I Was Called Incompetent ch.6

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Chapter 6 : Matters

[Yes. It will be alright if Rhode-sama did it just like how we practiced it. Like those spoons and cups in the basement, try casting Materialization to Excalibur. Each of these legendary arms have their own souls, which in turn will strengthen Rhode-sama’s Materialization Magic.]

During the past month, I’ve been learning on how to use my magic from Levi.

Her appraisal magic was so ridiculous that she could understand almost anything just by looking at it.

For instance, just by looking at me, not only she could tell my exact height and weight, she could also gauge my strength and even understand how my magic and skill work.

What constantly bothered me about her is how a demon like her actually obtained God’s blessing?

My conjecture was that Crown-san had something to do about it, but her being a demon doesn’t really matter to me, as Levi was still a kind girl.

What Levi’s appraisal magic revealed to me was that my Materialization magic was still in its early stages so I could only use it on one object at a time.

In addition to that, the weight of the object must not be heavier than me.

Also, I had to be in direct contact with the object while casting the magic.

Undoing the magic, on the other hand, can be done from a distance, as long as I have a clear line of sight on the object. When I did, the remaining magic power that hasn’t been used yet would return to me.

The more experience I have and the bigger my magic power reserves, the more number of objects I’ll be able to ‘materialize’. The weight restriction will also be relaxed.

The object I casted my magic on couldn’t speak, but I could understand their feelings and they will follow my commands.

The object would also change shape, generally into a humanoid form, while retaining its original form.
When I tried to cast it on a cup, the cup grew three more handles. Using the extra handles akin to limbs, it responded to my orders.

If the original object was a tool, it is best to give order that would match the function of said tool.
For example, if I used my magic on a spade, then it’s best to order it to dig the ground.

The effect’s duration is dependent on the material of the object, its shape and what kind of order I gave.

For instance, if I used my magic on an iron bar and wooden stick, my magic would last longer on the former than on the latter.

However, if the iron bar is made from regular iron while the wooden stick was made from a special tree, then my magic would last longer on the wooden stick and so on.

[So you mean, using my magic on Excalibur will only make it stronger?]

[That is correct. Normally, an object has no soul, but that is not the case with the legendary weapons. So instead of giving life to an object, I think it is more akin to giving life back to a living being. Your magic will have a stronger effect since you would not need to finely tune it as the soul will do that task for you instead. And the expended amount will be much less because the soul will be able to use your magic power in conjunction with their own powers.]

[I see… then let’s try it out.]

Using my magic on legendary weapons… it’s kind of exciting.

What will happen?

It would be fun if we can actually hold a conversation.

Focusing my magic and spirit, I casted my magic on Excalibur.

It’s like sharing part of my life with it. The image I made in my head to cast the magic was like pouring my magic into the object.

And thus, my magic power was poured into Excalibur.

As if responding to my magic, Excalibur began to glow.

It left my hand, floating in midair before gradually turning into a more humanoid form.

And finally, a humanoid silhouette wrapped in bright light descended to the ground.


[It is exactly as I expected. Always on the mark.]

When the light finally dispersed, the details of Excalibur’s new form became increasingly clear.

Somehow, it turned into what appeared to be an armored knight.

Is it about 160 cm tall perhaps?

And lastly, I realized that the form that Excalibur had taken… was that of an extremely pretty woman.

[Wait, Excalibur is… a girl!?]

[Mu, that I did not know of. Their gender was not mentioned in my appraisal magic. And I have never heard about this from Crown-sama either…]

The fully materialized Excalibur was an extremely beautiful young woman with long blond hair that reached down to her waist. She’s also wearing a silver colored full plate armor.

A red manteau hung on her shoulders and the sword Excalibur itself was hanging around her waist.

She slowly opened her eyes, looked at her surroundings, then checked her own body.

[Oh…oh! Ooooohh!?]

Excalibur started touching her own body with a look of amazement in her face.

Seeing her own reflection on the window glass, she approached it to take a better look on her own face, then suddenly spoke loudly.

[A, amazing! Tis’ completely not unlike what I envisioned! Most wondrous, most wondrous…! Ne’er hast I dream’d that this day shall cometh!]

She spoke in such an old fashioned way. Perhaps because she was a sword from thousands of years ago.

I tried to speak to her although with some hesitation.

[E, excuse me…]

[Nn? Ah! If’t is not mine own Mast’r! Nay, thou art the one who is’t hast given me life. I thanketh thee.]

She spoke to me with a wide smile, then bowed deeply with a hand placed on her chest.

Thank goodness. It seemed that she considered me as her master of some sort.


But by the way, she’s too beautiful.

I knew that it’s the product of my magic, but she had this strangely very human vibe that I almost forget that she’s originally a weapon.

I could only see her as a regular, albeit very beautiful, woman now.

[Nice to meet you, Excalibur-san. I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with how you look. Well, pardon me if it’s too sudden, but I need your help, Excalibur-san.]

[Wherefore the pleasantries, thou art mine own Mast’r. I am thy sword now. Prithee doth not hesitate to asketh of me. And therefore there needeth naught to use honorific. For I am thy servant. Otherwise, I shalt feeleth troubled.]

[Then… I’ll do just that. You see, this was originally my house… can you fix it?]

[Tis nothing impossible for me. Can thee prithee moveth a dram hence.]

As Excalibur told us to, we stepped away from around my house.

I was honestly quite curious on how she’ll fix my house.

[Mine own sheath hast a special power. In which… ‘t can turneth back time.]

Pulling her sword out from its sheath, she brandished the latter toward the burning husk that was my house.

A light was emitted from the sheath, which then enveloped what was left of my house.

The black ashes soared to the air and gradually regained its form.

[Wow, amazing…]

[And in such a short time… nothing less from the power of Excalibur’s sheath.]

And then, within less than a minute, my house had returned to how it was.

The legendary weapons’ power is too frightening…!

After finishing on her part, Excalibur turned back to me with a smile.

[O mine own master, dost this satisfy thee?]

[Yes! I’m very satisfied. Thank you, Excalibur.]

[Hahaha! Tis nay to be concerned about. Speaking of which… how long doth I hath left? I wish to spend more time in thy course a wee longer…]

[I gave quite a lot of magic power to you, so if you don’t use any more magic, you should last for quite a while, I think? Although if you fight, the duration might be cut shorter.]

[I seet, I see. Then allow us to enjoy our time quietly. An’ that I’m a woman, this hair! Tis been mine own dream to comb mine own hair…]

[Excalibur-sama, glad to meet you. My name is Levi, Rhode-sama’s attendant. Please use this as you wish.]

Levi then took out a comb.

It’s an old looking wooden comb.

As usual… Levi is quick to serve.

[Oh! Dost thou lady here server under Crown? I knew. For even if ‘t be true we couldn’t speaketh, we could still heareth the voice ’round us. And, this comb! How elegant! I shalt happily use thee.]

[Let’s go inside first. We shouldn’t be talking outside.]

[Indeed we shouldn’t. And I still need to clean up the house as well… kukuku.]

It seemed like her maid blood was getting fired up.

How reliable, although I wish she could cut her tendency to let out an evil laugh like that.

At that moment, I heard an [Eeehh!?] coming from behind me.

I suddenly had a bad feeling… I was mostly convinced when I turned around, as I saw a fairly familiar face.

[Wha, but how!? The house… A-and, you are still alive!?]

That particular girl’s mother seemed to have noticed me.



Excalibur and its sheath’s Lore (taken from Wikipedia and ext.source):

It is said in Arthurian legend that after Arthur received Excalibur, Merlin approached him with a “magic sheath” that would not allow for a drop of his own blood to be spilled so long as he possessed it. It can be called even more valuable than Excalibur due to its loss being connected to his death. When asked “Your highness. Which do you like better? The sword or the sheath?“, Arthur is said to have answered that the sword is better without hesitation. Merlin scolded him instead with “Please make no mistake here. The sword slashes the enemy, but the sheath protects you. As long as you have the sheath on you, you will spill no blood and take no wounds. You should truly value the sheath, not the sword.

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