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Translator: Raizu
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Episode 137 – Slight effort

As I thought, talking about Greed and Luna’s relationship excited Roxy to no end.
As for Eris, she just commented that those two were probably more than just friends.

[Also, what kind of relationship is that?]

[I also want to know!]

Only during this kind of times that Roxy and Mimir could speak in agreement, as they tried to coax Eris for more information with their sparkly eyes. At the end of their line of sight, was the smug looking Eris.

Although I’m not the cause… the look on their faces are indeed entertaining to behold.
I took a glance at the black sword that I placed on the table. As I’m not currently in direct contact with it, I couldn’t use mind reading to tell what the guy in question is thinking.
No. Knowing Greed from our long lasting partnership, I could already tell what he’s thinking.

(Fate! Remember this! This humiliation… unforgivable!!)

Or at least I thought so. In any case, once I unlocked the next tier, Greed would regained most of his power back. And by then, he would be able to communicate to us without mind reading.
At that time, those girls will surely bombard him with lots of questions. The scene of three girls exchanging words with an inanimate object. I’m looking forward to the day when Greed becomes able to communicate with others freely.

When I unconsciously laughed at such thoughts, Roxy who was sitting next to me smiled.

[Having fun?]

[Well, this would be the first time I travel with this many people.]

[Certainly… Fai used to travel alone with Myne-san, right?]

[Yeah, she rarely talks unless it’s necessary, and Greed couldn’t speak to me without mind reading is at work. So it’s a fairly quiet trip actually.]

[I haven’t gotten any chance to talk with Myne-san myself. Hopefully we can get that opportunity, once we arrived at Hauzen…]

Even if Roxy said so, I had doubts on whether she’ll be able to hold any conversation at all. Knowing Myne from the short span of time we spent together, her chance is slim.

Anyways, Myne is a stubborn and obstinate, money-loving girl. The last part wasn’t that important, but she’s definitely someone who’s hard to talk with.

For her who had lived for a very long time, the topic of talk among us youngsters may not seem interesting. However…

[When Fai meets Myne again, what do you want to talk about?]

Roxy’s smile shook my reverie, and the sunlight shining through the window only added to her bright air.
Meanwhile, the meaning behind Roxy’s word finally sunk in.

[Why laughing!]

She puffed her cheeks, seemingly annoyed with my response.

[No, I just thought that Roxy is amazing.]

[He!? Out of nowhere saying that…]

I simply put my thoughts into words, which made Roxy flustered. And that’s more than enough for me.
As she said, it may actually prove to be unexpectedly easy choice. I learned it from Roxy. Sometimes we don’t need any weapons to win a battle.

[Thanks, Roxy]


[What I’ll talk about… once I met Myne again, huh? Right. Of course!]

[What, what do you mean?]


It’s difficult to put it into words right now.
Not having any of it, Roxy moved closer and urged me.

[Tell me. How come you still keep a secret from me!]



[Get along well with Myne, so I can talk with her. Basically just try my best. And to do that, I just have to trust Myne no matter what.]


[It’s all inspired by Roxy. Because you still accepted me regardless even after such a roundabout path I took… I wish that I can be more like you.]

That was a bit embarrassing to say, so I looked away and stuffed my mouth with the remaining bread I had.
Then I could sense a hand stretching to my head, gently ruffling my hair.

[There there, well done.]

[What is it for!?]

[I’m like your older sister already. So I should praise you since my younger brother Fai has grown up a little.]

[It’s embarrassing though…]

[But I don’t mind, so it’s okay.]

[Even if you say so, the other are…]

Un, right.
I could sense the gazes from the other two girls sitting on the other side of the table are getting sharper.
It started with a talk about Greed and Luna’s relationship, but then both of us started talking about some other topic. Eris was smiling ominously while hovering a knife around her neck. Meanwhile Mimir silently looked at me with lightless empty eyes.

Noticing this, Roxy pulled her hand away from me.


She was obviously embarrassed from how her face gradually turned rosy.
Eris used the knife in her hand to point at us.

[I notice how you’ve been trying to be all lovey dovey since morning. Could it be because we slept together with Fate?]

[It is nothing like that!]

[Fu〜hn, I wonder about that. What do you think, Mimir?]

[Yes, definitely it.]

[Mimir! That is not the case. You got it wrong!]

[I wonder about that too?]

[Eris-sama… such a bully. Uuuuu.]

Attacked by two opponents, Roxy was cornered. I’d like to help her, but that would be like pouring oil into blazing flame, so I refrained.

At that point, Roxy glanced at me asking for assistance. But could only respond with a wry smile.
What can I say, my hand is already full just from having Roxy travelling with me.
That leaves the other two free spirited girl without anyone managing them. Eris and Mimir also gladly took the opportunity to run wild.
So I decided to step back and see how it goes.

[Fai, please say something.]

[Do not give me un.]


[Really now.]

Apparently responding incorrectly, I ended up receiving a beating from Roxy.
After that noisy breakfast, we left the inn we’re staying in. Now that Greed had returned strapped to my waist, I was assaulted by a long stream of complain.

『Fate, you did well back there.』

[What can I say? Since Greed doesn’t want to tell me, then all I can do is to place you on the table while we theorycraft about it.]

『That was very obvious. That Eris…..she just have to make this me a laughingstock, isn’t she?』

[She does have a rather vivid imagination. Yesterday, I was worried since she looked weird after my meeting with that Libra. Thank goodness, the topic about Greed’s romance seemed to sidetrack her mind away for now]

『What so good about it! That girl wouldn’t even dare to do anything when this me was still around in the past. She’s always been like that since a long time ago. She may act strong when in front of you, but when she’s not she’ll helplessly break down.』

Greed said unexpected thing about Eris.
Having heard that, I couldn’t help but to look at Eris who walked ahead of me.

[Nah, that shouldn’t be the case. It’s Eris we are talking about. Even this morning…she’s pranking me by sleeping in that ridiculous getup.]

『Hahaha, that’s just Fate being inattentive as usual. You really didn’t understand it do you? The white knights would’ve said the same thing. Eris was not the strong woman you think she is.』

[I can’t believe it…]

『That’s because you haven’t spent a lot of time together with Eris. Remember, unless she felt some attachment to you, she would’ve left you alone a long time ago.』

[That certainly true.]

Greed wasn’t someone who would spoonfeed me with everything. But all things he has told me have always been the truth. It’s ironic, but he’s no liar.

Eris had a side that I don’t know of. Perhaps the seemingly weak figure of hers that I saw back at the top of the hill last night was her original self.

『You must’ve understood as well. That man, Libra, his involvement in this matter is inevitable. Fate, you must also take this seriously. There are Myne, your dad, and the door to that land…..and in addition to that, Eris. Can you handle them all at once?』

[I don’t have any other choice but to do it.]

『So you understood. Now where did that person who was full of himself when speaking to Roxy go to… I wonder』

[That’s the case with Roxy. I have my own path to take. I may not be able to do things perfectly. All I can do is try my best.]

『How is your body going?』

[I’m in a stable condition thanks to Luna. Mimir also helps.]

『I see….. in case of emergency, I’ll advise you on what to do, Fate』

[Nn, what’s wrong? Your tone changed.]

『Just remember this. Gluttony skill is a skill that make use the soul of others to gain power. Its full extent, you may not be able to handle it 』

[…what do you mean?]

『But that’s why this me is here for you. And that’s it. If you take longer, I’m afraid those three will scold you.』

Greed urged me to rush ahead. When I got there, Roxy had already been waiting for me on the bike.
Noticing me, she waved her hand at me.
When I finally got up on the bike, Roxy uncharacteristically pulled on my sleeves. And strangely shy as well.

[Hey… I have a request.]

[What is it?]

Then, while pointing at the handle of the bike,

[Can I try driving it?]

[Driving it?]

[Yes! Fai looked extremely happy when driving, which got me curious. But I guess Fai still want to drive it?]

I crossed my arms on my chest, pretending to consider it when there is actually only one answer to that request.

[Sure, why not. We are still some distance away from Hauzen. Let’s switch place.]

[Is it okay? Yay!]

[Well, let me move the bike out of Tetra first, let’s switch once we’re outside.]


I felt tingly because Roxy who was sitting behind me, hugged me tighter than usual.
I had a feeling that this is just to make Eris and Mimir jealous, but I don’t really mind.

[Eris, because I want to switch driver with Roxy once we get out of Tetra, can we pick a wider road to travel on?]

[Un, understood. Then, we should take turns as well. Mimir should try driving the bike as well. Can you do it, Mimir?]

[Yes, no problem. I’ve been always interested while sitting on the back all this time anyways.]

The magic bikes are very popular, aren’t they?
We left Tetra after avoiding many passerby along the main street. Roxy and Mimir seemed to have a lot of fun driving the bike, that they even started competing on who could drive it faster.

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