Return of The Former Hero ch.67

Reuploading chapter 61-68.


Chapter 67. Former Hero・desperate


A dull sound reverberate.
The source of that sound, is my right hand.

During this travel, we’re still doing the morning practice. Even though it’s shorter, we are accustomed to do practice every morning.

This is everyday practice. Sharon and I are practicing together. However, her quick movement and feint are exceeding my prediction, I am unable to avoid Sharon’s punch, so I guard with my right hand.

I am completely cornered to guard myself.

Being capable to land a vigorous hit on me, Sharon is surprised that I had to guard her punch.

[Wa… I, I did it. I hit Haruto!]

Sharon withdraw her hand while still not believing it.
To be able to hit me means…

No, I anticipate for some strange pride.
For the record, I was forced to guard with no option to dodge.

I am pleased with the obedient Sharon’s growth.

[You finally did it, Sharon]

[Un! Thank you Laurier-chan!]

Sharon and Laurier join their hands and jump up and down in delight.

Is she really happy? She seem in at the verge of weeping.

If I compare the recent Sharon to her old first time training self, her growth is considerable.

During guild work, I have felt her getting stronger. But from her first accomplishment at the beginning to now, she might feel like having an indescribable sense of fulfilment.


[I just want to say, congratulation. You have grown stronger, Sharon.]

[A. Etto… Hai! Thank you very much!]

When I called Sharon, she vigorously lowered her head.
She gives a broad smile on her slovenly face.

A, are you really that happy?

Pat pat… I pat Sharon’s head.


Sharon become shy.
It’s indeed adorable.

[Haruto! Me too! I want it too!]

Are you jealous? Laurier demand from the side.

Wait, wait a moment.

As for you, I have guarded many of your attacks up till now.

[Well, wait. it’s hard to do so now, I’ll do it later. I want to pat Sharon’s head a little more.]

Even though my other hand is free, I have no thought to pat Laurier’s head, let’s not do it right now.
No, somehow the head pat, is the reward for Sharon.

[A, etto, by the way, let’s continue it.]

Sharon, who is smiling, refocus herself.

However, I do not plan to continue it.

Although I think it’ll happen again in the future, this is still a good chance to proceed to the next step.

[Yeah, even though I won’t continue it, since you have already put such hardship till now, let’s practice onto the next level.]

[Next level?]

On my suggestion, Sharon watch me with a blank face.

So cute… No, it’s not the time yet.

[Up till now I was always evading. From now on, I’ll guard actively and then, I’ll attack seriously.]

Toward my declaration, Sharon’s face tense.

So far, I only did dodge her attack.
And occasionally did sexual harassment by touching her breasts and hip.

However, recently I fully put myself on dodging, so I was unable to do sexual harassment movements.

Also, Celes is watching…

Anyway, from now on, as if it’s a real fight, I’ll add blocks and counter-hits while sparring. (TN: Kumite is a “grappling hand” from Karate, include defense and counter-attack in hand-to-hand combat).

Simply put, it’s a promotion into the same level as Laurier.

Fortunately, Celes is good at healing magic.
Although Mina can also use it, she is only at a level of healing scratches, so I avoid to inflict any injury as much as possible.

If the worst were to happen, Celes is there. She can heal even bone fracture.

Maa, I don’t have the hobby to overhit girls too much, but since this is for sparring, it can’t be helped.

It’s not good if our sparring sessions are only a one-sided attacks either.

[… I understand, Master!]

Toward the new reestablished wall, the smile disappear from Sharon’s face, she shows a tense expression..

[Yosh, come at me]

I say so after seeing Laurier off.

Sharon answer it loudly and dash to take some distance.
And then, while combining it with feints, she extends a punch toward me.

Of course, obviously I defend against it.

For the sake of evading, it’s necessary to move your big body.

I am evading slightly while guarding the attack, and sometimes repelling the attack.
Even after guarding her first kick, Sharon immediately use a middle kick.

Sharon’s forte is her speed.

It might be better if you strengthen your foot.
Going directly with a middle kick.

If I were hit, I might receive some damages even if I could block it.

However, I don’t guard her attack.

I retreat a little, to dodge that kick.
On top of that, Sharon bring back the foot that was swung, but I grab her arm before She can recover her stance.

I grab her hand and kick Sharon’s pivot leg.

Sharon’s balance is completely destroyed, she rotate one time in the sky.

I throw Sharon’s back to the ground.

Air vomited violently from Sharon’s mouth.
Toward Sharon who fell to the ground, I cover her from above, fix both my legs to lock both of her hands.

Mount position.

With this, Sharon won’t be able to move.
Meanwhile for me, I can still use both of my hands.

Evil grin.

If this was a real combat, the victor would already be decided.

Even if the opponent is a wizard, we can hit their face before they begin to recite their spell.

Of course, I won’t hit a girl’s face.

Therefore, as the change… I’ll rub their breast!
With my both hands, I firmly grope Sharon’s breast.

I’m able to fully grip them, but they are not small either. Sharon’s breast completely fits in my hands.

This is a wonderful feeling.
Completely magnificent surplus and curves.

It’s only mine.
This beautiful combination is mine alone.

[Hya!? Wa,wait, ha… Master!?]

In a situation like this, you still call me master. How faithful you are.

[You didn’t expect this kind of attack, did you? This is the shame for the loser.]

[Ee!? Wa, no way…]

Massage Massage Massage Massage Massage

I rub them. I feel them. I hold them. I push them.


[Hiya… Nn… Da,dame…]

Sharon try to resist, struggle below me, her movements are completely sealed off.
Her position is like a served meal on a cutting board, at my mercy.


I feel a jito glance from the side.

It’s from Laurier.

Massage Massage.

This glance is like watching a pervert in action. Well, it’s completely true.
Recently, I certainly felt a cold glance beside Sharon, is it because of my nature?

Massage Massage.

It must only be my imagination.
Actually, is it really coming from Laurier?

Sob sob.

Some day, what would I do if everyone glance at me like that?
I might gonna cry and run away to bed.

Massage Massage.

[Nn… Ha, Haruto…]


I feel something different from my massage.

Sharon gives a different smile.

In addition, she has teary eyes.
So erotic… Nope, I can’t.

… Nopenope.

If I do her right here, Celes will…


Wait a minute.

She takes shelter at short distance, Celes is trembling with watery eyes.

I separate my hands from Sharon’s breast, I raise both hands.
I didn’t do anything.

Too late.

Celes who notice my glance, turns around and dash to take cover.


[Ha, Ha… Pervert Haruto…]

From under me, Sharon gives me a protest.
However, her upturned face and romantic voice.

Don’t blame me too much… That’s what I think… I really do.

Celes was watching us earlier.

It’s impossible to revert time back any longer.

Once again, I reach to Sharon’s breast.

[E!? Co,continue!?… Ya, that place is…]

Do you think I would stop there? Even though Sharon gives a surprised voice, she doesn’t resist.

Massage Massage.

I am already half desperate.

… After all, I am an embodiment of pervertness.

4 thoughts on “Return of The Former Hero ch.67

  1. He really has crossed the boundary from
    lustful teenager to depraved. At this point, I’m just going to accept this is an outlet for the author’s delusions and get over it.


    1. If you think about it, thats normal
      He’s the Hero with so much power & Vigor
      And don’t forget he still on the puberty phase and can’t “do” it
      for long after Celess come with them

      What are you thinking if beauty always by your side and can’t do anything?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are right and his girls already know his personality and accepted it. If they weren’t comfortable with him doing all kinds of things, they wouldn’t be in this type of relationship with him.

        Liked by 1 person

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