The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.84

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 84 – The Princess’ Feelings

After the award ceremony, Ares first wandered around the capital without returning to the mansion.
There were lots of things to do.

He was inaugurated as both the [Lord of the Frontier] and [General of Conquest].

Many aristocrats tried to contact Ares, but simply couldn’t find where he is.

Ares was moving in preparation to rule Grants. Governing his new territory would be hard, that much he knew. Therefore, everything has to be prepared.

And a few days passed.


Ares received a summon from Princess Silvia, thus he headed to the palace.
He was guided to Silvia’s private room.

[Excuse me.]

He could already somewhat guess the reason behind his summon. Ares sighed and entered Silvia’s room…to be surprised to see what awaited him inside.

[Ah, you are here, Ares. I have been wanting to have a talk with you ever since a few days ago. But first of all… let me congratulate you.]

Silvia said that with mischievous tone, then resumed talking.

[And Cornelia also want to have a talk with you. Can you spare some of your time today?]

Next to Silvia was Cornelia, standing in her usual regal manner.

[It has been a while, Ares-sama.]

Cornelia bowed deeply, then flashed a smile as her beauty had remained unchanged since the first time they met.


[This time I had to rely on my elder sister. If it was just me, then this would not go anywhere… I am sorry.]

Having said that, Cornelia bowed once more. She looked at Ares straight in the eyes as she raised her head back.

[………..and I have something that I would like to ask.]

[Please refrain from bowing to me like that, Your Highness. Then, what is it that Your Highness wants to ask me?]

Ares laughed amicably. But his heart rate was different matter. He was very nervous. What does the princess want to ask of him?

And when he heard Cornelia’s next words… He was perplexed.

[I want to know Ares-sama’s feelings.]


[I want to ask whether you are truly sure about marrying me.]


[If you already have someone else you love, then please tell me.]

Ares silently looked at Cornelia’s eyes. And Cornelia also did the same to him.

Silvia listened attentively to Cornelia’s unexpected question.

When Cornelia called her she thought that her little sister wanted to spend some time with her at first. But the truth is, when they finally met…..she never imagined that this would be the first thing Cornelia mentioned.

Ares was originally not that well-versed in terms of love. And this frustrated Gilbert so much… He thought that Ares has been unconsciously running away from this problem.

Not only Sharon, but also there were Theta, Maria, the Rozenburg’s sisters, and Nina….all of them care for him. And Ares was aware of it. Occasionally, his mother Sera would reprimand him about this, but he never truly acted on it. He always tried to ignore the matter.

But after Cornelia asked him here… he realized that he couldn’t ignore this matter anymore even if he didn’t want to.

It’s as if his meeting today with Cornelia was fate. Whether he decided to accept it or not…he still has to respond to their feelings.

The feelings of those he had neglected. And Cornelia’s feeling as well.

After a few moments of silence, Ares finally spoke up.

[I do have people I care about since a very long time ago.]


[Despite knowing their feelings, I have always been pretending not to notice. It’s very pathetic of me.]


[That was also the case for our proposed marriage. Somehow, I didn’t think much about it, despite it being His Majesty’s order. This may sound rude, but up until a while ago, I was still busy thinking about how to make Grants prosper with me as the Lord of the Frontier… and that’s all. I didn’t even think about Your Highness…or how Your Highness would feel after all that.]


[I truly am the worst kind of man. Please forgive me.]


After saying so, Ares flashed a refreshing smile.

[But I do have something to do here first.]

With that, Ares bowed his head.

[I think Your Highness should reject this arranged marriage with me]


Silvia stood up upon hearing that.

[You! Do you want to put shame into Cornelia’s face! Even Cornelia is….]

[Elder sister, please be quiet.]

It was Cornelia who interrupted Silvia.

[Please continue.]

[…….as I mentioned earlier, I have several women who harbour feelings for me. And…. I can’t bear to choose only one of them… I just can’t. Neither can I accept the thought of abandoning any of them.]

Ares continued on with a serious look on his face.

[Your Highness’ words have caused me to realize that I should face this matter head on. I will accept all of them. No matter what other people will say. The person that will be going to be your husband from now on will have accept another woman….. This may be unacceptable.]


[If Your Highness refused to marry me because it’s revealed later on that I have so many lovers… it will be only I who would be known as a flirt and womanizer. Your Highness’ name will remain unblemished.]

[And you would do it even if you will end up smearing your own reputation?]

[Yes. That’s the decision I’d like to take. Because all of them deserve that much.]

Ares then continued with a smile.

[If they are so willing… then I will do my best to protect them. Even if the whole world is against me.]

Then Ares turned to Silvia who was staring at him like a raging demon preparing to pounce at him.

[Of course, I will somehow compensate both Your Highness and His Majesty. I may not be able to become your backer…but I swear my allegiance to you. As for His Majesty…there may be some punishment for refusing this arranged marriage. Well it can’t be helped…]

After hearing Ares, Silvia could only sigh.

[You are truly …that kind of man, aren’t you?]

Cornelia suddenly got up and quietly smiled… Approaching Ares and nodded to him.

Neither Ares nor Silvia could understand what she meant.

[Then…. if I also have feelings for you, do you think that I would be willing to reject the marriage with you?]


[I have investigated all kinds of things about you. What you’ve done, your reputation. And today I have also heard your thoughts]

Cornelia turned up and looked at Ares, whilst Ares also looked back at her.

[The more I looked and the more I found out… the more I realized that you are the kind of gentleman I have been dreaming about since childhood. I came to pine for you. Therefore, when I heard about His Majesty’s decision a few days ago, I was really happy. But… at the same time, I was worried.]

And so Cornelia said ever so quietly.

[I came to wonder, will our marriage cause sadness to someone else? Therefore, I went to meet your mother yesterday, and had a talk]

[Eh, with my mother?]

The revelation caused Ares to leak out a weird voice.
The face of the all-encompassing Sera flashed in his head. If she had a piece to bite… then he wouldn’t stand any chance to fight back.

[I heard from Ares-sama’s mother that you have several women who are also pining for you. Therefore… I asked you to make things clear.]

Cornelia then looked at Ares once again.

[Ares-sama’s decision, I think it’s wonderful. I think Ares-sama’s resolve for these women is admirable. I envy them for being valued that much… that even Ares-sama is willing to make such a decision….. I have but only one request now. Can I be included as one of those women? That is all.]


[I may not have a long history with you yet. And I know it’s a tall order. But, I can only beg you now.]

Ares stared at Cornelia. Looking closely… Cornelia was trembling ever so slightly. Probably out of shame from having to go that far and worried about how he would respond to her request.

Ares thought inwardly, Ah, I really am a pathetic man. To let a woman go as far as doing something like this.

[Please raise your head, Your Highness.]

Ares approached and took Cornelia’s hand.
At the same time, Cornelia also slowly looked up.

[I may turn out to be the worst husband.]

[I do not mind.]

[I will most likely take even more wives.]

[But you will love me all the same, will you not?]

[There is also the possibility of losing my life in war.]

[Until that day comes, I will always be by your side.]

Ares made up his mind as he listened to her answers. He would welcome Cornelia as his wife.
And so, he told Cornelia.

[Your Highness… will you marry me?]

Hearing that proposal, Cornelia showed a flowery smile on her beautiful face.


Cornelia Arcadia Schwarzer

A prominent figure known as the Hero Sovereign Ares’ Queen.
Ares had many wives in his lifetime, yet his married life was rather devoid of conflict. It was mostly thanks to Cornelia’s presence. Also, it is said that it was due to her influence that the succession to the throne did not end up into a full blown political war.

Well-versed in domestic affairs, she supported Ares fully. Ares would always entrust her with the command of the dominion whenever he’s absent. It said that because he had strong trust in her that he could leave for battle with his mind at ease.

She is also proficient in the holy arts and often involved in charities, earning her the nickname [Arcadia’s Saintess]. Later on she would also be known as the [Arestia’s Holy Mother], exactly because she always acted like a [mother] to her people.

It is said that the Arestia Dominion’s prosperity was partially brought about by her existence.

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