I Was Called Incompetent ch.9

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 9 : Notebook


Rebecca di Almurondo

Age: 4832 years old

Race: Demon
Height: 148cm
Magic: Appraisal【SS:level 100】
Skill: Divine Housekeeping【A】
Feat: Magecraft【SSS】


[Eh… the weight is…]

[Rhode-sama…that is inappropriate.]

[Eh…..? Ah, s-sorry….!!]

Of course… she’s a girl after all.
Maybe I should say woman instead? Well, how old she is doesn’t really matter to me.
But to think her Appraisal Magic is already level 100. She must’ve used it countless times.
Divine Housekeeping… she’s certainly godly in this.
Nn, but what’s with her Feat…?

[Levi’s Feat… Is SSS rank!?]

[It is because I am a demon. Every demon has this innate ability called Magecraft, which is similar but different to Magic. For example, I used my Magecraft to bind the woman from earlier. There are many other kinds of Magecraft. As I said, it is similar to magic, but different at the same time. Mine is ranked 【SSS】 because I am a particularly powerful demon. Of course, not all magecraft is strong.]

[I think I understand… how reliable.]

[Fufu… how about it now? Does Rhode-sama understand how my Appraisal magic works now?]

[Yeah, it’s enlightening. Then, next is this.]

I placed the black notebook on the table.
Actually, I happened to turn the pages around earlier and I came to notice something.

[It’s this. The pages are in different colors. For instance, Excalibur’s page is glowing, but some pages like this Mjolnir and Heracles are darkened. Is there any meaning behind this?]

[Mu, I do not know about this. When Crown-sama showed it to me before, I remember that all the pages glowed…]

[Ah, allow me to answer that. Tis quite simple actually. The weapons on the darkened pages have’t approveth thee as their Mast’r. Well, as Crown mentioned, our pow’rs art most wondrous we might not but not allowed anyone to berattle ‘t. Otherwise… Those folks mayhap simply find ‘t troublesome to lend thee their pow’r. Those on the darkened pages may not respond to thy call at all.]

So it’s like that…
Now that I know about it, I realized that most of the pages were darkened.
I guess it’s only natural….. they previously belonged to a Great King, there is no way that they would be willing to switch allegiance to a regular brat like me so soon.
Because these weapons had their own soul, I can only do my best to be recognized by them.

[By the way, Excalibur… why did you recognize me as your wielder from the beginning?]

[Umu, the day mast’r arrived in the basement hath happened to be the time at which I awoke. I wast talking to the other weapons before thy arrival. Listening to master’s story hath moved thine own heart verily… I couldn’t help but sympathize with thee. The other four I was talking to hast wept of sorrow as well.]

“As well”? Does that mean Excalibur also wept for me…?

[Thanks, Excalibur. Then, what about those other four?]

[Fufu… Thou should understand and check thee pages again.]

True to her words, there were four other pages that lit up aside from Excalibur’s.
So back then, there were actually five more other gentle people listening to me together with Levi and Crown-san.

[I see… thank you. I need to also thank these four somehow. I’ll do my best to make the rest recognize me.]

[Umu, thee shall hast our support! I hast witnessed and cometh to an understanding… how hard thou hast worked up until now. Also, how master never forgets to be thankful for our efforts to help him. Hahaha!]

Despite how proud she sounded when she laughed just now, Excalibur still looked beautiful to me.
I never thought that such a hearty laughter would resound in this house again before.
To me, this place had always been a dark, damp and dirty house before. But now, I could feel the warm sunlight and refreshing breeze coming through the windows.

[I’m truly grateful…]

[Mu? Did you say something Rhode-sama?]

[Ha? It’s nothing… a month ago, I was still an incompetent who owned nothing. But I realized that now, I have four wondrous powers with me.]

[Fufu, indeed they are. Materialization Magic, All-weapon Mastery, the legendary weapons, and the ability to go on without drinking, eating, or sleeping… those are all wonderful powers.]

[Ah, no, that last one isn’t part of what I mean. It doesn’t matter to me if I couldn’t drink, eat, or sleep as long as I still have this last one.]

[Mu, then pray tell what is it?]

[Of course it’s you, Levi. You are the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me in my whole life.]


Ah, she blushed a little.
As if trying to hide it she turned her eyes away and looked down.
But anyways, this is getting embarrassing.

[T-thank you… very much…]

[N-no… thank you too.]

[Oya, is this love I smell in the air?]

[ [ N, no it’s not! !] ]

Excalibur can be such a bully, can’t she…
Levi cleared her throat before reverting back to her usual face.
After all that, I guess we should distance ourselves a bit.

[This conversation has gone longer than I expected. I should return to my cleaning duty. Rhode-sama, please excuse me.]

Levi was the first to escape the living room.
I guess a girl will still be a girl even if she has lived for more than 5000 years.

[Ahh, the spring of youth…]

[Would you please stop, Excalibur…]


Thanks to Levi’s flawless cleaning, the dust and dirt that had accumulated over the years are gone.
Anyone might mistake the house as a newly built one now, which reminded me of how it looked like when my parents were still alive.

[Haa… it feels refreshing…]

[Yeah, thanks, Levi…]

[Verily wonderful. Well done, well done.]

Even the usually prim and proper Excalibur showed an ecstatic look on her face, which was kind of weird to say the least.
However, Levi’s housekeeping skills are truly godly.
Almost like a miracle.

[I will prepare the dinner next so please wait patiently. It should take no more than 10 minutes.]

[……10 minutes? O-okay.]


10 minutes later. The table was filled with a huge array of meals.
Once Levi started cooking, it didn’t take long before food of various colors decorated the table.
But how did she even do all this within only 10 minutes?
Beef stew, gratin, roasted chicken… This is way too strange.
Well, all of the food certainly looked fresh, so there is no way that she had prepared all this beforehand and preserved them.

[I’m digging in.]

[Please enjoy the meal.]

[Alloweth us digeth in. I can even consume food now… I cannot thanketh thine own liege now. Of course, Levi’s.] (Note: might be referring to either Crown or Rhodes, not sure)

I took a spoonful of beef stew into my mouth.
No, this is not only delicious but also the meat is so soft. It’s as if the meat is melting in my mouth the moment it enters my mouth, the fragrance and flavor blast off and what’s with this demi-glace? Oh it’s gotta be the food for the Gods really. At this rate, I won’t be able to stop chomping and stop eating like a proper human. I could certainly eat this forever.

Enough… it’s so delicious I forgot to pause for breath when describing it.

[Is it to your liking?]

[Too delicious… but Levi, why is it very different from the food I ate back at the basement…?]

[Ah, there was no kitchen back in the basement. I simply served the food I bought outside.]

[I see… I was caught off-guard due to how delicious this is.]

[That is good to hear.]

Meanwhile, Excalibur hadn’t recovered back from the shock yet.
She was chewing the food with an ecstatic look on her face.
And suddenly, tears flowed on her cheeks.

[This is… tears…?]

The first ever meal in her entire life actually brought her to tears.


After that blissful meal, Excalibur had finally gone back to the world of living.

[Ah, by the way, milord. Do I still hast time remaining? Master’s magic power…]

[Ah, about that, my magic only consumes my magic power when I first cast it. It doesn’t cost me anymore than that nor drain me overtime. Well, the amount I gave to Excalibur has certainly diminished throughout the day. But as I said earlier, it’ll last for a while unless you engage in a strenuous activity or use your power repeatedly.]

I could see the amount of remaining magic I poured into Excalibur when I used my magic on her. Apparently there’s not much time left.
Once it ran out, Excalibur would automatically revert back to a sword.

[Understood. If ‘t be true, I wouldn’t be able to stay for too long.]

[That’s right. It diminished greatly when you used your power earlier, but fortunately I also recasted the magic on you afterward.]

[Ah, at which hour thee hath asked me to revert back into a sword. Indeed.]

[Un. Well then… let’s change the topic for a bit…]

It’s been on my mind for a while now, something that had been bothering me.
The unusual state of the people next door.
Levi mentioned that it’s like fanaticism that bordered on madness.
I too thought that it’s abnormal.
I never realized during the olden days when I had to endure, but now that I’m free from all those, I started to notice that something was wrong.
Perhaps I too… was once a part of this abnormality.

[A conjecture, this is but a conjecture of mine. T’is a ridiculous story… but mayhap thee fusty wench, nay, the whole world is being manipulated… ‘r so I thought. To make a concept like “incompetent” , yond didst not exist a thousand years into a ingraft senseth… ‘t wilt be someone’s plot…]

Those 3 years I had to suffer through were certainly not easy to explain.
That’s what I thought.
At least until this idea came to my mind.

[Hmm… it’s certainly not normal. Not wanting to admit it because if they do, everything they believe in will collapse. Therefore they’ll never admit it. Brainwashing… maybe? It certainly looked like that, although it doesn’t seem to be by brute force.]

[Could it be perhaps…I have done something I should not…?]

Levi might end up thinking so and I knew it.
But I still have to talk about it.
She wasn’t the only one with negative emotions.

[No, it’s true that I’ve been abused by them. Back then, I didn’t think much of it. I too, couldn’t help but to have negative feelings about it now. Anyway… let’s talk about this again tomorrow. Maybe by then we can come up with something…]

[Indeed… But to manipulate the entire world… muu.]

[What is it…?]

『What’s going on here!? How come that burnt house is back to how it was!』

A familiar voice suddenly came from outside the house.
That voice belonged to a certain someone who often abused me in the past.

[Milord, art they?]

[Yeah, my former coworker. I guess it was them who checked on my house when I didn’t show up at work for a while. They might be the culprit behind the burning as well. But… why did they come back here?]

『Boss! The lights are on!』

『Don’t tell me that incompetent…..Oi! Come out here!』

He shouted while banging on the front door.
They too huh… in that case…

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