The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.99

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Almost there~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 99 – Demon Lord

A large sea spread on the far north of Wolfgard Empire’s territory.

The sea was rough and the climate extreme… which is why people called it the [Sea of Death] because no one can approach it and barely any living creature can survive in it.

And to the north of that sea… there was an island that was still unknown to the people.
The island was covered in darkness… it was once an island known as the [Outer Northern Island], where the demon king Galgain ruled from and also a sanctuary for all demons.

And the eight great demon lords who are above all other demons…

Usually gather on this island to hold a meeting once in several years


In Arcadia continent, ‘Demons’ refers to a race that received blessing from the Dark God.

Among them, the Demon Lords reigned at the top.

The demons are divided into two different types.
[Demonkin] are those with a high level of intelligence and magic power, and [Magic Beasts] which have low intelligence.

[Magic Beasts] have a similar level of intelligence and appearance to that of regular beasts, barring some exceptions. However, it instinctively attacks and violates others while [following] any individual stronger than themselves.

[Demonkin] have humanoid forms, higher levels of intelligence and a vast reserve of magic. Their nature varies, just like [Magic Beasts] and, although some give in to wanton desires, there are others who don’t, such as the giants who hate fighting.

The [Demonkin] also forms clans just like humans. They may also use the power of the magic beasts that followed them to create their own country. When the [Demonkin] forms a clan, their leader can only be the strongest among them. Like the magic beasts, they also have an implicit rule of following someone stronger than themselves.

And the head of these [Demonkin] clans… is called the [Demon Lord]. These demon lords have exceptional power even among other demonkins. They are followed by a large number of demonkins and magic beasts alike. And with that power, they form their own territory. They behaved much like an aristocrat while within their own territory.
Many of these demon lords are scattered around the continent, including the Arcadia empire. Many demons will gather just by the presence of a demon lord, disturbing its surroundings. Therefore, a lord with a strong army must be dispatched in order to subjugate it… because a battle against a demon lord requires a great amount of sacrifice to win.
For this reason, the aristocrats who hate [wasteful expenditure] often leave these Demon Lords alone and they would close their eyes to any damage occured.

[Demon Lords] are also divided into senior demon lords and the regular demon lords. And the eight most powerful demonkin among these senior demon lords are called the Eight Arch Demon Lords.

These eight Demon Lords are those who reigned at the top after the demise of the Demon King Galgain.

By the way, Galgain boasted overwhelming magic power, and was hailed as a hero among the demonkin for uniting them together. He put together the demon country by using a mysterious ability that could make them [submit] to him while at the same time, caused them to go [crazy]. Using this great power, he spearheaded the opposition against the human race… until a Hero appeared… the [Sword Saint] Oldeus, who single-handedly killed him.

Ever since then, there was no other [Demon King] amongst the demons. A [Demon King] is just that overwhelming of a presence after all.


The castle that Galgain once used still remained standing at the center of the [Outer Northern Island]. The whole castle was sealed by humans so that a mere demon wouldn’t be strong enough to enter.

One of the Eight Arch Demon lords, the 8th rank marquis Lilith was walking along the corridor with a frown on her face.

[The atmosphere is still as murky as before… it makes me sick.]

The place she’s heading to was the throne room of the late [Demon King], where the gathering is usually held.

[Astaroth called for an emergency gathering…that crafty guy is not up for something this time, is he…]

Demon Lord Astaroth… he was the first rank of the Eight Arch Demon Lords, someone that could be said as the apex among the demons at the moment. For Lilith, Astaroth is someone she simply couldn’t take a liking to. He didn’t even hide his ambition to become the next demon king, and to that end, is greedy for even more power, even if he has to sacrifice his own friends…

How many have lost their lives in remote places following his order?

Still, there is that difference in power that cannot be crossed so easily, so Lilith would still have to obey and come to the [Outer Northern Island] despite her unwillingness.


[Eighth rank, Demon Marquis Lilith, coming in.]

Several other demon lords had gathered in the demon king’s throne room.

Naturally, Astaroth sat at the center.
The 2nd rank seat to his right was empty. On his left, 3rd rank Demon Duke Elygos looked on with what appeared to be a grumpy snarl. The fourth rank seat was also vacant, while the 5th rank Amon and the 6th rank Malebranche sat on their respective seats with their eyes downcast.

[Ya, if it isn’t Lilith. You’re late.]

The one who greeted her with an amicable smile was the 7th rank Gilliam.

[Lilith, do you think you’re the last one to come today?]

[Creepy bastard. Begone, you low life sleazebag.]

[Despite being a succubus, Lilith barely shows any interest towards the opposite sex… that’s how strong you are. And what makes you such a wonder.]

Gilliam’s snake-like tongue stuck out as he laughed while combing his silver hair.

Ignoring Gilliam, Lilith looked around and sat on her seat.

[Baal and Morroc are absent again.]

[Lord Baal being absent is quite normal… Morroc on the other hand.]

Gilliam chimed in.

The 3rd rank Elygos remained mostly silent under his heavy full armor as usual. The 5th rank Amon kept his lion-like head straight while silently glancing at Astaroth. As for the 6th rank Malebranche, nobody knows what he’s thinking.

Suddenly, a voice came from the center.

[Everyone, well-done for gathering here.]

(Acting like a demon king already, huh, Astaroth?)

Lilith stared at Astaroth whilst poisonously chiding him in her mind.
Astaroth glanced at everyone present in satisfactory as he combed back his golden hair.

[Baal being absent is already a custom. And Morroc has informed me of his absence. So I will start with the agenda for this meeting.]

And so, the meeting of the Eight Great Demon Lords began under Astaroth’s supervision.


[Our first agenda is about『His Majesty Demon King’s Artifact』.]


Lilith was surprised to hear that. While Gilliam merely watched despite his gaze obviously showed interest.

[Apparently,『His Majesty Demon King’s Artifact』was used in Grants, southeast from here. It was used by a lowly human for a battle and eventually lost. This place happens to be near Lilith’s territory… do you have any explanation regarding this?]

All eyes are focused on Lilith now.

[It emitted such a powerful magical wave… that even I fell victim to its influence. Laugh at me if you want.]

Lilith confessed truthfully when asked about what really happened. She was still wondering why she acted like that. Was it something magical? What she could remember was her and all the others losing their minds and the face of a certain man who managed to knock her out and even survived the onslaught of the overwhelming magic beasts stampede.

Feeling herself trembling upon remembering that event, Lilith told Astaroth.

[If you don’t like it then just kill me right now. But I cannot accept this shame as a demon lord. Therefore, I will go to Grants and investigate this matter myself… how about that?]

After hearing her answer, Astaroth nodded in satisfaction.

[Then go ahead. I only hope that you find the whereabouts of 『His Majesty Demon King’s Artifact』. Find and bring to me as many artifacts as possible.]

After that, Astaroth changed the topic.

[Well then, to the next agenda…]

Whilst listening half-heartedly to Astaroth… Lilith’s mind wandered back to Grants, and the scene of that certain man coming to strike at her.


[Lilith, wait a minute.]

A voice halted Lilith as she’s about to leave after the meeting is over.

[What is it, Gilliam?]

[About that matter, please think about it again.]

The matter Gilliam mentioned was an alliance between him and Lilith.

[In exchange, I’ll even willingly give you my very soul.]

[Do you really think that I want that?]

[It is said that a succubus’ magic power will grow even more powerful once she fed off the soul of a man with strong magic power. Being in the 7th rank, I don’t think that I’m running short on that department?]

Gilliam had a nasty smile on his face.

[I don’t need your soul nor your life force. And I will not form an alliance with you. Begone, low-life sleazebag.]

Lilith went off without even looking back.

Seeing Lilith’s back, Gilliam shook his head while muttering ‘good grief’, before shrugging his shoulders.

[If Lilith joins me, it should be possible for me to overtake Malebranche, but…hmm, doesn’t matter. I still have another hand to play.]

Gilliam slithered his snake-like tongue in and out.

[I’m not going to remain in this position forever. One day I’ll definitely overtake those guys at the top… and when that day comes… you will become my slave, Lilith.]


Lilith pondered as she flew in the sky. Right, first of all is that man.

The demons went crazy when the Arcadia army attacked Grants. That man hailed from Arcadia. Not only did he manage to defend against the overwhelming onslaught of the countless demons from the Land of Demons… what mattered the most for her was that same man also managed to knock her unconscious.

And now, that very man has become the new lord of Grants. While having the power to knock out a Demon Lord, he’s also in control of that frightening army of Grants…

What in the world is going on…? That man must have something to do about this. First, she needs to investigate this man… as she thought so, Lilith spread out her wings and disappeared into the night.

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