The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.111

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Chapter 111 – Istrea Diplomat

Southern area of Redgear was the border of the eastern countries.
Facing Redgear from the east were two small countries, Renato Principality and Lyon Principality. Behind the two was the Istrea Kingdom, whose territory is comparable to Redgear’s.

Istrea was situated on top of a vast hill between two rivers. Not only did the high ground prevent floods from doing any significant damage, the country received the utmost benefits of having a vast fertile ground from being situated right between the two rivers.
Also, due to its advantageous geographical position, the country rarely saw any foreign invasion. All in all, it’s been enjoying a relatively peaceful time for a country in this era.

In addition to that, Istrea had vassalized its two neighboring countries on its west, Renato and Lyon. It’s also in a well maintained alliance with Horus Kingdom in its north and Toronto Kingdom in its east.

Istrea is currently ruled by a [Queen] named Irene. She took the mantle of ruler after the previous King of Istrea, her husband passed away.

While developing the country’s commerce, Irene also focused on education, creating a free institution where everyone can receive primary education. Thanks to this policy, she was recorded as one of the best rulers in the entire history of Istrea Kingdom.

Irene was already in her thirties. Ever since her husband passed away, she’s been ruling the kingdom as the queen for almost 10 years. Despite that, she still retained her womanly charms. Be it her beautiful blond hair and countenance, or her devilish body that oozing out sex appeal.

As a result, many aristocrats, both from within and outside of the country constantly sought to marry her. But in consideration to her own position as a ruler and a mother, all of those propositions had been rejected politely.

Irene had two children.

Twins: Estoria and Elliot.

Both were already in their mid-teens.

The sister, Estoria, inherited her mother’s beautiful blond hair, pretty face, and alluring body. She was domineering and loved to mingle with strong people, as she’s interested in learning martial arts herself.

The crown prince Elliot in comparison was more subdued than her sister. He was brown haired boy with a rather slender body who enjoys reading while staying indoors. Thus he spends most of his time by studying.

And as the crown prince Elliot was suffering from a long lasting sickness, Irene had to retain her position as the queen to help govern the kingdom.


[So you are saying that it is only a matter of time before Dormadia attacks Horus, and Toronto will have to face the Byzerd… is that it?]

[Indeed. Those two countries have been nursing the ambition to unify the east… this retainer believes that they will make their move next year.]

The one who replied to Irene’s question was Alfredo, the lead diplomat of Istrea Kingdom. His duties revolve around Istrea’s foreign affairs, which include diplomacy and information gathering. Among the many excellent domestic officers in Istrea, he’s probably the youngest to ever hold such an important post.

He was a blond haired, green eyed, handsome man in his mid-twenties.
He was originally one of Irene’s relatives, but his background was not that simple. He lost his parents early in his life and experienced various hardships. But he fought on and managed to secure his post as an official in the Istrea Kingdom. All that without relying on his so-called connection and solely through his own effort.
And since then, his position kept rising, until he ended up at his current post now.

It was thanks to him that the alliance of three kingdoms; Istrea, Horus, and Toronto, was able to form. He also composed treatises with many other countries.

It can be said that Istrea’s peace, despite the country itself having no strong army, was mostly thanks to his skillful negotiation and diplomacy.


[Dormadia and Byzerd… refused to settle this on the negotiation table. Diplomacy won’t get through them…]

Alfredo looked disappointed in himself.
He’s been on the move ever since he heard about the situation in the east.

The major concerns were the movements of the emerging country Dormadia and Byzerd Principality.

As for the recently emerged Dormadia, they were mostly consisted of goblins, orcs, and ogres.
There was also information that the aristocrats were demonkin.

After raiding a small kingdom north of the eastern countries, the Dormadia kingdom was founded. Since then, its power has been growing like bamboo trees launching invasions one after another. There are also rumours that the people of every country they conquered were turned into slaves.

And the kingdom has been using utter violence and destruction to invade other countries.

There was a particular rumour about the king. Which is…

[The King of Dormadia, Dormaghest…is apparently not a human… rumours said… that he’s an orc King. And he’s capable of controlling magic beasts.]

[Controlling magic beasts… is such a thing really possible?]

[There were examples in literature. His upper rank retainers were demonkins… while lower ranks consisted of monsters like goblins. Visiting the country wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience.]

Alfredo bite his lip.

He had gone to visit the kingdom on several occasions, but was always given the same reply.

Surrender or be invaded.

And the terms for surrendering wasn’t something he couldn’t accept.

And it’s not only Dormadia. There was another country that concerned him.

That is the Byzerd Principality.

[Zackard, the new King of Byzerd… He’s a human, but his brutality was inhuman. It’s like… he’s a beast with human appearance.]

[Certainly… that person took the throne after eliminating his own father and brothers.]

[That is indeed correct. The former King feared his overwhelming strength and brutish personality, thus exiling him… but he returned, killing his father and brothers, then ascended himself to the throne. He may have been a human…but he’s no better than Dormaghest.]

Byzerd was a prestigious nation among the eastern countries known for their excellent knights and an army fitting for their status as one of the largest powers in the east. Their military power should’ve been enough to unify the eastern countries, but did not do so because their country was built on the spirit of chivalry.

The late King Everhart was known as both a proud general and brave warrior. A righteous and strong persona… like the very embodiment of Byzerd’s chivalric order of knights itself. So were his sons, except for one.

Zackard was Everhart’s second son. He was born with dismal character, Everhart often scolded him for treating the people and other retainers violently.

But he was born with something…that none of his brothers… or father in that regard, did not have. Which is…

Overwhelming strength.

His strength was akin to a powerful beast so much so that a battle can be overturned just because Zackard joining in.

His valor was priceless for Byzerd. But it was also a double edged sword.

Troubled by this, Everhart ordered Zackard to go to the southern fort for surveillance duty.

Three months later however, out of dissatisfaction, he marched back to the capital, rebelling against the king. The capital was overtaken swiftly due to his might, and finally he took the throne after executing his father and all of his siblings.

[And that is why he’s called the 『Usurper King』. After he ascended to the throne, Byzerd turned into an aggressive nation. Suppressing its people with fear and eliminating anyone who opposed them. With their strong army, they are capable of invading any country.]

[That proud Byzerd has now turned into that…]

[Not even a glimpse of its old feature remained. When I met Zackard… his answer was no different than that of Dormaghest.]

The condition presented was the same.

Surrender or be invaded.

[Both of them apparently seek to unify the east. As a result, Istrea will eventually be dragged into their war. Istrea currently has no notable military power… we have to find another way.]

[Is this already set in stone?]

[They’ll definitely come. And not in a distant future too. In a few years… or soon.]

Hearing Alfredo’s answer, a frown appeared on Irene’s beautiful face. She doesn’t like fighting to begin with. However… the fact remained that her kingdom would be involved eventually whether she wants it or not.

Seeing Irene’s reaction, Alfredo changed the topic.

[Your Majesty….. has Your Majesty heard the news regarding Redgear?]

[Are you referring to Arcadia’s lightning quick victories? I have heard about it…]

[Apparently the person who conquered those four countries within a month has also become the lord of the four conquered countries.]

Alfredo gathered up his courage, then resumed.

[The new lord’s name is Ares Schwarzer, and he’s been appointed as the Lord of Frontier. If we want to defend against those two countries, then I suggest to seek his help.]

[But… that might encourage Arcadia to invade us instead…]

[There is certainly a possibility of that happening. But Arcadia set the ruling leaders of each country to be free and even entrusted the governing back to them. Their country may have changed shape, but they are essentially still the same. I’ve also heard that their new lord is a righteous person who cares for his people. I’m sure that it’s better than having to surrender to either Dormadia or Byzerd.]

Irene looked at Alfredo without changing her expression.

Not only is Alfredo one of her own relatives… but just how many times already his efforts helped Istrea? She had lost count. Then it should be the same this time. Surely he had judged the situation and think up the best solution for the kingdom to take.

The most important thing for Irene is the people of this beautiful country. Personally, she wouldn’t mind following Alfredo’s suggestion, although this wasn’t something she could decide by herself. Therefore

[I understand. This country’s fate, I shall entrust it to you. I do not care about the result, but please do your best.]

[Thank you, Your Majesty. I will surely forge an alliance with them.]

Having said that, Alfredo excused himself after bowing deeply.


On the way back after meeting Irene, Alfredo began planning on the path he should take.

Aside from his strong personality, he’s also loyal to Istrea.

However, he’s a calculative person as well.

There was one reason why he couldn’t accept the terms of surrender that both Dormadia and Byzerd had proposed. And that is…

The famous White Lily of the East, Queen Irene, and Princess Istorea are to become the King’s personal『sex slaves』.

It’s pretty much a death sentence for the two women.

Alfredo was their relative and Queen Irene had given him a lot of trust.
Thus he found the terms to be unacceptable no matter what.

But at the same time….. he also considered the possibility.

Queen Irene might be willing to sacrifice herself as long as she can ensure the safety of her people. But even by abiding to that term, Alfredo himself didn’t think that the other party will guarantee the stability of the country and its people.

Worst case, Istrea will disappear, devoured by either of those two countries.

Then… would it be nice if he could bring others to protect Istrea, even if he had to make the Queen herself as 『collateral』?

And that’s where Ares Schwarzer fit the picture. According to the information that Alfredo obtained, this Ares is someone who would take responsibility for all the women he had a relationship with. That means, if he can forge a tie between that man and the queen, Ares will certainly protect Istrea.

Thinking so, Alfredo could only sigh.

[I really am the worst, aren’t I…]

He muttered.

On the other hand, this is the time of war. He had no idea what will happen. But… he could only try to find a way that will lead to the happiness of the people, and his lord…for the country itself.

[Let’s go to Grants first. We’ll see just what kind of person this Lord of Frontier is. Ah, now that I think about it, how many years has it been since the last time I went there…]

Muttering so, Alfredo began making plans for Istrea’s future.

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