Return of The Former Hero ch.66

Reuploading chapter 61-68.


Chapter 65. Former Hero・shed tears.

[Naked apron]

We are now in the middle of our journey from Iris town toward the borderline.

Even though we’re in a hurry to pursuit the golem, it doesn’t mean we’re moving in a rush. In fact, we’re advancing at a moderate speed.

And there, I sit on the rooftop of Curato with Tanya over my shoulder and Laurier on my lap. While coiling around with the loli duo, I look at the back figure of Celes and Mina preparing lunch.
Seeing the hips of these two persons moving busily during the preparation, I think about it.(TN: naked apron).

By the way, Tanya, right now is not big, that’s her condition at the moment.

For her to maintain her growth, she needs to consume magic. Well, until her normal growth finally catch up.

In short, after every passing week, her breast are becoming bigger. It’s wonderful.

[What is that?] (TN: Refer to naked apron)

Laurier, who is sitting on my knee, slightly bend her head.

[Nothing, I just feel like writing something, naked apron!]

[Why naked apron?]

Tanya, who pun my chin on my head, follow-up expecting my explanation.


This stupid girl.

[Because it’s so erotic, right?]

[Fun? Is that so?]

[You’re always thinking about something stupid.]


I-it’s not like I was thinking to suggest it.
Don’t be so rude, It’s an old tradition directly from Earth.

[You still lack sex appeal.]

She is a child after all.

I can clearly picture the grown-up Tanya, full-chested combined with the naked apron… That’s sex appeal!.

By the way, there is another one who’s in shortage of… volume…

[Sex appeal… Certainly I’m lacking some of it…]

Laurier hung down her head, downhearted.


Is this a delicate topic?

Oh crap.

While in panic trying to calm her, Laurier’s ass moves around, on top of my thighs.
It stimulate me directly. It’s pleasant. I am more energetic

[… For you, sex appeal is not important.]

My son shows-up clearly. Laurier looks at me in the eyes. Her expression tells me: “You are so stupid!”.


[I’m sorry]

I apologize obediently.
There is no other choice beside apologizing.

[Ah, your magic raised up!]

The reason Tanya stick close on me is to absorb my magic even a little.

E? Wait a minute.

What is the relation between my magic and my sexual desire?
It’s not as if my magic is powered by my sexual desire, is it?

Whilst I am playing around with one loli, the other one join in.

Tanya’s hand and foot are covered with fur. Down from the elbow and the knee to her extremities.
The parts she held to my face are very soft, even if it’s a little bit unkempt.

[I want to take a bath]

I mutter.

Yes, a bath.

In our residence in the Royal Palace, there was a bath.
However, there was no bath in our hotel in Iris town.

Although there was a facility like a public bathroom, we didn’t use it.

Usually, we only cleaned up our bodies with wet towels. When I think about it, it’s been awhile since we soak up in a bathtub.

Soaking in the hot bath, I want to wash everyone’s body and head.

Tanya’s fur too, it’ll be spongy and fluffy, it’ll be good for sure. (TN: Fuwafuwa and mofumofu)

[Yosh, we will move a little bit more today. Let’s go take a bath!]

I declare it loudly.

Mina and Celes, who are working below, look up at me.
Although I don’t see them, I hear Rithina and Sharon training in the opposite side.

Once the lunch finished, we move for awhile. We stop after founding an open space.

And then, the bath construction begin.

As for the girls, they don’t have any objection about the bath.


But still, for me to do everything.

I dug-up the hole by using “Earth Bind”, raising and hardening the density so the hot water wouldn’t become polluted.
Filled it up by casting “Water Stream”.
Warmed it up with a “Fireball”.

[Not only manipulating the materials, but also creating them… Isn’t a lot of magic required?
Even if it’s to take a bath, I don’t understand where this magic come from?]

Celis, who is a honor student worries about my magic consumption.

However, I am the former hero.
Such worry is unnecessary.

[Leave it to me. Who do you think you are talking to?]

I shows a charming expression and gives a thumb-up to Celes.

That’s a really cool line.

I decide to put it into my best 10 lines.

[E? A,alright. If it’s Oniisan then it’ll be ok.]

She doesn’t respond to my thumb-up.

The world differences… Such a culture gap.
So vain.

I don’t care anymore.

For the spell to achieve the desired result, I try to have a clear picture of it.

Image… Image… Image…

Some skin-colored hills and valleys appear in my mind, I can’t concentrate.


Worldly desire begone. Worldly desire begone.

Paradise soon.

[Restraint of the earth, “Earth Bind”! Bath mode!]

Even though the magic name is amusing, it’s better to invoke it with the best wording.

Along with my construction image, the invocation is done well.

A complete round hole appears where the ground was affected by my magic.
I even included a place to sit down around the edge.

I went down to check the hole, to confirm if the water would end up muddy or not.

Un, the result is excellent if I say so myself.

[N-no aria for such large-scale magic… As expected from Oniisan, awesome…]

Near the edge of the hole, Celes voice her admiration.

As expected of whom?

No, I better not think too much about it.

I go up from the ‘bathtube’ and start invoking “Water Stream”.

The mass of water arises for a moment in the air before pouring down in the tube with a dobadoba sound.
The way the water fills the hole is quite indecent. Hell, even though some cracks are spreading, there’s nothing to worry.

Nah, it will really be alright.

I pour the water into the bathtub for several minutes.

As Celes worried, my magic has been considerably consumed.

However, it’s still in an acceptable range.
I can still do it.

[Oniisan… is really awesome. It’s difficult to create water with using magic, furthermore it’s pouring a lot…]


My value is rising high in Celes esteem.

Therefore, can you please say the [Pouring a lot…] part once again?

In a mortified tone if possible.

Leaving aside my stupid delusion in my brain, I’m gonna finish this.

I invoke “Fireball” with the water as the target. it heat up fast.

I have mixed feeling because this is my first attempt. Maa, I will manage it.

That’s what I thought, but the result is not as intended.

When the “Fireball” reached the water, it was extinguished in an instant.
Regardless how hot the magic is, it’ll disappear when it touch the water. This is a new discovery.

Can’t be helped now. I create a much stronger fireball in order for it to not end up extinguished in an instant. I send magic continuously to maintain it.

By the time the water became hot, I falter slightly.

However, I did it.
I accomplished it.

In front of me, there is a bath. White steam drift around.

I will enter it with everyone.
Naturally, Celes is included.

After Celes joined us, I hoped a relationship with me would occur. But, she is still scared by my erotic delusions. I had to restrain myself from doing various things.

When Celes was not around, I quietly touched everyone hips, like a gentleman.

But today, the dam has broken a little.

Fu… Fuhaha.

[A, ano, Oniisan. Why is there only one bathtub?]

I hear Celes voice coming from my back.

Woops dangerous. If she see my face now, she will become more frightened.

[A, a… Maa, it is so. Creating two would be too tiring, it can’t be helped.]

It is a lie but let’s try to argue a little to make it the truth.

[E? I, Is that so…]

[Un. It can’t be helped. Yosh, let’s enter together with everyone]

I give my suggestion smoothly.

Little by little. Little by little.

[Eh!? O,oniisan is gonna enter too?]

Celes shows an astonished expression.

[N? A, yes. Can’t you see that there is only one bathtub?]

It’s right to say so in this situation, isn’t it?

Sharon might be oppose to it.

[N, no, how about we take turn to enter the bath…?]

Celes say something rational.

Passing an argument, making guu sound.
However, I won’t be flinched by such thing.

[Well, but still. As time passes, the hot water will become lukewarm, won’t it? Rewarming it up will need more efforts.]

It’s difficult.

Even though it’s difficult, I must carry this on.

[Y, yes… That’s… True. I understand]


Have you understood?

She is indeed a talented magician.
So quick-witted.

[It’s regrettable. This time, I’ll refrain to enter myself.]

W… Wha…. What….?

Refrain? God nooo. Don’t you dare do that to me.

Isn’t that too much to do, Celes-san?

I am speechless.
How can I turn her around?

[Eh!? Celes-chan, are you not gonna enter the bath? That’s wasteful you know? Let’s enter all together.]

Oops, I get some backup from an unexpected place.

It is Sharon.

[Etto… No, that’s really too much.]

Against Sharon push, Celes shows a troubled face.

To decline a senior’s invitation, you invite punishment.
But my invitation was lightly rejected… Well, that was expected.

Anyway, good job Sharon-san.

A second invitation from a girl will have more impact.

[Haruto’s gonna be the lookout for the surrounding. He will be alright to enter ALONE later.]


Wait a moment Sharon-san?
What do you mean by that?

[Etto. But, to rewarm up later will be painful…]

[It’s alright it’s alright. That was a lie after all.]


Isn’t that cruel?

It indeed was a lie.

Are? It was not that big a lie though.



This is not Celes voice.

Sharon stare at me with a sharp glance.
So scary.

Afterwards, the girls enter the bath. Inside the pink paradise, kyakya voice sang around. Curato is parked next to the wall, with me as the lookout.

The lookout… It’s useless since I can use “Search”…

Aa, oh yeah, I haven’t told anyone about my “Search” magic.

That’s not the current problem.

…So stupid.

Why… Why is this so unfair???….

As I am thinking about it in the dark, I shed tears watching the sinking evening sun.

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  1. Idk what the Harem thinking
    The other time they accept 5p+
    And sometimes they do this to MC
    They already know MC hold himself(not “do” it) because of Celes
    But still they leave MC alone

    This Sharon can make me feel lovely & angry 50:50

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    1. Sharon is the only character that sometimes looks like she doesn’t belong in this series. It makes me ask “why did the autor make her like this?” She can be so annoying…


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