The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.106

Weekly chapters (2/2)


Transator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 106 – Deathscythe

[The magic beasts are attacking?]

Ares put down the report after reading it, then turned to George.
Everyone else also turned to George on the spot.

[Yes. As of now, the magic beasts in the east and west have been mostly under control… but, this time it seems that they come from the central area.]

[That’s strange. Since the central area is under Lilith’s command, the magic beasts shouldn’t be attacking…]

So he turned to Lilith next.

[I’m wondering about that as well… ah, could it be?]

Lilith frowned as she seemed to be unaware about this as well, then she suddenly raised her voice.

[Could it be a huge black horse magic beast with a large white scar on its body?]

[That’s certainly what the report said. Do you have any idea about it?]

Lilith promptly responded to George’s question.

[That magic beast is called Deathscythe. Because the white scar on its body resembles the『Grim Reaper’s Scythe』in shape, the demonkins call it with that nickname.]

Lilith then turned to Ares before continuing to speak.

[Deathscythe might be just a horse magic beast, but its magic power is comparable to a demon lord… originally, it’s not a magic beast that resided in the Land of Demons. It moved in sometime ago. I heard that usually, it doesn’t flock together with other magic beasts, as it prefers to act like a loner…]

[Is there any reason for it to do otherwise?]

[Yes. I heard that Deathscythe is temperamental. It occasionally attacked other magic beast to eat their meat. Also, it’s not afraid of dragons thanks to its immense power. And the wound that became his namesake… I heard that it was caused by a dragon.]

[It fought against a dragon? That’s not normal… what actually happened?]

Intrigued, Ares asked for more information.

[It is said that Deathscythe won the fight… afterward, it ate the slain dragon’s meat. Most believe that’s how Deathscythe gained its immense magic power.]

Lilith resumed while giving a look at everyone in the room.

[Deathscythe is the only magic beast in the central area that isn’t under my control. I’ve dispatched my subordinates to subjugate it, but they haven’t reported back to me. I would suggest to take immediate action, but…]

George immediately made a follow up.

[Lilith-dono’s suggestion is sound. I’ve heard that it also attacks the animals we experimentally release to live in the land of demons. It must be subjugated immediately.]

Listening to their words, Ares stood up from his chair.

[Very well, let’s send out a subjugation force. Since the enemy this time is fairly strong, then I should go myse…]


George cut in before Ares could finish.

[I’m not done talking, you know!?]

[Ares-sama, aren’t there a lot of documents that still need to be dealt with?]

Everyone’s line of sight spontaneously turned to the towering pile of documents…

[It’s no use trying to escape your duty. Finish that first.]


Ares promptly lost his spirit.

[It’s for this kind of matter, that you have both Sigurd-dono and Darius-dono.]

[Allow me to go.]

Darius who had been listening silently, suddenly raised his voice.

[Recently, I couldn’t help but feel my body becoming dull. This should make for a good workout. If it can benefit our people, then all the better.]

On the other hand, Sigurd didn’t stay silent as well.

[Wait right there, Darius. I haven’t said that I’m not going to go…]

[But can you really afford to go?]

Darius looked back at Sigurd with a chuckle.

[Your hands are already full as it is with training the dragon knights and the second corps, aren’t you? Not to mention the newly joining demonkins. I have nothing to do in that respect.]

[But you also have to train the third corps!]

[I’m done training the third corps. I’ll leave the rest to you. Well, my training was a bit too strict, they might desert if I continue… so it’s all good.]

Darius then did a knight salute toward Ares.

[Milord, this Darius Grants shall subjugate the magic beast.]

And like that, Darius forcibly made himself to take the task.


[Boss, Boss! You’re going way too fast!]

Dirk was desperately trying to chase after Darius.

[Darius, toofast. Evenagiantlike, canbarelykeepup…]

Running in front of Dirk was the giant Kyumir. While carrying the baggage such as camping tools etc, he ran while mowing down the trees on his path. He was breathing harshly, but finally managed to catch up to Darius.

[Geez, why am I doing this…]

Dirk, left alone at the back, sighed.
Yesterday, Darius suddenly jumped into the building.

[Oi, we’re heading to the Land of Demons, so get ready!]

and promptly started running, up until now.

[At least, would you please tell me why…]

Just when Dirk muttered that,

[The reason is THAT.]

Darius suddenly stopped and pointed forward.

Due to the sudden stop, Kyumir tripped himself and fell over, which in turn caused Dirk to be tripped by his body.

[Ouwwwiie…… what did Boss just say earlier…?]

Dirk looked forward as he said that… and saw a gigantic horse with a large scar on its back.


[Hou, this fellow is surprising. I actually feel a little pressured from it.]

Darius grinned in joy.

On the other hand, Deathscythe never took his eyes off Darius. Whilst making a rough nasal breathing noise, magic power began to pour out from its body.

[ThathorseisDeathscythe. Can’tdoit, I, let’srun.]

Kyumir’s body shook heavily, then he began to flee the place.

[Then, me too.]

Dirk tried to follow.

[Dirk! Bring me the thing that was inside the box Kyumir is carrying!]

Hearing that, Dirk’s face turned ugly.
On the other hand, Darius approached Deathscythe with a ferocious smile on his face.

[But, Boss. It’s dangerous, no matter how you think about it… wait, what are you doing…?]

Ignoring Dirk’s warning, Darius went on… until he stood right in front of Deathscythe.
Deathscythe was also standing there, watching him coming without as much as blinking. However, the magic power leaking out from its body became stronger and stronger to the point that even Dirk could see the red light.

Darius reached out with his hand, slowly and steadily towards its cheek…

[It’s a hit!?]

Darius outstretched hand turned into a fist that hit Deathscythe squarely.

Deathscythe didn’t stay put. It immediately stood up and tried to kick Darius with its hind legs. Darius seemed to be about to take the blow head on.


when he actually countered with a throw.

[It’s fight between monsters…]

Watching the battle, Dirk couldn’t help but mutter to himself.

Unloading the luggage that Kyumir had left on the ground, Dirk sighed as he watched the battle that was unlikely to end any time soon.


How long have they fought?

The grounds around them were flattened, trees toppled. And at the center still stood a horse and a man.

The battle was still ongoing. But it seemed that the duel was about to come to an end.

[Yo, I acknowledge your strength. You’re strong, even if you’re just a horse.]

As if understanding Darius’ words, Deathscythe also neighed in response.

[You also acknowledge my power? Then how about this. How about you come with me? Don’t you think it’ll be more exciting?]

Saying that, Darius approached Deathscythe in a relaxed gait. Then as if nothing really happened before this, climbed up to its back. Deathscythe didn’t show any signs of dislike as well, as it first walked around then started running with Darius on its back.

[Haha! Truly amazing! This is the first time I have a horse like you!]

After saying so, Darius turned to Dirk and said in a loud voice.

[Oy, Dirk! Bring me the thing inside that bag!]

[This big bag? Isn’t this a saddle!?]

Darius climbed up on Deathscythe’s back once more after he put the saddle on, then started galloping right away.

[Faster, faster! Run like the wind!]

And thus, Darius finally met his lifelong steed.


Even though the more convenient automobile was invented later on, horses are still indispensable when talking about heroes.

Ares had the 『Kirin』 Saint.
Sigurd had his dragon partner 『Ancient Dragon』 Zephyr and the magic beast 『Fire Horse』 Brad.

And Darius had his beloved 『Black Horse King』 Deathscythe.

In addition to Darius’ own brutal fighting power, coupled with Deathscythe’s speed and power, two of them were said to be enough to overturn an entire war.

Although it was originally a wild magic beast… after becoming Darius’ steed, it became unusually docile, often seen playing around with the children in the neighborhood.

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