Announcement for the New Project

Greetings everyone, Raizu is here.

As the title said, and our previous announcement.
We have decided to pick-up a new title to replace Sono Mono 2.

There are a lot of interesting titles that everyone suggested. I’d really appreciate everyone help for our new project. Thank you.

After long discussion my editor Shirayuki, we have decided to pick-up this novel:


Munou To Yobareta Ore, Yottsu No Chikara Wo Eru 

(I Was Called Incompetent, But I Gained 4 Arms)

The current raws has reached 426 chapters. And we’re ready to tackle it until end!

Based from NU database, GM_Rusaku from Nepustation/NarouTL has already translated it up to ch.5 (last update 2,5 years ago), however, for the sake of consistency, we’ll redo the chapters with our own version from beginning.

Please look forward for it.

16 thoughts on “Announcement for the New Project

      1. Sumo nono 2? Pero si quitaron los raws de la página así que a menos que el autor haya cambiado de página, solo podemos esperar ha que haya otra página con los raws


      2. Ha!, Bueno no mata preguntar, solo porque confío en ti, si sabes que todos dejamos animelev?


      3. Pues como Lev no volverá y no podemos hacer nada por la página nos mudaremos ya estamos programando todas las novelas en la nueva página


  1. Another novel I’ve never heard of……image doesn’t really fascinate me, but I’ll give it a read to see if it’s interesting. Looks like another isekai overpowered protagonist.


  2. At last someone picked this abandoned LN of mine. Thanks for picking this up and yeah, I agree that you retranslate the past chapters as many parts of those was not really accurately translated by me. Again thanks for picking this gem up.

    For those new readers of this novel, it might have a slow start at first but after the introductions of the factions fighting each other it will be damn interesting cus all of them are… borrowing a classification on Mahouka, Strategic Class mages who can be a big game changer so look forward for Raizu’s translation! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

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