The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.110

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Chapter 110 – Immigration

[Finally… Finally it’s here…]

Two months after making the decision to move away from the capital, Elmer finally reached the gate of Heinz.

Elmer was originally born in the southern district of the capital. To get a job, he studied architecture in the hope his knowledge would help him to make a living for himself, his family, and his parents.

Turning around, he saw the exhausted face of his wife and children. I have to find a job to feed them properly in here, he thought to himself as Elmer entered the gate with determination.


Elmer decided to move because of what his friend Damian told him.
From him Elmer learned that the young lord of the Schwarzer, Ares Schwarzer was sent by the Emperor to Grants as the Lord of Frontier.

According to Damian:

[I hear that Ares Schwarzer is one of the few aristocrats who actually care for the commoners. Perhaps we can make it big if we move over to there?]

Certainly, the current capital was not in a good situation. The aristocrats were too immersed in their political war to even care about public security. And the news that anyone emigrating to a local aristocrat territory would have a better life appeared to be a lie. There was a rumour that their life is even worse than when they still live on the capital.

Elmer is now the head of the family. He can’t afford to make a rash decision. And it’s Grants we are talking about. Just a few months ago, it’s still an enemy country and it’s well known that it was underdeveloped land with monsters running rampant.

Elmer was originally reluctant. But it was actually his wife who encouraged him after hearing the story herself.

[Ares-sama’s reputation has been the talk on the capital for quite a while now. Also, life will only get harder in capital soon. In that case, it might be nice to move there since there will be more new opportunities for us.
The rumour of this man named Ares had indeed been circulating among housewives and women in the capital. Believing in that fame, many had decided to migrate from various places.

In any case, if life is still hard, then they could just move again to start over.

Elmer sold off his household goods for his family travel expenses, packed their luggage and left for Grants.


The road was very harsh along the way. Scared of bandits and monster attacking, we felt the need to hire mercenaries.
But here is the turning point. Apparently, adventurers standing by all around Grants would escort the migrants for free.

[We’ve been permanently hired by His Excellency Lord of Frontier. We are pretty much like soldiers that will help you going through the territory safely at the moment which, in the other aristocrats’ territory …probably there isn’t any. That’s why we are here.]

They all seemed to be hired by Grants territory. And they would escort anyone who wants to move into Grants.

[Once you got there, you’ll understand. It’s still in the middle of development, but the place has an unprecedented amount of equality in life. The journey might be difficult, but I want you to keep your hopes high.]

Half of them nearly gave up, but when they talked about Grants, light of hope began to flicker back in their eyes.

Their numbers gradually increased as more migrants joined then. And… by the time they entered Brittany, their number was large enough to build a small town.


Elmer and his family arrived on Grants after two months of travelling.
The number of migrants grew even larger after passing Brittany. In other words, there had been no bandit or monster attack along the way and they could proceed peacefully.

[It’s as if we are on a group trip…]

Elmer smiled as he looked around him. Various kinds of people were standing nearby. Even those from a different race. In fact, the demihumans outnumbered the humans at first glance. None of the people in the group seemed wealthy, as they only had their clothes and their baggage on their person.
Originally, he thought there would be looting and chaos, but there wasn’t. Everyone was helping each other.

Well, certainly there were bandits trying to plunder the group the other day. But the adventurer escorts were quick to dispatch them. It was done in a jiffy and the travelling continued.

[Now it’s time for us to help each other. In case of bandits attacking or looters, I have permission to cut them down.]

Hearing the adventurer saying so, many who had bad intentions separated themselves from the group on their own. So Elmer and his family could proceed to Heinz with peace of mind.

When he passed through the gate and saw Heinz for the first time, he was lost for words.

[This is… Heinz, the capital of Grants…]

The view beyond the gate was more splendid than he imagined, and he wouldn’t even be able to come up with the scene that was happening in front of him even in his dreams.

Roads and houses, all neatly organized and maintained well. A lively market. A clean cityscape. And above all… a society where humans and demi-humans can coexist.

(Oioi, this is already looking much better than the Capital’s south district?!)

Many, including Elmer, were stunned at the scene laid before them. Then a voice greeted them from the distance.

[Heーy, everyone seeking to move in please come over here!]

Is that so? Without nowhere else to go, the migrants followed the voice. And there… people were lining up in a large plaza.

[Yes, are you alright? Please complete the immigration reception first. Afterward, we will try to arrange work and housing for you!]

The person who seemed to be in charge of guiding them in gave them more instructions.

[Yes, there is a queue for each kind of job so please don’t make any mistakes. The one on the right is for those who want to work in farmlands. If that’s how you originally make a living, then feel free to also line up there. The center queue is for craftsmen. Be sure to find which one will suit you the best. If you can’t decide yet, then you should go the left queue. We are introducing other kind of jobs as well…like caretakers and guards.]

[W-wait a minute!!]

The man standing next to Elmer raised his voice?

[Yes yes?]

[What’s with… this lining up thingy?]

[It’s for job allotment. We know that it’s very harsh to live in a new place without any job to make a living. Maybe you are interested in agriculture, but perhaps don’t have enough land. We can help introduce you to a company that requires your power.]

[Then… what if the profession turns out to be not suited for us…?]

[That’s whyー, I said it already earlier, didn’t I? You should calm down, and think hard on what kind of job you really want. Oh, and be sure to go to the reception over there. They’ll give you this month’s living expenses.]

[You….you’re giving us money?]

[It’s only the bare minimum required to live here. Otherwise some people tend to waste it all at the bar.]

The guide added few more words.

[Ah, also, please go to the reception at the back as well. And please don’t make a mistake because there are really a lot of people here.]


Hearing all that, Elmer was shocked.

Immigrating had always been a huge gamble in livelihood. An unknown land and unknown neighbors… a place you know nothing about. Adding to the problem is insufficient funds with no immediate way to replenish it. Therefore, in some cases, the decision might ruin someone’s life.

Like after arriving, they’re forced to sell their daughter as a slave to continue living… there are stories like that.

But there’s no such thing here. The bare minimum to survive was even guaranteed…

Was there another place like this? Was there another lord like this one?

Suddenly, Elmer noticed that his children were playing around with the guards nearby. Not only them, other immigrants’ children were also gathering around the guards. And the guards themselves did not look disgusted and willingly entertain the kids.

He saw another immigrant with an anxious face were talking to a guard about this.

[Children are the treasure of this country. That is the policy of this country, and ultimately our Lord’s will. No one is going to treat the kids badly here.]

Elmer’s wife tapped on his shoulder gently after watching that scene.

[I think we may have moved to a very nice place.]

[Yes… it’s truly is.]

Hearing his wife’s words, Elmer smiled from the bottom of his heart.


Right around this time, immigrants came to Grants like a swarm. The rumour spread and people, not only from the capital, but also from many other places started to pour in.

Ares guaranteed for them stable living and job. In addition to that, the new children will receive an education. Of course, not only for children, but adults are also encouraged to seek education as it is free of charge.

A few years later… Heinz would turn into a giant metropolis with the largest population in the entire continent.

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