lips are touching one another.


A sigh escapes from Tanya’s mouth.

To be honest, I didn’t feel excited in this situation.

Still, kissing an underage girl is really good.
There is a sense of guilt mixed with accomplishment.

For the time being our lips lightly touch each other, it’s certainly effective.

[Oo!? My magic has recovered nicely! But, that’s still not enough. Oi, let’s kiss more.]

Although the offer of more kissing made me happy, since it’s only for my magic I am still kinda sad.

Is my only value my magic? No, In Tanya’s it is but…

By the way, I don’t sense the magic absorption at all.

But, since the person who absorbed it said so, it’s probably true.

Tanya is still small though.
That small body, completely settles in my arms, and hangs down to my knees. her mouth is like a woodpecker’s, hammering with vigor while kissing me repeatedly.


Even though I wasn’t excited, this is too much.

She is slowly turning super cute.

[Oi, little girl. There is a method to recover magic more quickly than kissing, you know?]

[E? An even faster one? What?]

Laurier gives advice from the side again and Tanya is interested.

More than kissing, eh, what is it?

Why you are in such high spirits?

But more than this, won’t it be dangerous?

My rational mind can only take so much, my common sense from earth is still there.

But, this is an another world, there is no such law. There is no problem if we agree with each other, right?

So then, while my mind is still wandering around, Laurier whispers something to Tanya.

Tanya saw my eyes.

From the start there was a height difference, so inevitability, she looked at me with upturned eyes.

[Nee, Onii-chan. Let’s do more, okay?]

My reason collapsed.