The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.120

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Chapter 120 – A Talk Before Wedding

After arriving at Heinz… I’ve been feeling fluttery.

That’s how I, Sharon Roxietta, felt.

That one year. Was it all just a dream? Now it felt like it was just a day.

Ares proposed to me a year ago. When I heard that everyone else also received the same marriage proposal, I came to think: Yes, that’s just like Ares to do so.

After that, I was horrified when Cornelia-sama summoned us all. The other side is a member of the royal clan; she’s not someone we can oppose. At the same time, I was curious about what she had to say to us. Roxanne’s face turned pale… while Theta and Maria almost lost their minds.

Later on, I was surprised to hear what she suggested to us.

Her intention… was to make everyone get along with each other. There should be no fights between wives. And that all of us are equal.

That’s what she said.

Yes, that day was probably when she became our leader. It might seem natural as she holds the highest position among us as the Imperial princess. But… there was something more than that.

Being united around her felt strange yet pleasant at the same time.

Starting there until we arrived at Heinz… I’ve kept this a secret from Ares, but us girls had been meeting up regularly and did many kinds of things together.
Cornelia-sama was also happy to get out of the palace… but let’s keep this a secret. Otherwise someone would be mad.

Eh? But we didn’t do anything weird really. No dangerous stuff at all… maybe?

Anyway, we forged a great deal of bond in the process.

A year passed just like that, and we finally headed to Heinz, the capital city of Grants.

Before arriving there… We received shocking news. That there would be more wives.

Marquis of Redgear’s sister, Liliana Redgear

And also a female demonkin we had yet to know the name of.

Just how easy that guy could be. Really now.

When we heard that, everyone seemed to think the same and sighed. If there was any reason for this, then it’s probably because he IS Ares. But well… I guess I should expect that the number will keep increasing in the future.

It can’t be helped because he is just that kind of man.

We met them both since, in the end, we’re all betrothed to the same man. Once again, Cornelia was the one who put all of us together in the end.

Even the new members Liliana and Lilith turned obedient after a few meetings… that was really scary.

Alright then. We’ve entered Heinz now.
The city offered a major surprise for me.

First of all, the size of the city itself.
Until recently Heinz was known as a barbarian city… But now it’s probably almost as large as the Empire’s Royal Capital.

Then its development. Roxietta territory couldn’t be compared to this. At the very least… It’s similar if not better than Romaria. The houses were beautiful, the streets and the waterways were paved. There were also high-rise buildings I’d never seen before, with various trees and plants grown along the street.

The street looked lively, the stores were thriving and security seemed good.

I’d heard that the city population had increased exponentially due to the large number of migrants from various places, including the royal capital. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing this myself… I could only believe it.

Finally… The races. Yes, everyone lives equally regardless of races here. That’s very much like Ares.

Looking at us, his wives, anyone would be able to tell. Not only do we consist of varying races, each of us also belonged to various social classes, ranging from a princess of the Royal clan to a commoner.

There is no such thing as inequality for him. That’s why he built this kind of city. That’s how I thought.


We were still busy after arriving at Heinz.

Meeting Ares’ main retainers, touring around the city, and also wedding preparations…
When my father came to visit the still busy me, a month had already gone by.

[Hi, how are you doing, Sharon?]

My father’s smile has always been gentle. Who would’ve known that seeing such a smile could affect me so?
Meeting my father again after quite a while, I felt a sudden longing and I unconsciously burst into tears.

I’ve been very busy everyday. But upon seeing my father, the reality returned back to me.
My father who always patiently listened to the selfishness of his only daughter will now have to separate with her as she will now be staying in the frontier state called Grants…

But my father’s smile never left his face, and responded while gently tapping my back.

[Don’t cry. You are going to become the wife of this continent’s hero. Be proud. And it’s not like we won’t meet again, correct? I could always come to visit you anytime.]

Hearing his response, I looked at my father’s face with suspicion.
Seeing me like that, the smile in his face vanished, replaced with a serious expression.

[Would his fate only end here at the frontier? He’s most certainly going to move the entire continent in his wake. More than me, you should be prepared for that.] He said.

Father’s words surprised me.

Cornelia-sama belonged to the Arcadia royal clan. She has the right to inherit the throne. Meanwhile, His Majesty Sephiros hasn’t announced who will be his successor…

Perhaps Ares will eventually stand in the center of this struggle for the throne. That’s why my father said such a thing to me.

But that means little to me. What matters to me are Ares, my sisters, led by Cornelia-sama, and lastly this country.

Protecting them is my duty. Therefore I want to continue strengthening my feelings as Ares’ wife as I deal with various other things.


[Welcome, and sorry for the wait. Esteemed Father.]

It was a week before the wedding when my father Alphonse came to visit me, the eldest daughter and my two sisters.

[Hey there, it’s been a month. How are you doing?]

It has only been a month, yet it felt like years had passed by. This one month… it really felt so long.

[Esteemed Father seems well.]

[If I changed drastically within just a month, wouldn’t that be sad on my part?]

He laughed after saying so. Well, it might be something natural. It felt like it’s been a long time since I last saw Father laugh like that. I mean, it’s only been a month, but still.

[However…this city, sure is amazing. Just what kind of sorcery did my boy use to turn it into this?]

I understood what Father meant. When I first laid my eyes on the city… I too was lost for words

Afterward, we three sisters spend our time talking with Father about various things. About this city, about the other wives and also about Ares-sama.


[By the way… are any of you suffering from 『marriage blues』? I heard that when the Roxietta missy met her father, she immediately broke into tears?]

[Fufufu, that’s so much like Sharon. She reacts like that because she always tends to try to look strong.]

The one answering just now was Millia.

[I really like the way I live these days. It’s fun to have so many older sisters.]

[Everyone is a good person after all.]

Cynthia also chimed in.

[Thank you, for always caring for us all]

Father smiled bitterly at that last.

[I see… well, it seems to me that all of you are doing fine as it is. Just be careful not to bother the others.]

Father suddenly clapped his hands. Taking the cue, his subordinates entered the room, carrying large boxes with them.

[Now then, I came here to hand these to you.]

When we opened the boxes…. There were three dresses. Wedding dresses.

[This is probably the last thing I could do for you girls as a father. Come now, have a look.]

Following Father’s words, we silently looked at our wedding dress, lost for words. And I realized for the first time… how shaken my emotions were.

Esteemed Father’s kindness, and his warmth, I could feel it…

[Thank you very much… Esteemed Father…]

I finally managed to say that.

There was still one week until our wedding. So until then, we decided to spend it as slowly as we could… with only the four of us.

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