The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.92

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Chapter 92 – Military Reform

[On to the next topic, we will discuss about our military movements. Shion, can you please?]

George’s words caused everyone’s eyes to focus on Shion.

[Always doing things at your own pace as usual…]

Shion smiled bitterly but complied, presenting three papers with him.

This first paper is the Military Organization chart.

[First of all, we have to reorganize the military.]

The paper Shion presented was concise and neatly-written.


Supreme Commander – Ares Schwarzer
Chief Staff – Shion Tristan

1st Corps general – Ares Schwarzer
1st Corps deputy general – Sharon Roxietta
1st Corps deputy general – Liliana Redgear

2nd Corps general – Sigurd Dragonia
2nd Corps deputy general- Arnold Neuer

3rd Corps general – Darius Grants
3rd Corps deputy general – Dirk Winkelman

4th Corps general – Shion Tristan
4th Corps deputy general – Eckhart Grants
4th Corps deputy general – Roland Grants


[Ares-sama’s first corps will consist of Ares-sama’s own 20,000-strong private army. The 50,000 Grants army will be divided into the 2nd and 3rd cCorps, each having 20,000 as their main forces. As for the remaining 10,000, they will serve as the rearguard under the 4th Corps.]

Both Sigurd and Darius showed no complaint.

[By the way, I would like Eckhart-dono and Roland-dono to act as my deputy generals, do you mind?]

Roland was Darius’ younger brother and Gail’s fourth son. A young warrior who worked side by side with Eckhart in the previous battle against the monsters . Roland, who was just a teenager then, was confused by the out-of-the-blue selection.

[Certainly not!]

Roland replied with a tense voice.

[To be clear, I won’t be fighting directly on the frontline. So I’ll leave that matter to you. Of course, I know it’ll be hard to work alone so I also appointed Eckhart-dono in case the matter becomes too hard for you to handle alone.]

Darius and the others watched the scene in satisfaction.

[ [ Yessir! ] ]

Eckhart and Roland voiced their agreement in unison.

[Since there are no objections…..]

[W-wait a minute!]

When the decision was about to be finalized, Ares surprisingly raised a complaint.

[Well, it’s a good organization chart, but why are my deputy generals Sharon and Princess Liliana…]

[A messenger came from each the capital and Redgear earlier today.]

As he revealed the news, Shion gave Ares a look.

[From the capital, it’s said the milord’s [Fiancees] are to depart for Heinz as soon as the preparation is over. And as for the one from Redgear, didn’t milord personally request for Liliana-dono? Milord has just visited there after all.]

[That was too faaaaaaaaaaast!]

Ares unintentionally screamed.
But Shion kept going, ignoring Ares altogether.

[Alright, anyone else?]

[How about my opinion…]


Ares dropped instantly.

[For consideration, Sharon-dono has graduated from the Imperial academy’s knight class with excellent results. Moreover… she seemed to have mastered『that thing』milord has taught her. On the other hand, the『Silver Princess Knight』Princess Liliana is also a force to be reckoned with. Because we are a bit short-handed now, we can only ask them for help. Princess Liliana is still gathering her soldiers… so it’ll not be immediately, but she will serve as Sharon-dono’s lieutenant under Milord’s command. As for… the riot that will come afterward… that is entirely Milord’s responsibility. Alright, since there are no objection,s Milord, please sign it.]

Regardless of his earlier complaints, Ares still signed the chart as told. Just like before, the chart began to glow soon after.

[Next is our future direction. Please have a look at these two maps.]

Shion unfurled two maps this time around. Everyone immediately paid attention. The first one was the map of Grants region, while the other one was the map of entire Arcadia continent.

[Firstly, regarding the Grants region…]

Shion pointed at the western area of Grants, the Land of Demons.

[First of all, we have to conquer the Land of Demons.]

Shion then started to share his view on the Land of Demons and its Demon Lords.

[The Land of Demons is actually fertile ground. It can become the foundation of a country should someone could develop it. If we can control and develop it, Grants will surely become the most prominent power in the Arcadia Empire. We must also start to deal with the barbarians. Achieve the best results as soon as possible.]

Having said that, Shion turned to George who responded with a low voice.

[The reason why Grants couldn’t take control of the Land of Demons was because of the influence of three particular Demon Lords.]

[Mm… exactly]

Gail admitted in a low voice.

[Darius should be capable of defeating each one in a duel… but when Darius attempted to engage one in battle, the other two would attack Heinz. The northern riders and the Aryans would also take the chance to plunder us… so that plan never really went anywhere…]

Shion then added to Gail’s explanation.

[The Demon Lords… not only that, there are also senior demons amongst those dwelling in the land of demons… I heard that they are called the Eight Arch Demon Lords and their members are particularly very strong demons. Although we may be able to beat them if only one attack us, we’ll be in trouble if more than one attack at once.]

Shion then turned to Sigurd, Darius, and Ares.

[Therefore, I’d like to have the first, second, and third corps to engage the three demon lords in battle at the same time.]

[Ares-dono, Sigurd-dono, and Darius are certainly warriors of peerless valor. They may be able to defeat their adversary. But what about the northern riders and the aryans that may attack us in the meantime…?]

In response to Gail’s question, Shion replied without any ounce of hesitation.

[Ah, I’m sure they won’t though?]


[They will only hurt themselves if they go to battle now. The northern area is currently busy with their livestock. It’s the season where horses and lambs bear their young and they will not survive for long without great care. I don’t think they have room to attack now.]

Shion continued after taking a short breather.

[Meanwhile the Aryans are currently locked in a conflict with the dwarves. They won’t be attacking us… and even if they do, there are many ways to repel them. So please rest assured.]

Shion once again turned toward Ares.

[Therefore, it can be said that this is the greatest opportunity to take the land of demons. We can’t afford to miss it.]

Everyone seemed to be convinced with Shion’s strong argument. After confirming the situation, Shion proceeded to talk about the strategy to capture the land of demons.


[Let’s capture the land of demons, and develop it to be our foundation. If we proceed accordingly to George’s plans, we should rise to be a great power in three years time. And with that power, we can then start to take control of the northern riders, the Aryans and the dwarves.]

[What should we do if we are attacked during those three years of preparation?]

[We’ll soften them up with either our financial power or by force.]

Shion kept going.

[The first 3 years is important. We must complete the reform before three years and after that, we’ll deal with all the external problems such as the barbarians. At the same time, the continent will undergo a major change. When that time comes, we must already have enough power to even compete with other『nations』. ]

[But will the emperor wait for that long? I heard that he’ll launch another eastern campaign next year…]

To Darius’ question, Shion replied.

[Most likely, there won’t be any more campaigns to the east.]


Everyone gasped.

[The Thracians in the west are making movements. And the Kingdom of Sindora in the south is also up to something. Soon, a large battle will commence in the south and west…]

Shion pointed at the Arcadia continent map.

[Although they will probably ask Milord to lead the expedition… you can afford to decline since you’ve already been tasked with conquest of the frontier.]

[They won’t leave the Schwarzer territory alone though.]

[Indeed they can’t refuse. Probably Rouen-dono or Alberto-dono will have to take to the field. Well, there shouldn’t be any problem if it’s those two. I will send a secret letter to the Archduke soon.]

However, Shion also added.

[There are also movements in the east. The Byzerd Principality and the newly-emerged Kingdom of Dormadia are taking down their surrounding countries. It’ll be troublesome if a super power threatened us when we are not ready yet so we must send the Dragon’s Eye to sow discord and make the two countries go at each other. We must also send messengers to nearby small countries like the former Redgear such as Fern Principality and Istrea Queendom. We need them as our allies.]

[Sending a messenger to other countries without the emperor’s consent… wouldn’t that be regarded as an act of treason?]

In response to Gail’s question,

[The status as 『Lord of Frontier』allows us a great amount of autonomy. It’s actually a very ambiguous position… but we must make use of it to the fullest.]

Shion brushed his hair with his fingers, then continued.

[I repeat, 3 years. We must make preparations as best as we could during those 3 years. And after that… we will change the world.]


Thus the meeting to discuss both politics and military matters came to an end. Those that exited the meeting room left with a tense look.

All who remained in the office were Ares, Shion, George, Sigurd, Darius, Elan as well as Gail, Bergan and Ramires.

[We’ll be busy from now on.]

Shion sighed and sipped his tea.
Listening to that remark, Gail asked Ares out of curiosity.

[Ares-dono… what are you actually aiming for?]

Listening to George and Shion on the meeting, Gail was surprised at the scale of their operation.
Isn’t it almost like policy and military strategy planning for a country?

Ares replied without changing his expression.

[Changing the continent.]


[I want to end the era where Kings and Emperors rule without contest… that’s what I think.]

[Ares-dono… that means, are you aiming to take the throne…]

[I don’t know yet. And not that I’m interested in it. I’ll just do what I do best until a『Heavenly Opportunity』shows itself.]

Ares smiled quietly as he said so, rolling the map back.

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