The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.114

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 114 – Valkyrie Armor

That day, Liliana Redgear was in a foul mood.

[I have had enough of this, brother… I was just trying to drive out that unruly person…]

The source of her grumpiness was one of the fiancees and soon to be wives of her dear Ares Schwarzer. The fiancees happened to stop by Redgear on their way to Heinz.

For her brother, the fiancees were pretty much equal to his lord. Apparently, since his sister’s status had been confirmed, he’d like her to make friends with the other fiancees… but there was a problem with that plan.

[Can you please cut it out, Liliana!]

Upon returning to her own room, her brother rebuked her. If one got a good look, Liliana was holding her tummy. Stomachache? Most likely because she ate too much.

Earlier that day was Liliana’s first meeting with the other fiancees. Everyone was there, except for Cornelia who would be the main wife.
Her brother seemed to be desperately trying to get along with them. But she thought, why do we even need to bow to them? That’s what the weak do to the strong. And I am strong.

[Why do I have to act amiable and submissive to those weaklings? ]

[Fool! Your engagement was much later than all of them… you are pretty much their junior! It’s natural to act courteous!]

Courteous? Why do I have to act courteous to them? They’re weaklings.

[Kuh… never mind… just don’t do that again in tomorrow’s breakfast.]

Having said that, Wilfred marched out of the room. As for Liliana… she was giving her brother’s words some thought as she laid there on the bed.


The next day… I was on the training ground in the basement of Redgear castle. Before me was one of my husband’s fiancees. I think her name was… Sharon Roxietta, wasn’t it? The ridiculous blonde haired one.

So I ended up engaging in a duel against her.

About that… I think it’s because this morning, during breakfast, I had a quarrel with her.

[Why do I have to work as YOUR vice-commander? I alone is enough!]

[…..didn’t I tell you already yesterday? In the first place…]

And the argument became more heated starting from there.

[A duel!]

[Whenever you want!]

I’ve calmed down since then.

Yes, this is the ideal environment for me. Let’s show this girl who truly deserves to stand side by side with my husband, and remind her of the difference in our ability…

Oya, why does my brother’s face turn ghastly pale like that? And now that I look around, so did Zion. If you two don’t feel good, then please get some rest instead.

Gripping the holy sword Alflex tightly, I strengthened myself with magic.

My partner and most beloved sword. Let’s show this weakling the overwhelming difference in ability with one swing.

[Are you ready? Blonde.]

[…that’s rude. At least call me by my name.]

[I don’t see the need to remember the name of a weakling. I’ll end this in an instant.]

I saw the blonde sighed. It’s as if she saw me as insufficient. But she doesn’t know me. I am the 『Silver Princess Knight』 who has been defending this Redgear for a long time.
I’ll definitely make her regret this.

[Wilfred-dono doesn’t seem to be well so I’ll be the one to signal the start, alright?]

The one who suddenly appeared… was also one of my husband’s fiancees. A dark haired woman with a pair of unusually large breasts. This big boobed witch, is she trying to make me feel inferior? I’ll show her by finishing this duel right after she gives the signal.

[Get set… go!]


As soon as the signal was said, I released the magic I’ve been building up inside Alflex in a huge swing.
The sword blast swept through the ground, rolling up dust, making me lose sight of my target.


[Fuhn! How was it?]

I shouted triumphantly. I saw my brother fall on his butt, with Zion hurriedly coming to help him. But that’s not what I should be focusing on right now. It’s the blonde in front of me.
The dust had somewhat settled and the view became clearer. But something was strange.

[What is… that light?]

Something behind the dust curtain was shining brightly, making me wonder what it was.

The response soon came up from the sideline.

[This wave of magic… That is 『Valkyrie Armor』 created by Ares-sama… exclusively for Sharon-dono.]

I was surprised after hearing that voice… turning around, I saw the raven haired witch, who should’ve been blown away by my first strike was still standing there calmly… an incredibly thick magic barrier protecting her.

[You… you dare to involve Roxanne-san who had nothing to do with this…]

I could hear the blonde’s voice coming from my front.

Impossible! She should’ve taken that hit directly!

Now that the dust had been fully settled, my field of view unhindered, I saw the blonde standing there with a sword drawn. A pair of large wings made of magic sprouted out on her back.
That figure of her with that azure armor…just like the very Valkyrie of myth herself.

[What…is that…?]

[The magical wings created by the 『Valkyrie armor』…aptly named the 『Wings of Light』]

The blonde then walked towards my direction.

[A 『Phoenix Heart』is embedded within this armor, making its magic consumption extremely efficient.]

The wings on her back glowed like a rainbow colors as she spoke.

『Phoenix Heart』

Among magic stones, 『Phoenix Heart』 is up there with the Dragon Heart as the highest quality magic stone.
Once every 10,000 years, a phoenix would gather its entire magic power in its heart before perishing in a storm of fire. The phoenix would then revive itself from the energy stored in its heart that becomes a magic stone in the process of its demise. However… some could not resurrect themselves for one reason or another, permanently sealing their magic power and life force within the magic stone. That… is the『Phoenix Heart』.

[And Ares…forged this armor to make us of the phoenix’s power… and I was chosen as its wielder. Despite only a magic stone, its power is still that of a divine beast.]

The blonde raised her sword. At the same time the rainbow colored wings also spread open.

[Indeed, as a general who has protected this Redgear for a long time, you are strong. But… if you think that we are nothing but wallflowers for Ares then you are sorely mistaken!]

I could sense the blonde’s magic power rising as she spoke.

Honestly, this surprised me. I felt that I need to raise my vigilance. To think that it’ll actually go this far.

[Oya…? Have you lost your loud mouth? Or probably you’ve finally recognized your mistake?]

[I guess so. All I know is that I have to take you more seriously now.]

That said, I tightened my grip on Alflex.

[And I do have to also apologize. Sorry.]

The blonde was seemingly surprised by my change of attitude.

[…..however, I still wish to continue our duel. Will you entertain me for a bit?]

[For what else do you think I stick around here?]

The blonde gave me a small smile.

[Let’s go at each other seriously. En garde!]


Taking the cue, the blonde took the initiative to attack first at a blinding speed. I also raised Alflex and charged towards her.

Her gold colored magic and my bluish magic collided, raising dust up once again.

And thus, for a while longer, the blonde and I tried to overwhelm each other with all of our strength.


[That’s one hell of a monstrous armor… I was surprised.]

I spoke to the blonde…Sharon.

[Monstrous…isn’t that a bit rude to say?]

[More like both of you are similar in that regard.]

Sharon smiled as she tilted the glass of wine in her hand while Roxanne seemed to be a bit sullen for some reason.

During that duel, we really had a good fight. Now we could actually get along like this during dinner.
My brother showed a weary smile on the side. Somehow, I felt like he had aged a lot during these few days. I wonder why?

[Ermm… I don’t have any kind of power though…]

[Same here…]

Both Theta and Maria who were both dressed in maid uniforms muttered. But Nina rebutted them with a laugh.

[What are you two saying? Theta’s memory and housekeeping skills are in a monstrous class too. My father even wanted to recruit you to be his secretary. As for Maria, you started learning magic didn… mmmnnmmm…]

[You promised you won’t tell!]

Maria promptly shut Nina’s mouth. Seeing this, everyone started laughing on the spot.

I took a look at each of my husband’s fiancees.

Everyone, each one of them is a beauty…after giving them a closer look and listening to each of them, everyone seemed to have one or two special things about them.

Starting with Sharon’s valor, then Roxanne and her two sisters’ immense magic power. Nina had her financial knowledge, while Theta boasts good memory and stellar household skills. It could be said that Maria being the only normal person among them was something special as well…

[But you know… you haven’t seen the real monster just yet.]

Sharon elegantly wiped her mouth, then resumed.

[Let me tell you this firsthand… because it’s something important to note. Being Ares’ fiancees, we’ll inevitably meet even more amazing people.]

Nina who had been chipper since earlier suddenly stiffened.

[Indeed…those two are in the league of their own…even Ares, has to abide by their will, doesn’t he?]

[Ares-sama will most likely end up with more women that he already has right now…..are you fine with that?]

Their expressions turned serious all of a sudden. Feeling bothered, I asked.

[Wait wait, these two women you mentioned earlier… who are they?]

All of them kept their mouths shut… and in the end, it was Sharon who replied to me.

[Ares’s mother and also our soon-to-be mother-in-law…Sera-sama and Arcadia Princess Cornelia-sama.]

Right after that, Nina laughed, and added.

[Sera-sama… I have no doubt about it. As for Cornelia-sama, she kinda did it unconsciously.]

[Nina-sama is still angry about that dress picking session?]

[Whoops, I slipped my tongue. Don’t tell Cornelia-han about it, okay?]

Everyone laughed once again.

[Well, I can understand your feelings. When facing that woman, you instinctively want to bow down.]

[Once, I saw her talking with other aristocrats… she had this sense of authority around her… and it’s amazing to say the least…]

[She’s also kind to people of low status like me.]

Wait wait, what is going on here? These people are…Ares’ fiancees. In a sense, they are all my rivals.

Yet somehow, everyone seemed to respect this Cornelia… and everyone is close to each other as though they are sisters.

[You, don’t make such a weird face.]

Suddenly Sharon spoke up.

[We are all now 『Sera-sama’s daughters』. Of course we should be rivals… but it’s not like we need to fight for positions like concubines do.]

[In the first place, none of us will be considered as 『concubines』.]

Sharon nodded at Nina’s words, and continued.

[Right. All of us are equal. Well… except for Cornelia. She… even though I didn’t dare to look her straight in the eye.]

Everyone else also nodded.

[Because of her, we must unite together! Perhaps you think that’s what happened here… but really, it was because of her that all of us can sit here together harmoniously.]

This time Roxanne was the one to speak.

[She’s our leader. There is no denying that. Also…]

Everyone’s eyes turned to me.

[You’ll understand when you meet her in person.]


No matter how many women the King of Heroes Ares married, his marriage life was relatively calm.

It is said that it was all thanks to the unity between all other queens and with Cornelia as their leader.
Although their ages may vary, their relations were like that of true sisters… they were all on good terms with each other.

By the way… when Liliana finally met Cornelia later on… after spending some time with her, Liliana instantly declared herself as Cornelia’s knight. But that’s something for later.

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