The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.90

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What a development. I laughed when working on this chapter.
Why to go Lilliana!

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 90 – Fall

[Ellie, what should I do?]

After searching Ellie around the hall and found her, Liliana immediately consulted her.

[Ara ara… Liliana-sama… I don’t know the story yet though? It’s not good to have a talk while standing like this, how about we go there first.]

Ellie was quite close with Liliana and thus, she understood her character fairly well.
She led Liliana into a nearby chamber… and locked the door.

[Alright, Liliana-sama, what is your problem?]

[Ah, well…]

[First, whenever you are facing Ares-sama, you have trouble speaking, aren’t you?]


[And your heart hurts because you don’t know what to do…?]

[Yes, it’s indeed the case.]

[You couldn’t calm down when another woman approaches him…?]

[Why is that!? When I heard the news that he’s engaged to an Arcadian princess and many other women… I had this feeling of refusal and disgust.]

Liliana gave a positive answer to each question.

Zion’s daughter, Ellie, had been like her own sister since their childhood. So both of them could consult and speak honestly to each other freely.
To Liliana’s positive responses, Ellie felt her heart nearly faint.

(Kuu~~~~~! Liliana-sama who is in love is too cute!)

Ellie was not a sword nut like Liliana so she felt joy at the prospect of a love story just like any ordinary girl.

(This is interesting… But what’s important now, how can I help her to succeed?)

Ellie is Zion’s only daughter, but sometimes he cares more about Liliana… however… Liliana’s character was far from being a regular girl.
But just like Liliana… Ellie also had her wild side.

[Aren’t you just fine, Liliana-sama? I think Liliana-sama is in『love』with him]

[Love!? Is that really so? Then… what should I do? If this goes on… I don’t know how long I can hold on…]

Ellie showed a charming smile to Liliana.

[A night visit!] [ED note: Really tempted to put in “yobai” here but…]


[Visit him at night!]

[…is that really what a normal girl would do?]

[There is no such thing. Everything is fair in love and war.]


[What is it?]

[How do you do that to be exact?]

In contrast to the worried face that Liliana had… Ellie showed a smile and flashing eyes after hearing that question.


Thus in that locked chamber, Ellie gave Liliana her ‘guidance’.

[Do you understand, Liliana-sama? Just offer him some liquor until he’s tipsy, then go with the flow.]

[After that, strip off your clothes, hug him and get him to the bed.]

[I heard that Ares-dono is a very light drinker. To offer him a drink is…]

[Yes, even better then. And yes, you have to act a bit differently, slightly on the softer side.]

[And then show the advanced skill with your lips that I have taught you…]

Liliana returned to the banquet room, emboldened after all the things she learned from Ellie.
But everytime she recalled the lesson… she couldn’t help but blush.

[This… this is somewhat difficult… can I really do it…? No! I have to! Do your best, Liliana!]

Reassuring herself, Liliana opened the door to the banquet room… only to find that the banquet had already ended, and what’s left were the servants tidying things up.

Liliana was stunned for a moment. But she did not give up just yet.

[The banquet is already over … but isn’t that all the more convenient for me to test out Ellie’s teachings?]

Saying that, Liliana’s eyes landed on a bottle of liquor nearby… and she took it without hesitation. She then turned around and headed upstairs.

Liliana had heard from William earlier regarding Ares’ resting quarters. So she rushed to that room without any slight hesitation.


[Uwaah~ I really ate a lot!]

Ares was lying down on the bed while patting his stomach. Satisfaction filled his entire body.

[The crops in Redgear is more bountiful than I expected… Trevoir and this place will most likely become huge presences within the federation in the future.]

He muttered to himself.

And when he was about to fall asleep happily…

Knock knock

He heard someone knocking on the door.

Rubbing his sleepy eyes, Ares opened the door to find Liliana standing there.
Ares was caught off guard by this sudden visit. Yes, he was out of luck this time. And now… what kind of tragedy shall befell upon him? Let’s find out.

[Oh? Liliana-dono. What’s wrong? I didn’t see you at all back at the banquet… nghgufuu!?]

Ares’ words was stopped by Liliana’s lips.
He instantly stiffened.

[Nn? Nnnn!]

In the spur of the moment, a fluid-like substance entered Ares’ mouth.

[Phew! W-what are you doing!?]

When he looked back up, there was the sight of Liliana blushing furiously, at a loss at what she had done.

[A-Ares-dono! My apologies! But, I was told that I have to do this. P-please accept me!]

Liliana went in for another hug. Looking closely, she was wearing a thin negligee that barely hid her body. The soft and warm sensation was transmitted directly with such a close contact,

[Ho-, wai-… Liliana-dono, please calm down…….fuee…..]

That’s when Ares fell over. Liliana deftly caught his falling body.

[Alright, it’s exactly as Ellie said. I’ve mixed the drug that Ellie gave me into the wine… it’s effective… a bit too effective… will Ares-dono be just fine?]

But Liliana didn’t stop moving. She locked the door behind her and set the unconscious Ares on the bed. Then she began to undress herself.
That’s where Liliana noticed something.

[……… what should I do next?]

Liliana tilted her head right then, when all of a sudden someone actually replied to her wondering.

[Shall I tell you?]

Seeking the source of the answer, there was Ares looking at her with glowing eyes.

[Hyaaah! A-Ares-dono… you’re awake!]

[Did you honestly think I would fall to this level of trick?]

Ares slowly woke up.

[I-indeed you won’t, but I have various reasons to… nntsuu!?]

It was Ares’ lips this time that blocked Liliana’s mouth.

[N, nn, nnn, nnntsuu!]

It was a kiss different from what they had earlier. This one included tongue wrestling and lewd sounds.

Liliana’s reasoning had crumbled away by the time their lips separated.

[Liliana… you told me to『accept you』, didn’t you…? Yes, I will do just that for you. However…]

Ares stroked Liliana’s chin and kissed her once more. Liliana didn’t resist this time. He then resumed after breaking the kiss a while later.

[We are not formally engaged yet. Thus I will not cross the final line just yet… but, I will make you mine, body and soul.]

After he said so, their lips met once again and those lewd sounds echoed throughout the room once more as both of them fell into the bed.


Ares woke up in the morning.

[That…that was a great dream…]

Right… he got drunk so hard due to drinking liquor… again. And he had this nice dream.
At least that’s what Ares think, but just when he sighed, he noticed that the blanket on his side was hiding something with an unfamiliar feeling.
With cold sweat running down his back, Ares turned to his side, and saw Liliana lying there with a happy look on her face. And then she opened her lips…

[Good morning, my husband.]

[It’s not a dream afteeeer aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!]

The previously impregnable Redgear’s Silver Princess Knight… has now completely fallen for Ares, both body and soul.


Liliana Redgear Schwarzer

One of the Hero Sovereign Ares’ Queens and Redgear’s greatest general known as the Silver Princess Knight.
Together with the [Golden War Maiden] Sharon, she served as her lieutenant under Ares’ command. Both female generals would lay waste to his enemies on the battlefield.

Wielding the holy sword Alflex, she waded through the enemy ranks, inspiring other soldiers, who revered her like a goddess.

But what she wanted the most was not fame.

It was only the [love] of the Hero Sovereign.


If it was hostility, Ares would’ve noticed immediately… it’s just that Ares’ sense is a bit dull on the matter of love.

It’s pretty much his weak point.

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  1. “What a development. I laughed when working on thsi chapter.”

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    1. Didn’t author already state those 3 soul couldn’t intervene with his body, just from his dream on the night?
      Indeed Gilbert can make anything with his magic at MC dream like that forced 10p…

      MC also said he just feels all of it was his dream but after he wake up, he knew that’s not

      So maybe we can say it’s his inner beast lol


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