Announcement (March 2020)

Greetings our dear blog visitors and novel readers.

This might be sudden, but I brought two bad news and one good news.

Let me share the bad news first:

1. Syosetu taken down the raws of our projects. The project that affected is Sono Mono 2 and Return of Former Hero. Apparently it’s related to all-ages stuffs. I really confused on why Sono Mono 2 got affected.

For the Former Hero, I have made contact with the author of Former Hero, Nishi-sensei, and he said he will move and post the raws to the other site. So, we can only wait until the raws available. Fortunately, we have stock-up several chapters beforehand.

In another hand, Sono Mono 2 is lost cause. Thus, we’ll dropping the project (at least until we can get the raws from out of nowhere. If you have the raws, please let us know on the comment section). Our current raws only up to ch.11, which we’ll posting it on this month.

2. One of editor, Mirp, asked for a month break due IRL stuff. Thus Glutton Berserker and 29-sai will get affected. However, no worries because we have stock-up the chapters before Mirp took break. Hopefully he will return with us soon.

To cover both Gluttuon and 29-sai, I’ll speed-up and release more King of Heroes chapter for this month. I know some of you might be disatisfied, but I’m sorry, please bear with it for awhile.

That’s all for the bad news.

3. For the good news, we will pick-up another new title to replace Sono Mono 2.

There are several titles that interest me from the previous announcement, but if you have any other recommendation, feel free to drop on the comment section. I and my editor will give them a look later.

The new title will be announced the earliest on next week.

That’s all for the news.

Have nice day everyone!

18 thoughts on “Announcement (March 2020)

    1. Wayback Machine has stopped hosting Shousetsuka ni Narou’s pages. They may have more luck with (a similar service, but japanese and which also searches other internet archives) or with Google/Bing caché (some times one has it, some times the other).



    This one have no updates in two months, how about picking this one?
    The main MC is an unresonable guy thinking he’s normal, and the teacher of his is another anomaly too, his senpai is a crazy otaku girl and his friend is a gulible ikemen, pretty funny imo, susprisingly, the king and the cast have a fairly common sense, not that douche’s cliche type

    The sugestion of Baranok it’s nice too…


    1. What are you talking about? Healing Magic HAS an active translator. It was last updated on the 1st of this month. ShiroKun is the one working on it right now, you can see it on the NU page. The chapters are longer so he’s a little slower on them, that’s all.


      1. Oh shit, i messed up, i forgot to reorganize, the days and months at my place are swapped…really sorry, i read that as 03/01/20 wich is 01/03/20


    1. I’m sorry, I’d rather to avoid TL light novel. It’s risky and it may caused problem with author (it already happened with LN Overlord as example).

      Anyway, thanks with your attention, I’d appreciate it.


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