Return of The Former Hero ch.68

Reuploading chapter 61-68.

New chapters will be released as usual.


Chapter 68. Former Hero・forced to choose.

It has already been two weeks after we left Iris town.

Passing through several villages, we’ve almost reached the borderline.

From what I heard, Tanya said the Golem was at the international borderline around two months ago.

No matter what I think, Golem will not stay nonchalantly.

If we are unlucky, there is also the possibility that the Golem went back to Iris town for some reasons.
Although I was worried many times, I’ll decide about it after we reach the town at the borderline. As for now, there is an urgent matter to attend to.

Slowly Slowly.

I move slowly inside the Kurato… (ED:tip toes)

In the middle of the night.
When the moonlight shine, I aim at my rucksack on my luggage.

And then, I avoid to make sound as much as possible. I take out a smartphone from the rucksack.
After getting it, I go outside by myself.

In a place a little bit away from Kurato , I turn on the power of the smartphone.

In the dark night with only moonlight, the power from the backlight is dazzling.

The stored image data.

Before I came here from Earth, I collected ero pictures from the net.

Celes’s eyes are watching me 24/7. That girl doesn’t let pervert thing go easily. As for other reason, I want to happily enjoy this moment by myself.

However, there is a limit in the number of images stored.
Although I can use my favorite images many times, but because there is no new images added, it’s gonna be depleted soon.

Eventually, I’ll record a video with everyone.


Well, what should I do now?

As I am about to open a file containing the pictures in details…



Someone call me from behind.

It’s Celes.

W,when did she came here???

[Ce,Celes? W,why are you here?]

[E? A,ano… Etto… Sono, to,toilet…]

With the glow of moonlight, Celes face turn red.


I see.

Even though there is a restroom inside Kurato, is she worried because it’s already night and so went out to not make too much noises?

I’m careless.

However, in such middle of the night, she unexpectedly chat with me outside.

She doesn’t seem to have any ill intentions, but she seem to be trying to absolutely not be seen by me.

[O,onii-san. What is that?]

While blushing, Celes asks me curiously.


I see.

Celes has purposely come to talk with me. The reason is because the smartphone.

Although I don’t have any reason to hide it, what should I do?

Even if I show her the smartphone, which is a mass of technology of a different world, will it be alright?

… Oh well.

[Etto, this machine is called smartphone. I guess…]


When I say it, I show her the screen. Celes watch it intently.

[A. Ma, It somehow becomes black! Awawa… D-did I do something?]

Because no one operates it, the screen automatically turns off.
When the screen disappear, do you misunderstand it? Celes goes in panic.

So charming.

[Nope, it’s alright it’s alright. Because there is a reason for that]

Celes is relieved. Afterwards, I explain to her how the smartphone work.

Even if I say explain, I don’t fully understand the detailed specification for the machine either.

So, from the touch panel, I can take a photograph. I just give an explanation like that.

However, this item is full of surprises for Celes. She shows her admiration frequently.

[Awe,awesome! Why can this item do that? Magic? But, if it occurs because of magic…]

Does it ignite her scholar spirit? Celes is muttering while operating the smartphone.

[Moreover, these characters? Such characters, I have never read it before…]

[A,ano… Celes-san?]

[There is a reaction when I touch it, another information is displayed… This is… Hiya!?]

While my question isn’t heard, Celes grip the smartphone and push the playback music button. Music start playing from the smartphone.

[O-o-onii-san!? T-this! There is a sound!?]

Celes in panic.

Up till now, it might be the first time I see her excited.
Usually she has teary-eyes and run away.

[Ah… It’s alright. Lend it to me for a moment…. There, it stopped.]

I stop the music playback.

[Awesome… You completely mastered it.]

Celes eyes are sparkling.

I don’t completely master it though.

However, it’s dangerous to let her touch it any further.
To be exact, if the picture folder is open by some chance, it’ll be very dangerous.

[Onii-san! T,this, Can I research it?]

I am startled with what Celes just said.

No matter how I think, isn’t this thing useless?

No, if I let it go, the image folder will surely be seen.
I must avoid it.

[E,etoo… I, I wonder about that?]

If I say “no” straight out, Celes probably won’t come out and grab me.
But whether the smartphone stimulate her or not, Celes leans forward and stares at me.

Too close.
It’s really too close.
Up till now we never were this close.

Moreover, because she was leaning forward and looking at me, I could see the gap at the base of her neck.

Usually, under such moonlight in such circumstances, it’s too dark so you can hardly see. But Celes is holding the smartphone in her hands while pointing it at herself.
With the backlight hitting around her chest area, within the darkness a swelling thing was subtly lit up


I, I don’t see anything, Celestia-san.

[Is it… no good?]

Celes doesn’t notice my glance. She take my silence as a rejection and become downhearted.


When I think about it, this is perhaps a chance to start a good relationship with Celes.
With the pretext of “Smartphone Research”, the time to meet between us will increase.

This is what I hope for.

I don’t mind doing “Smartphone Research”. I don’t have any worries about it.



Then, the image data…

Is there any lock function on it?

Certainly none.


What should I do?

This is an important decision.

In my head, the possibility of getting closer with Celes, in comparison with the erotic pictures…
With such a simple comparison, I pick Celes.

But, once the erotic pictures are deleted, it won’t ever come back.
As for the erotic pictures, there is no turning back, nor do I have any intention to return to my hometown, those can be said to be the memories of Earth.

[So,sorry… I asked such unreasonable thing]

Celes who looks disappointed, return the smartphone.

I see her troubled face. To give-up like that…

In my brain the comparison of erotic pictures and Celes, the curiosity and my worries… In the end, I gave up.

Is it good?

There is no way it is.
For what reason am I doing it?

There is no benefit nor value in erotic pictures.

[Wait, it’s alright, you can research it]

I have decided.

The erotic pictures are already unnecessary for me.
Rather than having erotic pictures, I’d rather secure boku elf girl. (TN: Celes used “boku” to refer herself)

[E? B,but…]

I finally gave into my worries. Are they thinking about my well being? Well this time, I choose Celes.
(TN: They here refer to erotic pictures)

[No, it’s really alright. It’s not that I need it at all, so don’t worry about it.]

Actually, that’s a foolish question. This is my result after a calculative conclusion.

[A, thank you. Onii-san, you are always gentle.]

Always? E? What?

…Let’s pretend I did not hear that.

[Maa, it’s already late, let’s begin the research tomorrow. Go to sleep for now.]

[It’s so. I’ll return now, what about Onii-san?]

[Ettoo, I’ll sleep after checking this fellow a little bit more.]

I lightly shake the returned Smartphone once.

[I understand. Good night]

[Good night]

I exchange farewell greeting with Celes.
And then, after making sure Celes returned to Kurato, I move to take cover.

I use “Search” this time, to make sure no one is nearby.

Tonight is the last time.

I display my favorite pictures, for a last farewell.

And then 10 minutes later, I delete all of the image data.

Good bye pervert pictures.
Thank you for all of your kindness up to now.

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