The Story of Hero Among Heroes’s Glossary

No bonus chapter this week, but instead I’ll post this one.

Sorry for the long wait, here is the current glossary for the series The Story of Hero Among Heroes.
There might be some spoilers, but please think of them as teasers.

I’ll update it again with new post once we have reached the next Arc.


King of Heroes’ and his subordinates


〈Ares Schwarzer〉
Weapon……..Seven Heavenly Swords
God Spear Raynard
White Emperor
Steed……Kirin [Saint]

Main character of this story. The heir to the Archduke Schwarzer, one of the four great clans in the Empire.
He’ll be later called the King of Heroes, Hero among Heroes.
Having the memory of three great figures from the early age, and now is gradually able to make use of them.

Memory of Three Greats

①『Alchemy King』『Wandering Great Sage』Gilbert Goraye
Through the use of alchemy, he invented various tools and etched his name on the history. However, there were many among the tools which can be dangerous, causing the heads of nation who feared for his genius to persecute him, which in turn made him to exile himself. Thus, many of his inventions were lost in history. He’s also an excellent magician, known as the master of [Non-Elemental] magic, which is considered as lost magic nowadays. Through the support of women who pined for him, he’s said to have a large influence over the courts of many nations.

②『Sword Saint』Shin Oldeus
A hero who defeated the demon king Gargain, who ruled over the demons and once nearly swept over the entire continent, by himself. His superior sword skill was said to be capable of swathing through the army of magic beast and demons. Originally, he was the lord of Yashima, a nation on the eastern land. His real name is [Shu Murakumo]

③「God of War」Leon Arcadia
Waged wars over three-digits amount of times throughout his life, he’s a noble hero who was boasted to be undefeated in war. An excellent ruler himself, he became the pioneer of the [Great Arcadia Empire] which once ruled the continent as one. The great empire was later divided, and became the present Holy Arcadia Empire.



♦︎Six Heavenly Generals♦︎ 〜Those who became the right hand of the King of Heroes〜

〈Sigurd Dragonia〉
Weapon…..Dragon Spear Gaebolg
Steed….Fire Horse Brad
Dragon Steed…..Ancient Dragon Zephyr

Heavenly Dragon General. Ares’ servant as well as a general who was praised for his valor and intellect. A master of spear, he was the most valiant among Ares’ retainers. He was raised by the ancient dragon, Zephyr. The figure of him riding the ancient dragon through the battlefield was a grand spectacle, and is usually enough to change the tide of battle on its own. The leader of the second corps.

〈Shion Tristan〉
Weapon…..war fan

Heavenly Wisdom who was also the leader of Arestia’s Seven Wisemen.
Formerly the eldest son of a Baronet, he currently plays a major role in the Schwarzer Territory. Ares’ retainer who was superior in terms of intelligence. In peacetime, he works as the archive officer on the library, while during emergencies, he would use his intellect effectively as one of the military officers. The last disciple of the Wandering Great Soldier Kasim, who coined him as a man with『Tenfolds of Talents』. The leader of the fourth corps.

〈Darius Grants〉
Weapon…..Black Iron Cutter Spear
Great Sword
Steed…..Black Horse King Deathscythe

Heavenly Warrior. Leader of Grants Principality. Powerful military leader comparable to Ares, and is a charismatic person. Became Ares’ subordinate after magic beast overwhelmed the Grants Principality. Due to his rugged personality, he’s loved by many people. The leader of the third corps.


♦︎Arestia Seven Wisemen♦︎ 〜King of Heroes’ pool of knowledge〜

〈Shion Tristan〉
Leader of the seven wisemen.
Mentioned above.

〈George Walter〉
Following Tristan’s recommendation, he became Schwarzer Territory politic officer. The development of the Schwarzer Territory can’t be said to be not attributed to him. His mindset is straight and mechanical, and is nicknamed [Razor] from how he worked on his immense workload.

〈Elan Shawd〉
Ares’ friend. Their friendship was deepened after Ares helped him from being mugged at a restaurant area. He’s smart and was the highest scoring student on the official exam.
Currently serving as George’s aide.


♦︎Dragon’s Eye♦︎ 〜Conspiracy and Intelligence agents〜

Currently the leader of assassin group『Dragon’s Eye』. He’s primarily responsible in gathering information and reports directly to Ares. For the sake of his lord, he’d do anything without conservation in stone cold manner. It’s said that he’s actually a 『Dragonkin』, a race only mentioned in legends.

Zekka’s subordinates. Dragonkins.



King of heroes’ wives and people of Archduke Schwarzer

♦︎King of Heroes’ Wives♦︎

〈Cornelia Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire fourth princess, and at first glance, Ares’ first wife. Her beautiful black hair was absolutely gorgeous. She has the『Temper of a Ruler』that made it easier for people to willingly follow her. Capable of controlling things that normally can’t be controlled, people called her the『Arcadia Holy Maiden』. Although unanimously selected as the leader of Ares’ wives, she herself prefer equality, and did not think much about it.

〈Sharon Roxietta〉
Ares’ childhood friend. A countess. A talented and beautiful woman with blond hair who was a high scoring student at the Knight Course of Imperial academy. Currently as Ares’ wife, she also plays active role as military leader. The『warrior maiden armor Valkyria』 that she wears is capable of producing wings of light made of magic, and with that power she wades through the battlefield. From that appearance she gained the nickname of 『Golden War Maiden』
Later she’s hailed as『Arestia Fourth Battle Princess』

Ares’ personal maid turned his wife. Rescued by Ares when she’s young, she decided to serve the Schwarzer clan, and acted like his older sister since then.
A maid with outstanding capability. She also has an excellent memory, which later proven to be useful for Ares.

〈Roxanne Rozenburg〉
One of Ares’ wives. Daughter of Rozenburg Duke Alphonse. Has the greatest magic power in the history of Rozenburg clan, as well as huge pair of breasts that turns people’s eyes. Well known as the [Witch of Rozenburg]. Once, her magic power went berserk, and nearly froze a city. She fell for Ares who helped her out of that incident. A yandere. Good at water attribute magic, especially ice magic.

〈Millia Rozenburg〉
One of Ares’ wives. Alphonse’s second daughter. An active woman who features short red hair and healthy tanned skin. Kind to her sister, she’s second only to her sister when it comes to magic power. Good at fire magic. Very sensitive about her small breast.

〈Cynthia Rozenburg〉
One of Ares’ wives. Alphonse’s third daughter. She has great magic power just like her two sisters. And just like her eldest sister, has a huge pair of boobs. Although she has a calm and collected personality, she’s surprisingly cunning. She’s good at wind magic.

One of Ares’ wives. A cheerful girl who worked at the House of Black Rose. Her flaxen hair emphasis her tanned skin. Apparently Ares had helped her in the past. She’s actually a very good shot, and would go shooting with a gun or bow when she’s bored. She became a sharpshooter after Ares gave her an advanced magic rifle.

〈Nina Margott〉
Ares’ former classmate. Margott House of Commerce director’s only daughter. Is actually a half-beastman. It’s regrettable that even if she’s talented in business, as a woman, she cannot inherit the chair of the director of Margot company from her father. She’s the mood-maker among the wives.

〈Liliana Redgear〉
One of Ares’ wives. Earl of Redgear William’s sister. Gained the nickname of『Silver Princess Knight』from her appearance, mostly her silver colored hair, while serving as the general of Redgear army. She wields Holy Sword Alflex and boasts overwhelming power. She fell in love at first sight after being defeated by Ares, and self proclaimed herself as his wife. Although she didn’t get along well with the other wives, after fighting Sharon and acknowledging her skill, they became fast friend. A muscle brain.

Former Eight great demon aristocrat. Her vast magical power is even unknown to the demons. The earthen core of western part of Grants was under her control. At first as a demon aristocrat, she intended to hit Ares with Astaroth’s lifeforce, but instead got overwhelmed by its power. She originally insisted on becoming a mistress, but became an official wife through Cornelia’s decision.


♦︎Archduke Schwarzer♦︎

○Schwarzer Clan

〈Edgar Schwarzer〉
Ares’ father and the current Archduke of Schwarzer. He realized his son’s talent the earliest, and had created foundations for his son to be able raise his wings to the limit when the time comes. Although a good military general on his own regard, he mostly delegated military matter to Ares later on. Currently a lord who works hard to develop his territory

〈Sera Schwarzer〉
Ares’ mother. She normally acts calm, but is very scary when angry. A very reputable lady on the imperial court. It always amazed Ares, but she’s the one with the highest authority on Schwarzer clan. There is no one in the Schwarzer clan who does not know of her『Mother’s Talk』

〈Julius Schwarzer〉
Ares’ brother. He has heterochromatic eyes of red and blue. He’s the owner of『Heaven’s Eye』that allows him to see parts of the future. Therefore, he always concealed that one eye of his. I respected everything that Ares has done. When he was young, he talked to Shion about『Theory of Warfare and Strategy』, which caused the latter to call him a genius of war strategy. Later on he served as the Marshal of Arestia Dominion, he helped absorb the Empire military power to become one with Arestia military. He was called『One-eyed Dragon』due to his appearance and fighting prowess.


○Schwarzer clan member。

〈Rouen Beluga〉
A retainer of Schwarzer. Together with Alberto, he’s known as [Schwarzer’s Twin Generals]. He’s defending the northern border. Once was Ares’ mentor.

〈Alberto Werheld〉
Master of twin blades, he’s been serving the Schwarzer for the longest time. He’s known as [Schwarzer’s Twin Generals] alongside Rouen. Currently away on the frontline, charged with guarding Julius.

Schwarzer mansion head butler.

Head maid of capital’s Schwarzer mansion. Helped raising Julius.



Allies to the King of Heroes and Schwarzer clan

♦︎Church Forces♦︎

〈Cecil Griffith〉
Holy art genius who became the youngest bishop. He’s adept at many military arts as a holy knight. A classmate of Shion and George. Currently the archbishop, the boss of the church is watching him keenly.

〈Felix Rhynmeier〉
Marked as troublemaker heretic for criticizing the church’s doctrine. A close friend of Cecil who is celebrated as his best friend and rival, a man of many abilities. As Cecil assumed the position of bishop, Felix was dispatched to Heinz.

Known as 『The Child of Light』. According to Cecil, he’s the reincarnation of god. Capable of restoring even an already broken object. Is friendship relation with Julius. Currently an honored guest at Heinz along with Cecil.


♦︎Dark Organization♦︎

Boss of Imperial capital western slum. Swore allegiance to Ares.

Balzak’s confidant.

Head of assassin organization 『Cerberus』 lurking in the shadow of imperial capital. Seems to be an acquaintance to Ares.


♦︎Arcadia Royal Family♦︎

〈Silvia Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire second Princess. Empire’s brave and excellent general. Entrust her sister Cornelia and her brother Zerias to Ares.

〈Zerias Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire third Prince. Innocently loves his sisters. Silvia sent him to Grants, in order to receive protection from Ares.


♦︎Arcadia Aristocrats♦︎

〈Loyd Roxietta〉
Sharon’ father. Roxietta clan is a vassal to Schwarzer clan. An Earl.

〈Alphonse Rozenburg〉
Marquis of Alphonse. The chief of the Empire magic division. A very loving father to his daughters.

〈Reizen Arnold〉
Deceased. Former duke of arnold, and imperial prime minister. Supported the Empire’s domestic affair by himself.

〈Kevin Arnold〉
Ares’ friend. Reizen’s son and the current duke of arnold. His ability earned him the nickname of [Next George Walter]. Currently suffering from incurable disease, leaving his uncle to rule in his absence.

〈Leo McDohl〉
Duke of McDohl. The grand general of the empire and leader of Empire’s first corps. Has past relation with Ares.

〈Luther McDohl〉
Leo’s son. Julius’ best friend. Ares called him a genius in sword when he first saw him, a great talent for his age.

〈Duke Belmond〉
The lord of prestigious Belmond Barony. Still very strong despite of old age. Better known as the 『Sword Demon』 .


♦︎Imperial Capital Citizen♦︎

Owner of imperial capital’s largest brothel, House of Black Rose.

One of the courtesans at the House of Black Rose

〈Giovanni Margott〉
The creator of Margott House of Commerce which started small but then growing to become the largest in the capital. Suffering from short term memory due to old age.

〈Lorenzo Margott〉
Son of Giovanni and father to Nina. Inherited the business talent of his father. Sweet to his daughter.



People of Arcadia Empire

♦︎Royal Clan♦︎

〈Sephiros Arcadia〉
Emperor of the Holy Arcadia Empire. Dubbed the [Thunder Emperor] due to his fierceness. Has the ambition to conquer the continent. Wary of Ares.

〈Carlos Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire first prince. Known as the [Crown Prince] and [Mad Prince]. Previously the most favored child of the emperor, until his failure to capture Grants, which cost him one of his legs. Wielded [Killburn], the spear that formerly belonged to an unknown demonkin warrior.

〈Elizabeth Arcadia Lombardia〉
Arcadia Empire first princess. Currently married to Lombardia clan. Ambitious.

〈Silvia Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire second princess.

〈Joseph Arcadi〉
Arcadia Empire second Prince. His bad conduct earned him a bad reputation.

〈Annerose Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire third princess. Engaged to Rozenheim little lord Scion. Her mother was from Hellion clan.

〈Cornelia Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire fourth princess and Ares’ wife.

〈Zerias Arcadia〉
Arcadia Empire third prince.


♦︎Arcadia Aristocrats♦︎

○The Four Archdukes 〜Arcadia Empire Leading Four〜

『Archduke Schwarzer』
Guardian of the north east territory. Prioritize the development of their own territory over their influence in the capital. Despite being part of Arcadia aristocracy, are tolerant to demi-human.

『Archduke Rozenheim」
Leading aristocrat clan in the empire politics. Skilled at politics, and the head of political faction which consisted of large number of smaller aristocrat clans.

〈Scion Rozenheim〉
Son of the current Archduke Rozenheim. A capable little lord with some reputation. Led the largest political faction in the currently politically embroiled capital. Engaged to princess Annerose, which further increased his influence.

〈Otto Rozenheim〉
Scion’s father. The current Archduke Rozenheim. Head of the largest political faction in the capital.

『Archduke Saxon』
Warlord who controlled the West. Due to having specialized more in terms of military, was not adept in terms of politics. Their reputation leave a lot to be desired

〈Georg Saxon〉
The current Archduke Saxon. Known as the strongest military leader in Arcadia Empire. At the end of the day, he lost most of his authority after his defeat to Darius.

〈Rudolf Saxon〉
Saxon little lord. Known as a brave general who will be responsible for the glory of Arcadia Empire next generation, but unfortunately is a roughshod and thus, unpopular.

『Archduke Lombardia』
Clan of talented men who governed the south. Not much is known due to them rarely leaving their territory.


○The Six Dukes 〜Bloodline of the Royal Clan〜

『Duke of McDohl』
Clan that produced many talented warriors.
Vassal to Schwarzer clan.

〈Leo McDohl〉
Current Duke of McDohl. Imperial Knight captain and the leader of Imperial Army first corps. Ares’ old acquaintance.

〈Luther McDohl〉
Leo’s son. Julius’ best friend. Ares considered him as a genius in swordsmanship despite his young age.

『Duke of Arnold』
Clan adept in political matter from which the former prime minister belonged to.
Vassal to Schwarzer clan.

〈Reizen Arnold〉
Deceased. Former Duke of Arnold, as well as former prime minister. An empire minister famous for his focus on internal affair.

〈Kevin Arnold〉
Ares’ friend. Reizen’s son as well as the current Duke of Arnold. His talent in political matters earned him the nickname of the second coming of [George Walter]. Due to the currently incurable disease, his uncle had usurped his power.

〈John Arnold〉
Became the acting duke of Arnold after Kevin fell sick. Uneducated, he was an ambitious and selfish person.
Secretly in cahoot with Scion.

『Duke of Randolph』
Leader of the Imperial Knight, and a warrior clan alongside the McDohl.
Vassal to Saxon clan.

〈Nicholas Randolph〉
Current Duke of Randolph. The head of the Arcadia Empire’s Imperial Knight

『Duke of Hoover』
Had been in charge of Empire political affairs for generations. Currently dethroned by the Rozenheim, but planning to turn the situation around.
Vassal to the First Prince.

〈Douglas Hoover〉
Current duke of Hoover. Carlos’ self proclaimed servant.

『Duke of Clark』
The clan currently sat on prestigious position of the prime minister.
Vassal to the Rozenheim clan.

〈Gilbert Clark〉
The current Duke of Clark and Arcadia Empire prime minister. Originally from a warrior clan, he’s said to be a good military leader.

『Duke of Hellion』
A clan adept at governmental affairs. The daughter of the former duke gave birth to princess Annerose, making them pretty close to the Royal clan.
Vassal to Rozenheim clan


○Marquis and Earl clan 〜Upper class aristocrats〜

〈Alphonse Rozenburg〉
Alphonse clan head. Serving as Imperial Mage.

〈William Redgear〉
Belonged to the frontier territory.

[Lloyd Roxietta]
Member of Empire’s Imperial Knight. Sharon’s father, and thus, Ares’ father in law.

〈Marquis of Morlot〉
Owned a territory on the west. The aristocrats under him revolted due to his tyranny. Defeated thanks to Shion’s tactic. Morlot clan was destroyed after that.

〈Earl of Morale〉
One of the aristocrats wanting to get close to Schwarzer clan through bribery.


○Viscount Baron Baronet 〜Lower class Aristocrat〜

〈Duke Belmond〉
Head of the prestigious Belmond Barony. Extremely strong despite his old age. Better known as『Sword Demon』

〈Baron Parom〉
Leader of the rebellion against Marquis of Morlot. Gentle but indecisive. Had to rely on Shion’s wisdom to finally win the rebellion.

〈Rina Parom〉
Baron Parom’s only daughter. Gentle like her father, but can be brave and determined at times. Currently living on her own as Shion’s disciple and companion

〈Luke Tristan〉
Remaining heir to Tristan Baronet. Shion’s younger brother. Unlike his older brother, he’s a very serious person.

〈Baron Descartes〉
The last to join the rebellion against Marquis of Morlot. Excellent warrior but too ambitious for his own good. Through Shion’s plot, he ended up taking responsibility for the whole rebellion, but managed to escape punishment by becoming prince Carlos’ ilk.

〈Baron Krum〉
One of the aristocrats wanting to form a relationship with Schwarzer clan.

〈Whim Bowman〉
Baron of Graff. Aristocrat who likes to push his mistake to his subordinates.


Rozenheim clan

〈Sven Knorr〉
A Baronet. Cornelia’s childhood friend.


To be continued…
I’ll updating this glossary again after the next arc ended.

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