Glutton Berserker ch.131

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Chapter 131 – Roxy’s Decision


The sword soared to the sky, and ending up piercing deep into the ground.
At that time, both me and Aaron were laying on the ground out of breath. As for me it was due to forcibly restraining the gluttony skill on semi-starving state.
While Aaron was out of stamina due to continuous activation of his evolved technique 《Grand Cross Returnable》.
That was how the duel we arranged ended.
Eris who was sitting on a grandstand stood up and applauded us. She’s been grinning as she watched our duel over a drink… Roxy and the other bystanders did a similar things.
Surrounded by cheers and praises, both of us stood back up.
And then, Aaron took my right arm and raised it.

[…he has won]

Hearing the declaration, the bystanders became even more excited.
After saying thanks to Aaron, I fell back down to sitting position. He’s just that ridiculous. An evolved technique should’ve placed a lot of burden to the user’s body. It couldn’t be that he had mastered it to such extent after only that short training period, right?
I wiped the blood flowing out from my eye with my sleeve, and raised my hand.

[Aaron, please help me up.]

[Ah, sorry]

Aaron helped me got up with a laugh, and gave me a warm head pat.

[You have become stronger… no, you were already strong the first time we met. But your heart have become even stronger than back then. I am no longer able to stand against you]

[No, that’s not really the case. I’m not as experienced as Aaron still.]

[If it is just experience, you will obtain that as you grow older. It is not something you must rush. And as you grow older…you’ll realize that there are things you can’t surpass with experience alone. It’s valuable, but not the most important thing.]

He said so, then turned to the queen who was still cheering at us.

[I proclaim that Milord here is now the new Sword Saint. For he has defeated me brilliantly. With so many witnesses, there should be nothing to complain about. From now on, the future will be in the hand of this promising young man.]

[Aaron… I…]

But I don’t have much time left. There is not much future in me. Gluttony skill had already begun to alter my body.
With nothing to stop it, I’ll soon die in the near future.
I’m not even sure if I will return from this upcoming journey. But when I tried to explain it, Aaron interrupted me with a raised voice.

[Even so… You have to return!!]

I was lost for words.
His stare darted straight at me, it’s clear to me that he meant every word he said.

[No matter how difficult, and how unlikely it is, you have to return!! I believe in Fate and will wait here for your return.]


[You must not forget. Here is the place where Milord must return to]

Aaron’s words resonated heavily for me who once lost my place to go home.
Wherever I go, no matter how far… even if I lost my way, regardless of anything, I’m sure that I’ll find my way back here.
As always, he gives me courage to march forward.
Touched by Aaron’s words, my answer is only obvious.

[Being unreasonable as usual. Making this kind of arrangement…]

[Unless I did so, Milord would just opt to take the easy way. And there is no way I leave my son feeling troubled. Now then, what will Fate’s reply be?]

[…I’ll return. I’ll return… back here for sure!]

[Indeed you will. Well said. Truly, you are my son.]

Letting me off, I saw him tear up a bit. I wanted to say that a real man must not let anyone else see him shedding tears.
The problem is, my eyes were also moist a bit.
No need for any flowery words in farewells. I just want to tell him everything I wanted to say, as much as I can.

[Thank you… for everything up until now.]

[Go forth. New Sword Saint Fate Barbatos]

We shook each other’s hands… that last exchange was said in such a low voice it’s almost like whispers.
But that’s more than enough. I’ve said everything I wanted to say through my sword during our duel.
And so, with the cheering, which didn’t really suit the atmosphere still sounding in the background, I bid my farewell to Aaron Barbatos.


Early morning, the sun began to rise in the horizon. It’s also my and Eris’s departure day.
Walking next to me accompanying me to the rendezvous area at the goblin meadow, was Mimir.

[Are you sure that you’ll come along as well?]

[Of course. Didn’t I already say it before? I’ll watch over Fate-sama until the very end.]

[Don’t say it like that… it may bring bad luck.]

[Ahahah, now that I think about it, it’s true. Aaron-sama also said the same thing.]

That’s right. Instead of himself, Aaron recommended Mimir to come along with me.
She seemed happy, but what awaits in the future is harsh battle. Knowing this only makes me worried.

[It’s also to take care of your needs during the journey. I believe Eris-sama won’t mind the convenience.]

[Well… Eris indeed won’t mind.]

Mimir’s duty was to take care of my needs up until we reached Hauzen. It’ll get really dangerous once we start going after Shinn.
So it’s decided that the caretaker should also have the capability to battle.

[I’m looking forward to our travelling!]

[Oi, we’re not out for sightseeing here.]

[I understand that, of course. It’s just that I’ve never been to Hauzen before. I heard that it’ll be a model for urban development by science magic.]

[Guess so. We’re aiming to create a livelihood that doesn’t rely on skill by making use of Gallian technology.]

[I see, I see. This journey will be fun!]

[So in the end, it’s all return to that…]

I kept walking while palming my face.
Before coming here, I took some time to exchange some words with people who take good care of me.
Aaron spoke very little. We had our turn already after all. Shara did not take my departure quite well, as she cried and refused to let go of her embrace.
Even so, as soon as Aaron told her to let go, she still obeyed and took her hands off me. I stroke her head as usual before leaving Barbatos mansion.
Following that, I headed to the Heart mansion, but Roxy wasn’t at home by then. So I had to be satisfied with saying goodbye to only Mason-sama and Aisha-sama. Apparently they’ve also been searching for her.
The girl in question seemed to be missing since last night. That same night, we held a small farewell party.
The place was the tavern I regularly visited. Even before my gluttony skill awakened, the tavern master had been taking good care of me. Despite the suddenness, the party was still being held.
Mugan and Miria….as well as the soldiers who fought together with me back at Gallia. All of them were present.
On such occasions, I could only think about Roxy. When I called out to her, I remembered her getting up from the seat and going somewhere.
Perhaps she hasn’t returned back to the mansion since then. It worried me.
I felt bad for Eris, cause I think our departure will be delayed a bit. As I thought so, the sight of a blond haired girl standing outside the gate of commercial district caught my eyes.
When she noticed my arrival, she walked to me.

[Roxy….that getup…]

[How is it? Do I look good?]


She looked very beautiful. Instead of her usual Holy Knight light armor set, she’s wearing what seems like an attire of travelling swordsman.
The attire was mostly white, with some accents of blue sprinkled in, which reminded me of her regular Holy Knight look.

[Un, I think you look good in it]

[Thank you! …that’s good to hear]

And then, Roxy also began to walk towards the goblin meadow.
What does she mean by doing so? The situation hadn’t sunk in perfectly in my mind, when she told me with a resolved face.

[The position of the head of the Heart family has returned to my father. Therefore, here I am, going with you, not as a Holy Knight, but just as Roxy.]

I, what is she thinking? This journey may prove to be very dangerous…but I couldn’t refuse her.
I could feel her resolve. Unbearably so… This girl is.

[Come on, let’s go! Fai.]

[Yeah… let’s go.]


Mimir who was watching from the sidelines smiled, and simply showed her approval without saying much else.
Perhaps Roxy wanted to say this directly to me, so Mason-sama and Aisha-sama kept her decision a secret for me. So that’s why… I did feel something odd when I met them.
Three people walked through the gate towards the goblin meadow. It’s a bit of a weird combination if I had to say so myself.
To my right is Mimir who was a former holy knight of Burix family. And on my left is Roxy who voluntarily abandoned her position as a holy knight of Heart family.
I’d never imagined this kind of scene would happen when I returned back to the capital Seyfat.
Thinking so, I unintentionally laughed.

[Fai, what’s wrong?]

[No… it’s nothing.]

Roxy persistently asked me about what bothered me just now. In the meantime, Mimir dropped an unexpected bomb.

[Nn? Ah, could it be, because you’ll be going on a journey as the only man surrounded by three women, is that it!?]

[Eh, is that so!? Fai… wha, what is the meaning of that!?]

How am I even have any will and time to think about anything indecent when the battle is looming ahead of us? It’s just Mimir’s hyperactive imagination.
But now that I think about it, the females in this group really outnumbered the male.
This was embarrassing. As I thought so, Greed spoke up via 《Mind Reading》.

『This me is also here, you know?』

[You are a sword though. It doesn’t count.]

『If you say so.』

Why did you sound so elated…Good grief. Meanwhile behind me, Roxy and Mimir were still getting worked up over the same topic.
Once again I palmed my face before finding Eris standing there waiting at the entrance of goblin meadow.
Oya… what are those… there were two black objects next to her.
I felt like I’ve seen them somewhere. Digging through my memories, I remembered that those objects were the thing at the military district that Greed referred to as a “bike”!
It’s a vehicle with two wheels commonly used in the old days of Gallia. The rider could move it around by feeding it with magic power.
According to Greed, this vehicle was several times better than a horse.
OOooooooooooo! My excitement is rising!
Back then I wished that I could give it a test ride, but never got the chance to do so. Who would’ve guessed that I’d get the opportunity now?
Seeing me getting excited, Eris said happily.

[It seems you like it. Good thing I prepared this beforehand. Un un.]

[Both are two seaters?]

[That’s right. I’ve remodelled the seat to make it wider. I’ve also tampered with the magic power feeds so that any four of us can drive it. And with the balance control, there is no need to fear that you’ll fall off.]

[Can I drive it?]

[Please, how can I say no when you look at me with such a glimmering eyes?]


So it’s decided that I and Eris would take the helm of driving the bikes. Roxy would take the seat behind me. While Mimir would be with Eris.

[Excuse me. Hoop.]

Roxy climbed into the seat, encircling my waist with her arms. Riding like this made it felt like we are stuck very closely together.
No good no good. Must concentrate on driving.
When we’re ready, Eris spoke to us.

[Well then, let’s go. To Hauzen.]

[Yeah, let’s go.]


When magic power is transmitted through the handle bars, the wheels also began spinning. It started slowly, but I got used to it fairly quickly, so I tried to increase the magic power input.

[Uaaaaaaa, it’s really going fast]

[The wind feels so good, doesn’t it?]

We headed to Hauzen, where the sign of Shinn’s whereabouts were sensed.
Myne should be there as well. If she’s trying to open the Door to that Place, then I must stop her.
The world is starting to undergo a large change, Luna also told me so.
The door must be closed at all cost, even if I have to fight Myne for it. What in the world that door is capable of, I have no idea yet.
But once I find out about it, I’m afraid that everything will already be too late by then.

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