The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.101

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Chapter 101 – Land of Demons Suppression Battle part 1

[…….as mentioned already, there are currently 『Two』 Demon Lords in the land of demons, and it looks like they’ve built their abodes in the west and the east respectively…]

Ares was explaining the strategy to the soldiers that would participate in the Land of Demons suppression battle. But the atmosphere was strangely cold.

It’s because in everyone’s sight, there was a certain woman clinging tightly to Ares…

[Eh, well, Milord, are you sure about this?]

The military advisor Shion Tristan raised his hand almost immediately.

[About what?]

[Umm… this is really confusing… so would Milord please explain to me in detail regarding this matter?]

That said Shion muttered while counting down with his fingers.

[Firstly, from whom did Milord acquire this information… Secondly, weren’t there supposedly 『three』 Demon Lords dwelling inside the Land of Demons? So why is it now there are only 『two』? And lastly… with such a vast magic power, couldn’t she be one of the Demon Lords herself?]

[……ah, about that….]

When Ares tried to explain…

[Master, it’s alright. Let me do the explanation.]

The one that was leaned on him earlier… Lilith spoke up.

[I couldn’t possibly fool anyone here… looks like everyone is aware of who I really am already.]

She said with a bewitching smile.

[My name is Lilith. The [former] 8th rank Arch Demon Lord, currently my Master’s faithful servant. It’s nice to meet you all]

[Are you kidding me!]

One man stood up and shouted violently. That man was Darius’ brother Eckhart.

[After everything you and the other demon lords have done to Grants… do you expect us to readily believe that you’ve truly become a faithful servant of His Excellency!?]

[Ara. Are you originally from Grants?]

Lilith responded as she glanced at Eckhart.

[Originally, it was only the eastern demon lord, the 13th rank Drium, who wanted to take Grants for his own…. I had nothing to do with it. Also…]

Lilith turned to Darius and Sigurd, then shrugged her shoulders.

[Seriously, there are actually some other talented people aside from Master… I really did the right thing for allying myself to you. There is also that skeleton, and that butler uncle… you are surrounded by monsters, aren’t you?]

After hearing Lilith’s trying to defend herself, Eckhart was about to protest some more, but Darius prevented him.


[Cut it out, Eckhart.]

[But she!]

[I understand why you’re very against it. You were entrusted with the fort that was facing directly towards the Land of Demons, and you lost many subordinates because of it. But if one keeps drowning in hatred, then one will never rule the land. It’s impossible to exterminate all demons from this continent… since that’s the case, it’ll be more efficient if the Demon Lord actually allied with us instead. Moreover…]

Darius turned his gaze toward Lilith.

[If you ever try anything funny… expect me to be there to take your life.]

[I’ll take that advice to heart.]

Lilith replied with a smile while raising both of her hands.

[Well, Milord?]

After Shion watched that exchange, he gently nudged Ares.

[What now?]

[How did you even defeat that Demon Lord?]

[………..why do you want to know?]

[No need to play dumb. I can already make an educated guess.]

[……………….then please don’t touch upon it ever again…]

[Milord… it couldn’t possibly be that bad]

Ignoring Ares’ sighing, Shion turned towards the soldiers and announced that the campaign would still be ongoing.

[There was an unexpected development… but we would still continue for the time being. First of all, Lilith-dono… can you tell us about the Land of Demons and the demon lords living in it?]

[Originally, this place contains the magic abundant 『Dragon Vein』, which make it a comfortable living place for demons.]

Lilith continued to explain while tracing the map.

[There are three spots where magic power can be harvested from the Dragon Veins. The first one is the eastern hill. This is the territory of Demon Lord Drium, and he’s known for his brutal persona. His followers consisted of species like orcs, ogres, goblins and demons who love fighting.]

[Oh, I know that fellow quite well. He’s been causing pain to us for years now…]

Hearing that explanation, Eckhart chimed in gruffly.

[And in the western hill, there is Sommer, the 15th rank Demon Lord. He has a pair of black wings that allows him flight. His followers are mostly flying monsters like gargoyle and harpies.]

Finally she pointed to the center.

[Lastly the central area. This is where my abode is. My followers mainly consisted of succubi, incubi as well as some other kinds of demonkin like the dark elves. There are also a lot of magic beasts living around this area.]

She then turned towards Ares before continuing to speak.

[This place you people call the Land of Demons is actually divided into three different territories. I happen to be the strongest among the three. So it can be said that your Lord has already secured half of the Land of Demons.]

Sigurd then jumped in with a question.

[Do the other Demon Lords not follow you?]

[Originally our ranking is decided by our strength. Those in the higher ups won’t join one another, but they will still aid each other if the other is in a pinch. Didn’t the other demon lord appear to attack Grants whenever you attacked one of them?]

[Fumu. Every time Darius went out to attack, Heinz would be invaded by the magic beasts…]

Gail concurred.

[It is especially because Drium and Sommer are in a close alliance… I may be the strongest in the Land of Demons… but they won’t simply follow me. Instead, they will take every chance they could to kill me and seize the 8th rank seat for themselves.]

When the story concluded, Ares finally spoke up.

[That’s why will be attacking from three directions at the same time to prevent the two forces from working together. The deadline will be one week].

Following that, Shion gave instructions to everyone.

[Now then, let’s proceed with the plan. Darius and the third corps will attack the eastern hill, while Sigurd and the second corps’ 『Dragon Riders』 will take on the western hill.]

[Hee, the 『Dragon Riders』 are already up for deployement?」

Ares asked Shion.

[Since it’s likely to become an aerial battle….. it’ll be the best proving ground for the 『Dragon Riders』]

Shion then turned toward Ares and resumed.

[As for Milord… please lead the first corps, mainly the Red Legion to Lilith-dono’s territory. Maybe you’ll find something interesting there. Also… I’m curious about the Dragon Veins that she mentioned.]

Ares agreed to Shion’s suggestion.

And that’s the end of the military council. Later that day, Ares, Sigurd and Darius gathered their troops and marched towards the Land of Demons.

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