Glutton Berserker ch.145

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Chapter 145 – Sacred Beast’ Intimidation

All my attacks hit. It’s as if the sacred beast was incapable of fully utilizing its status. Its’ movements against me seemed irrational and ineffective.
Basically, it fought largely on its instinct alone. I didn’t see any response that I expected so far.

In that case, things became simpler here. Although the black sword cannot cut through its thick carapace in a single slash, I could just attack the same spot repeatedly to eventually break through.

While Spirit Unity was still in effect, I’d like to at least cut down one of its’ giant pincers.

[Let’s go, Greed!]

『They are easy target, yes. But you still need to be careful. Once you got caught, then you’ll be torn in two!』

I know. There was only one black sword, while it has two pincers.
So while I’m busy blocking one, the other pincer might take the chance to catch me?
Moreover, the stinger was also a threat, and it’s coming from above.

It’s like fighting three different opponents, instead of just one.
Therefore I had to rely on Eris’ support. Lust-san, I’m counting on you for the tail, okay?

I swung my blazing black sword. The target was the sacred beast’ right pincer.
Avoiding the attack that came from the left, I lunged in for an attack. Although it took time, a small crack was visible in my eyes, and it’s gradually getting bigger. But then I felt something.

And as I trusted that she would, Eris shot several bullets to deflect the stinger attack. Thanks!
Well done! Well done! Although I still had mixed feelings about Pride, well done.
Leaving the flow of battle to Eris as the mid-range combatant, it’s clear to me that the burden on myself was much lower than when I had to fight solo. This was another reason why warriors formed parties when they’re out to fight monsters.

And her support is not limited to cover fire. A blue magic bullet hit me.
Just as immediately, my appearance and presence disappeared completely. This must be… vanishing bullet!?

This is the perfect buff against the sacred beast that only react out of its instinct. The pincers stopped moving around as soon as it lost sight of me.
And I attacked leisurely without missing this opportunity.

Because it couldn’t find its target, it simply moved left and right in confusion.
Seeing this, Eris switched her target to the left pincer. While I continued to attack the right pincer.

That’s nice.
And Roxy had done a good job making sure those darknesses didn’t bother Eris. Is it just me… or was she getting better by the seconds? Maybe she gained fairly huge amount of experience sphere from defeating darknesses. Levelling up throughout the fight.

The battle had been going well so far. But the effect of Spirit Unity should wear off shortly.
I swung the flame-clad Greed once more in fierce rush.

Sound of shattering echoed throughout the desert.

Soon after, the right pincer fell powerlessly on the sand. It’s been swinging its’ pincers crazily after it lost sight of me. But now one of that pincer had become seemingly unusable.

『Fate, cut it completely! It’ll be troublesome if it regenerates.』

[I know.]

Regardless of his usual attitude, Greed will give useful tips when required. Just as usual.
But that’s exactly why I tried to not rely on his advice too much.
Completely cutting the sacred beast’ right pincer. At least he gave a precise advice this time.
It being unable to move it also exposed its weakness. As long as I can slash through, cutting through the joints should be easier.

Raising the black sword, I swung down at the joint with all my might.
The moment the sword cut, I was shocked. The sacred beast spun in a frightening speed, knocking me away that my body passed by Eris, then towards Roxy.


As she called out my name, Roxy tried to cushion my body. But it seemed that the momentum was stronger than expected.
She audibly grunted but still managed to catch and stop me.

[Thanks. Are you okay?]

[I am. That aside, how is Fai?]

[I’m fine, thanks to Roxy.]

Saying that I’m well to reassure her, I switched my focus back to the sacred beast.
A black pattern appeared on its carapace. The pattern resembled the one on my Dad’s face.

[What the…]

[Fai, look! The darknesses are!?]

The countless darknesses that Roxy had been trying to curb suddenly moved toward the sacred beast all at once.
What is going on? What is happening? Unable to come up with anything, the two of us ended up watching it unfold.
Only Eris raised her voice.

[This is…bad. No way… even though it has lost its intelligence… Fate, Roxy, kill all the darknesses! Don’t let them go near the sacred beast!]

[What do you mean?]

We had no idea what’s going on, but we joined Eris in killing the darknesses nevertheless.
While the inorganic voice that informed me about gluttony skill eating more souls resounded in my head, I tried to reconfirm the situation to Eris.

[The sacred beast is going to eat the darknesses.]

[Ha!? Is it similar to what Gluttony skill do?]

[No it’s not. It’s just having a meal.]

[That is…]

We kept killing darknesses left and right while talking. But more and more sandmans emerged from under the sand. Apparently the fight had attracted a lot of sandmen to come.


Even if the darknesses aren’t even Area E enemies, by killing more and more of it, even if little by little, it will eventually piled up into a mountain. All these killings are stimulating the gluttony skill.
As expected, the gluttony skill that I’ve been suppressing started to act up. There was Luna who protected my soul, but even I know that I’m nearing the limit.

The darknesses were melding together into the sacred beast. As if they are water being absorbed by sponge.

[Rather than eating, it’s like it’s absorbing them.]


The darknesses that flocked like waves finally disappeared, what left standing before us was a completely unscathed sacred beast.
It’s a bit different from how it was earlier, the sacred beast is emitting tremendous pressure now.
The pattern became even clearer on its carapace.

And then, a ring of divine light appeared over the gigantic body of the sacred beast zodiac Scorpio.
It felt so divine, I almost mistook it as the actual god.

[This is… really bad. ahaha…]

Eris laughed in a strange tone. The sacred beast that had undergone a change was releasing immense pressure, and it only made Eris’ complexion to go worse.
She was ahead of us in terms of battle experience. However, something seemed to impede her mind even before this battle began.
I got ahold of her and supported her weight. We’re not in the state to continue fighting.
And then Greed spoke in concern to this.

『It seems like she has a trauma. If she had something to do with that Libra guy, then it’s normal for her to develop a fear towards the sacred beast. Her being able to fight up until now, is already very good in my opinion.』

[I see… she’s at her limit already.]

『Eris is the one in charge to control the flow of battle. We can’t continue this fight. Evacuate immediately.』


But where exactly we should run to? The sacred beast seemed to be hellbent on killing us.
That’s why it absorbed that many darknesses in the first place. And its eyes had been dead set upon us.

It will go after us if we escape. That means we can’t afford to return to the city now.
We could only wander around the desert for as long as possible. And hope that Eris recovered in the meantime.

While thinking about what we should do… I noticed that Roxy was staring at me.

[What’s wrong?]

[No… I am sorry. If only I have more power…..]

I smiled and shook my head, then told her to not worry about it.

[Roxy did as she promised. There is nothing more to say. It’ll only make things feels awkward.]


[Let’s just focus on getting away as far as possible from the sacred beast first. Then we reorganize our plan and continue fighting. Let’s go!]

I carried Eris with me, and looked back.

I didn’t feel any sign of movement at all. But the sacred beast was no longer there.
Then came the warning from Greed.

『Fate, from below!』

[Kuh!! What!?]

A giant pincer had silently sneaked under me. I couldn’t have expected that such a trick could be done soundlessly. I was not able to react in time.
Since avoiding seemed difficult, I tossed Eris toward Roxy and pushed them both away.
Meanwhile, the pincer is trying to tear me in half. I jumped up while slashing down at the pincer, using it to deflect myself. It’s still difficult to avoid completely after all. It still managed to wound my side.

But since it didn’t rip apart any organ, then a wound of this level is nothing for me. I have both auto recovery and auto recovery boost. The wound will heal automatically after about ten second.
But the other pincer was already waiting to strike.


[Don’t come!]

Roxy stood up, wanting to help. But her current status won’t allow her to do any damage to an Area E being like the sacred beast.
But of course she’d want to help, even if she knew there is nothing she can do. because she’s Roxy. But I told her to stay put. I’ll apologize to her later.

If we somehow got through this…
I thought to myself while staring at the approaching pincer.
I won’t heal in time. I have to block the pincer directly.
I know I won’t make it, but I still grasped my black sword tightly.


The approaching pincer never reached me.
Someone had gotten in between me and the pincer.
That person was holding a black spear, and is easily deflecting the pincer of the sacred beast.
That wide back brought a sense of familiarity from my childhood. Also a sense of longing.


[Good grief, you really haven’t changed at all since back then. I’ve told you not to, but you still do anyway. That stubbornness… reminds me of your mom.]


Still presenting his back to me, he turned his head to look at me and smiled.

[But you got guts alright, son. If you still can fight, then follow me.]


Ignoring me who was lost for words, Dad kept talking.

[What do you say, Fate?]

It’s like he’s provoking me. How nostalgic….
Dad used to do that to trigger my annoyance. Back then, I like to play pretend as a warrior with a wooden sword because I want to be like my Dad.
I was always looking at my Dad’s back when I was younger. But now I’ve fought this far as a warrior.
One can say, that feeling of old, childish rivalry had surfaced back in me.

I don’t understand my Dad’s intention yet. He could possibly be an enemy.
But, just like the old days… just this once, I want to trust that back.

[Got it… I’m coming.]

I took my position beside my Dad. Seeing me with the black sword ready, Dad laughed in satisfaction.
Meanwhile the sacred beast crawled out of the sand, and it seemed to be perplexed by Dad’s presence.

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