Sono Mono, Nochi Ni… 2 ch.6

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 6 – Unexpected but Quite helpful

After that matter with status was over, Aurelia told us that we are currently inside the castle of Garish and that rooms have been prepared for all of us. First of all, she wanted to let us rest and calm our body and mind.
And then, something like an attendant was dispatched for each of us.
However, there was a clear distinction.
Perhaps it’s dependent on the amount of expectations Omurorel and Aurelia hold for each of us?
Dysor and those with high statuses were each given with 1~2 good looking attendants of opposite sex.
On the other hand, although our low status was but a disguise, we were only given 1 attendant.

Well, not that it matters.
But anyways, our attendant was a fairly good looking woman with short blond hair.
She had a dignified look, but regardless of her well-tailored clothes, she actually had a trained body. If she wore armor, I might mistake her as a knight.
However, this woman had only one arm.
She only had her left arm…
Still, the woman smiled cheerfully as if she didn’t really mind such a thing.

[Greetings. My name is [Serias]. I’ll be the one taking care of your needs. Nice to meet you.]

[Yeah, likewise.]

I replied while bowing.

[So it appears to me that you people are a party, but who is the leader?]

Who might that be? I looked behind me.
Floyd stepped back with his palm gesturing towards me.
…..Uun. This not it.
Could you please stop doing that sort of thing?
Guess that makes me the leader now huh?

[I see. So you are the leader. Nice to meet you.]

Saying that, the woman――Serias-san offered a handshake.
Come on now~
There is some sort of a misunderstanding here.
I turned around to look at Floyd with an eyes full of blame, before turning back around with a smile on my face.

[I am a butler serving under this Wazu-sama.]

[Wazu has beaten me once.]

[Same with Shiro.]

Of course, they are all pushing the role to me.
But they do have a point.
Being the leader means I can do whatever I want.
…although I doubt that they’ll even follow my orders.
Well, in case of emergency, they’ll certainly help.
I let out one last sigh before finally receiving Serias-san’s handshake.

[I’m Wazu. Nice to meet you, Serias-san.]

[Yes, likewise.]

[So, what should we do now?]

[Right. First, let me guide you to the room we have provided for you.]

And so, we followed behind Serias-san.


Dysor and co. had also began to move.
However, Aurelia was with them as well. All of us stayed together until we exited the room, but they’re heading in another direction than us.
And following Serias, it seemed that she brought us to the outside of the castle.
….oya? We’re not gonna stay in the castle?

When we exited the castle, it was already night time.
Well, that explanation really took a while so the day already turning dark is nothing strange, I guess?
Looking around under the light of the stars in the sky, I realized that the castle was actually quite big.
And as it turned out, we were taken to a hut near the square behind the castle.
…..wut, don’t tell me?

[…… here?]

I asked while pointing at the hut.

Serias-san replied apologetically.

[…….yes. Sorry. Pardon me, but please use this place to rest.]

I gave the hut one more look.
It’s a wooden hut, and it’s certainly been quite a long while since it was built.
However, its size is fairly large that it’ll be still quite spacious even if all four of us were to stay here.

[…..actually, the rooms inside the castle is being used for other purposes since the demon king may attack at anytime. And since the number of summoned heroes exceeded the plan, we couldn’t afford to provide for everyone. I’m really sorry that your team has to stay here, but the place has been cleaned and the food has been prepared. You can use whatever you need inside. If there is anything else that is necessary, we will do our utmost to provide it.]

…..well, nothing we can do about it, I guess?
In any case, regarding the shown status, Dysor and co. had the highest statuses so it’s normal if they had the priority.
Now that I think about it again, it doesn’t really matter.

Firstly, we are not going to stay here for long anyways.
That’s why having a hut like this is actually more than enough already.
At worst, we’ll sleep outdoors.
Rather than a room inside the castle, no royals or nobles will bother us here, so we can truly relax. I nodded to myself silently many times.
Taking that as me having accepted the circumstances, Serias stroked her chest and allowed us into the hut.
Just in case, I asked Floyd.

[It’s alright, right?]

[My place is being by Wazu-sama’s side.]

[Isn’t it the best instead? We don’t have much time in the first place, and I don’t have any intention to stay for too long here either]

[As for me, I will wherever Shiro will go. As for Wazu, you only have to think up a way on how to get home in time.]

Since everyone didn’t seem to care, we entered the hut.
Then as we entered, the room became bright.
Looking for the source of light, turned out it was a stone embedded on the ceiling.

[…..the stone is shining?]

[Un? Ah, that is a magic stone. I’m not really know about the details, but it’s basically a stone filled with magic power. In this world, magic stones are used for a large variety of purposes.]

Serias-san replied to my mutters.
After that, we looked around to check the interior of the hut.
The first thing we could see was the rather large living room with a simple kitchen connected to it. There were two sofas that could fit two persons each and a large table in the center.
Meals had been prepared on the table.
In the passage leading to the living room, one at the front and one at the back with two doors each.

[This is the living room. The washroom and the bathroom are at the passage at the front, while on the back are two bedrooms.]

Serias briefly explained the content of the hut.
Is that all? Or so I thought. Serias-san hadn’t left us yet.
While I was wondering about that, Serias-san actually sat down on one of the sofas and reached out to the meals on the table.
Oi oi! Weren’t those meals for us?
But as I expected, I can’t say that out loud.

[…..erm, Serias-san?]

[Nn? What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to eat?]

[Well, yes, I will.]

[Well. let’s eat together then. Eating together is much better than eating alone after all.]

[…..ha…you don’t say! But why is Serias-san is eating as well?]


As if not understanding what I meant, Serias-san tilted her head.
No no, I’m the one feeling confused here.

[……………..aah. I’m here as your attendant AND your escort. Due to your status, Princess Aurelia has asked me to protect you guys, since Her Highness couldn’t afford to do so herself. That’s why, for the time being, I’ll be acting alongside you all.]


[Nn? Are you doubting me? Is it because I’m one armed? Rest assured, despite having only one arm, my status is still much higher than any of you here. I’m a former knight of Garish after all.]

No, I don’t even know about that part.
But she didn’t seem to be a wicked person so I also sat down on the sofa. While enjoying the meal, let’s just try to get to know her better.
These meals are pretty good!

[Errm… by [former], you mean you’re no longer…]

[Yeah, it was when I still had my two hands. Now, I’m still one of Princess Aurelia’s knights…..but, it’s pretty much just a decoration title though.]

For some reason, Serias-san smiled as if to herself.
Then she continued while rubbing her right shoulder with her left hand.

[… right arm, I lost it in battle against Faval――one of the four demon kings. Favar is known for his cruelness. I was lucky to even be able to get out alive.]

[Demon King Faval?]

[Uhuh. Demon King Faval was the one who currently holds the Fire crystal. We the Garish Holy Knights challenged him to reclaim the crystal, but we were thoroughly beaten. Almost everyone returned without arms or legs. I was the only one to return while only losing one of my limbs.]

[Did he took pity on you or something?]

[Not at all. Did I forget to say that the Demon King Favar is warlike? He’s hungry for battle, he wanted us to return to him for revenge.]

What the heck, that’s twisted.
So he is a battle maniac huh?
Honestly I don’t want to, but it seems I have to face him if I want to return on time to my wedding.
Now that we are talking about it, how about the other Demon Kings?

[So that’s how… the way, do you know about the other Demon Kings as well?]

[The others? I never fought them before, but I know that Demon King Tian possesses the water crystal, while the earth crystal in under Demon King Zud’s possession. But I don’t know anything about them.]

[Do you know where they are?]

[Demon King Favar rules a fighting country called Remanda, Demon King Tian resides in the underwater city Gardren, while Demon King Zud is said to live in an underground labyrinth.]

[I see. And the fourth demon king is heading towards here, right?]

[Yes. Demon King Rumalf is aiming for Wind Crystal.]

……I see.
Thanks to this we now know the location of each demon kings.
But we still don’t know exactly where those places are. I want to check later. Maybe we can ask her to get a map for us?
But honestly it’ll take some time to reach each one of them. How troublesome. I wish they’d just gather together in a single place.

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