The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.85

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Author’s note:
Since my return to writing, I’ve been receiving warm comments. Thank you very much. I feel encouraged!
As long as there are people who encourage me to continue, I will do my best even if I’m not that good of an author.

Thank you and please take care of me in the future!


Chapter 85 – Enemy of women

Ares exited Silvia’s residence after that conversation with her and Cornelia.

It’s only been a few days since he got back home. When he left to attend the award ceremony, he never thought that the situation would evolve into this.

Ares stopped in front of the gate of the Schwarzer mansion. Right, he realized… he had people he needs to have a talk with at the moment.

Ares pondered for a while before finally stepping inside. But before he went any further… he stopped thinking and took a deep breath.

It can’t be helped. He needs to lay his heart bare open. Otherwise, no one will be convinced.

Ares never got to open the door himself.

[Welcome back, Ares.]

[ [ [ [Welcome home!] ] ] ]

Many servants were lined up neatly on the left and right. Ares was speechless upon hearing their energetic greetings.

Standing at the end of the line were Sigurd, Julius, Alberto, and the head butler Burton.

[Esteemed brother, congratulations!]

Julius walked forward, expressing pure joy.

[Ares-sama… to think that you’ll be awarded with the position of General of Conquest… that’s surprising.]

Sigurd also praised him. Alberto, Burton… and the servants as well.

Ares could only smile back at them. And at that moment…

[Ares. Welcome back.]

A voice came from the upper floor. It was Sera and this time, she looks serious.

Everyone else, including Julius, moved away from Ares, choosing to observe from the sidelines.
All of them are painfully aware of who the most powerful person in this mansion is.
But even now, they couldn’t tell if what they see now is Sera’s real expression.

As the lady of the Schwarzer clan, Sera had always been careful in dealing with things as well as treating others with kindness and smiles. But when she’s scolding someone… everyone knew well of the horror that awaits.

She seemed obviously angry at the moment… which is unusual.

Right there… everyone could only look at Ares in pity.

But Ares approached forward, with similarly serious face.

[Ares here has returned back home.]

[Let’s refrain from formal greetings between parents and children, Ares… don’t you have something to report?]

Ah, of course. Mother knew everything.

Ares thought inwardly. Cornelia said that she had a talk with Sera. Without a doubt, the content must’ve been about that. And of course his mother would’ve also spoken with the other girls.

[I do have something to say, mother.]

Ares then started speaking after taking a short breath.

[I have decided to marry the Arcadia Empire’s 4th Princess, her Highness Cornelia Arcadia.]

Hearing that, the servants became noisy and Julius also asked incredulously.

[Eh? Ares-niisama, are you really going to marry Her Highness Cornelia?]

Sera spoke up, ignoring Julius altogether.



[Let’s discuss this in detail. Come to my room.]

After saying so, Sera turned around and headed towards the said room.
Ares followed suit.

The others could only see them off silently.


[Congratulations… but should I really say that? Well then, what are you going to do with those other girls who will surely be broken hearted because of you?]

As soon as they entered the room and gained some semblance of privacy, Sera narrowed her eyes and asked inquisitively.

But Ares calmly responded.

[I’m going to accept them all.]

[You… do know that’s a lot of mistresses, do you not?]

[In a way, yes. But they won’t be my mistresses. They will all be my wives. There will be no main wife or mistresses.]

Things will get serious now. Ares thought.

[I can’t bear to abandon any of them. Therefore I do not intend to do so. I’ll accept everyone. But this time, they may not accept my decision. So… I’d like to talk to them one by one.]

[……so you are going to make yourself an ‘enemy of women’?]

[I don’t know what others will say. They can call me whatever they want. This was the only thing that came to mind when I think of how to make everyone feel happy. I could be careless about what other people say about me, but I will do my best to protect those girls from any baseless rumors.]

[How do you feel about Princess Cornelia?]

[I’ve already talked this out with Her Highness. And I’ve received her permission to do that. She also wants to walk by my side regardless of anything. So I just have to protect her no matter what]

After hearing Ares’ explanation, Sera went silent. She opened her mouth again after a while.

[I see…. So that’s the conclusion you take…]

She said.

She then sighed deeply.

[Good grief. Why can you be just like Edgar-sama who only has his sight for me and me alone?]

She sighed even more. Ares could only chuckle.

But then Sera smiled.

[Well, I was once told by a fortune teller]


Ares was perplexed by the sudden change of topic.

[‘You’ll pass away in happiness surrounded by many daughters and grandchildren,’ he said.]


[But I only gave birth to 2 sons. That’s weird, could the fortune teller have been wrong… but when I think about it… there is this kind of thing as well. And I’m sure… the number will continue to increase in the future…]

Sera took another sigh, before turning to Ares and slammed her hand to the table.


Suddenly being called out with such a loud voice, Ares responded out of reflex.

[Yes, ma’am!]

[Are you listening? From now on, I will consider your wives as my daughters. So you’d better not make any of them cry. Make everyone happy. You should do that much if you are a real man!]

[Yes… yes…]

[Don’t answer half-heartedly!]

[Yes, ma’am!]


The conversation was over right there. Or at least it should have. But afterward, Ares had to stand in an upright position, and Sera would sit there for the infamous『Mother’s Talk』 session.

After confirming the situation by peeking on the door, the servants returned to their duties.

Only a few people stayed behind. Julius, Sigurd, Alberto, and Burton… each of them had the same thought in mind.

The Archduke, Lord of Frontier, and General of Conquest… undoubtedly, there is no higher rank left to take, except for the throne. But… certainly there is still a greater height to chase after…


Ares took action immediately afterward.
Starting with those he could find in Schwarzer mansion, then to the other various places.

Earl of Roxietta’s mansion, Marquis Rozenburg’s residence, Black Rose Brothel, and Margot Chamber of Commerce…..

Yes, to tell each of them his decision. To ask if they are willing.

And a few days later, it was publicly announced.

The engagement of Ares Schwarzer and Cornelia Arcadia, as well as his engagement with several other women of varying standing.


Author’s footnote:
To be really honest, I wanted to write stories about each girl… but I ended up leaving it out because I thought it’ll go too long.

If I have some spare time, I’ll post it as side stories.

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  1. “Why ‘can’ you be just like Edgar-sama who only has his sight for me and me alone?”

    Not sure if there’s a mistake here. Is it suppose to be ‘can’t’ instead of ‘can’?


    1. Noticed this when I was searching back. “‘Margot’ Chamber of Commerce” had been ‘Margott’ in previous chapters, so I guess missing a ‘t’ here.


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