The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.125

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Somehow, I imagine him as a certain Golden King, but with a body of Herakles…


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 125 – Gilgamesh, the Aryan King

Ares and Darius now walked through the Aryan settlement with the purpose to meet the Aryan chief, Gilgamesh.

Sharp, murderous gazes were directed towards them. It seemed that the result of the skirmish had spread. Everyone in the advance party had been taken prisoner… that was pretty much a humiliation for them. It would be the first time something like this happened, probably since the Aryans first gathered and formed a country..

As a result, all of them let out an extraordinary amount of hate and murderous intent when they saw Ares. Any regular man would’ve probably melted on the spot under this treatment.
But the two had no visible change on their faces. In fact, both Ares and Darius were smiling lightly as they walked behind the guide.

[What pleasant glances.]

[If anyone can feel comfortable in this kind of atmosphere… they must be weirdos.]

[And yet Milord walks with a smile on your face.]

[I can’t help it. I won’t be able to proceed unless I do that.]

While the two were having a small chat, they eventually arrived at the center of the town; a square area with what seemed like an arena made of stones.

When Ares stepped in the arena, many Aryans started to gather around. Soon enough, the outside of the arena was full with people of various genders and ages.

[My my, everybody certainly looks scary…]

After commenting about their surroundings, Ares turned his attention towards the huge man standing in the center of the arena. He was a muscular man with long blond hair, stubbled chin, and sharp eyes who seemed to be in his mid thirties.

After seeing Ares and his entourage, the man spoke.

[My name is Gilgamesh. The Chief of the Aryans. O uninvited guest, what has brought you all here?]

As Gilgamesh’ loud voice echoed around, the Aryans cheered. In response to that question, Ares calmly replied.


The cheerings were silenced by that single word. Gilgamesh stared sharply at Ares, but started to laugh not long after.

[Ha? Who do you think we are? We, Aryans will not work with a weakling like you!]

The Aryans around also laughed when Gilgamesh did.

However, Ares kept talking as if unaffected by those mocking laughs.

[But your troops lost to mine. Moreover, we have captured all of them as prisoners.]

The Aryans were once again silenced by Ares.

[Rest assured. Your brothers are all alive… But you should know this. We are not inferior to you. In fact, we are stronger.]

The Aryans remained silent. Their faces were sullen. It was the truth. Their previously undefeated advanced party was defeated by the 『power』of the forces led by this man in a straight battle.

Despite the silence, the Aryans still leaked out murderous intent.

However, Ares did not even flinch, as he continued to speak to the Aryans around him.

[Aryans, listen to me.]

At that moment, all the Aryans present looked at Ares with surprised gazes because his seemingly calm voice somehow had directly echoed within each of their ears.

Ares had used wind magic to make everyone around him hear his voice. But it served to upset the Aryans, who were unfamiliar with such magic,

[Us, of Grants, are now walking on a new path. A path of development. A path of peace. And also… a path of carnage.]

Ares spread his gaze towards all the Aryans around the arena.

[Do you all intend to stay in here forever? This world is wide. The battlefields you all so wish for are out there. Lots of chances for you to be in action.]

Ares’ words completely stilled the Aryans. Yes, to them, what Ares said just now was like a very enticing drink. Darius, knowing this, simply observed with interest.

[Don’t you want to meet even more adversaries? To spread the pride of the Aryans? Don’t you wish to test out your strength? If you do… then I’ll take you in.]

Ares turned back to Gilgamesh.

[There will be a lot of battles ahead of us. And I want the Aryans to be there with me… together when I walk the path of carnage. From your perspective, isn’t that how you’d want to live your life? With pride?]

Even Gilgamesh was silenced by Ares’ words just like his fellow Aryans.
But his silence didn’t last as long. He laughed out loud in turn.

[Hahaha, truly interesting. How truly interesting, O leader of Grants.]

Gilgamesh laughed once more before continuing to speak.

[I see. It is certainly an enticing offer for us. However… Does that not mean we will have to follow you? Am I correct?]

[Indeed, you are.]

Ares’ answer was immediate.

[But I don’t want you to be there as my subordinate. I want you as a friend.]

Gilgamesh turned silent once more before finally speaking up.

[Then… can you show us something to convince us?]

Hearing that, Ares simply grinned.

[Of course. Following your customs, I want to have a one on one fight between us, the leaders.
It’ll be a match of power. Will you accept the challenge?]


The arena where Ares stood… yes, it was once the same arena where Gilgamesh fought against the other Aryans for leadership.

Unlike the earlier murderous intent, the atmosphere suddenly changed into that of [Expectation].

As a tribe primarily focused on fighting, the Aryans enjoy the struggles of battle. And they were excited with the prospect of this duel.

The entire town had this same air.

[As usual, Milord is truly an interesting person.]

Darius let out a hearty laugh.

Ares first offended the Aryans, then confused them, and finally skillfully guided them by making use of their pride. All that allowed him to snag his reel on the chief as he intended.

[But, I don’t get one thing. Why did Milord nominate yourself to fight instead of me?]

[You’ve been kicking Aryans’ asses for years now… they’d be wary if I nominated you as the competitor. Well, perhaps I just think that I could manage it myself.]

Ares chuckled.

[Fuu, you’re being too lenient and they are as well. If only they know that their chief is going to fight someone more fearsome than me.]

[…I guess you’re also the kind of retainer who doesn’t hesitate to tell off your own lord…good grief.]

Darius simply grinned in turn.

[But it’s not like I’m wrong, aren’t I? That Aryan chief will regret not challenging me instead at the end of the day.]

Darius turned his attention to the opponent.

The opponent was wearing leather armor, and was wielding a large battle axe. His face was that of a man who is itching to go into battle.

[Well, this is gonna be one hell of a fight. It’ll be fun… for certain.]

Darius then shifted his gaze diagonally to the right.


[Here goes!]


Right when the signal to begin the duel was sounded, GIlgamesh immediately charged in with great momentum.
On the other side of the arena… Ares stood still, with the spear Reinart that he obtained from the true dwarves poised.


The large axe swung at Ares, causing wind to blow around violently like a tornado.

[I see… this is amazing. Certainly fitting for the chief of the Aryans. Regular soldiers would be shredded by the wind alone.]

Ares observed the situation calmly.
The swing was not only powerful, but also fast. A testament to the strength they’re so proud of.

In order to gauge the opponent’s ability, Ares received the attack head on with Reinart.


Ares skidded backward due to the momentum of the swing.

The Aryans cheered.

[Come on now, let’s have fun, Leader of Grants!]

Gilgamesh barked loudly.

Ares quickly regained his posture and smiled.

[It’s certainly on a different level compared to the Aryan soldiers outside. If a member of the White Legion was to challenge him in a duel, it’d be difficult for any of them to win. However…]

Gilgamesh already launched his next attack.

Ares looked at the axe head calmly. This time, he intended to avoid it by a thin margin, twisting his body and stepping aside just enough to barely miss the swing.

[A shame. He would’ve been a greater warrior if he has the right tool.]

[What are you rambling on for… Now fall to my axe!]

Gilgamesh attacked once again.

[No no, if I got hit by that… I’ll die. There is no way I’ll abide by that.]

With a chuckle, Ares once again waltzed through the attack, this time also finally brandishing Reinhart at Gilgamesh.

[Alright… then. I’m also getting bored of these acrobatics.]

That said, Ares suddenly dashed in with incredible speed. His spear tip moved as if it’s homing in towards Gilgamesh’ elbow.


Gilgamesh dropped his axe due to the sudden pain.

[The Aryans… their strength is certainly impressive… However, that’s all there is to them. Their movement… is rough.]

Ares then kicked Gilgamesh on his knee cap, causing the latter to fall on one knee.

[But if this kind of strength comes in hundreds or thousand… it can certainly pose a massive threat. That’s why I want their power. Although, it turns out they’re not that fearsome individually.]

And as a finishing blow, Ares spun and launched a roundhouse kick, hitting the back of Gilgamesh’ head.


As a result, Gilgamesh was forced to crouch on all fours. The difference in power was too obvious.

The Aryans turned silent. Their excitement had gone off somewhere along the line.

[Well… is that it?]

Ares said as he gave the still crouching Gilgamesh a look. Then suddenly, from among the silent Aryan crowd,

[There is no way I’ll let this end like this! I’ll be your partner instead of my brother now!]

When Ares turned his sight to the source of the voice… he saw a tall young woman jumped out from the crowd. She’s holding a sword that is almost twice as large as herself, which is very large considering that she’s also much taller and muscular than Ares. The most impressionable part of her was her eyes, as they exuded unbridled fearlessness.

[It’s the princess…..]

[Zenobia-sama is here!!]

The Aryans who were silenced earlier seemed to regain their excitement. Their cheerings and shouts turned louder and louder.

Ares took a look at her once more… and his face turned severe immediately.

[Well well, this is surprising. Is she the real champion of the tribe?]

Gilgamesh was certainly strong. But the vibe that this Zenobia gave out was of a different level than him.
It’s like Ares was looking at a high-ranking demonkin or magic beast.

Ares put away Reinart, but when he reached for the Seven Heavenly Sword, someone called out from behind him.

[Wait, Milord. Let me take this one.]

Darius emerged to the arena slowly, his eyes shining with intent.

[We can’t have Milord lose here so there is no other way. I’ll take her on instead.]

Hearing that, Ares could only smile bitterly.


This meeting between Darius and Zenobia was probably destined.

This may not often be written in history books, but the tale of the 『Heavenly Warrior』and his wife, the 『Aryan Heroine』, was very popular among the bards.

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