Glutton Berserker ch.148

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Chapter 148 – Aftermath Report

Back at the mansion, we were greeted by Mimir and Lishua.

[Fate-sama, you did it, didn’t you?]

[Thank you very much! Now the folks on this territory can live their lives with a peace of mind.]

Both seemed pleased, probably already informed by Roxy beforehand about what happened.
I couldn’t help but feel worried especially with Snow kept clinging to me. Mimir finally asked me, probably unable to hold back her curiosity anymore.

[Well… is she ‘that’ girl?]

[Yes, she is. We shouldn’t talk about it here… Lishua, I’ll be grateful if you can provide us with a private room.]

[Understood. This way.]

Guided by Lishua, we headed to the meeting room.

[Snow-chan, come here, please!]

[Don’t wanna!]

[Ku~, I failed again.]

Next to me, Roxy still doggedly tried to get along with Snow by talking to her.
It didn’t seem to work. I felt that it’s making Snow hate her more than before.
Even so, Roxy didn’t give up. Un, even I could tell the result.
A vicious circle!

But even if Snow disliked it, her expression was less severe than before. So I thought that she’s managing just fine somehow.

Seeing this, both Lishua and Mimir seemed troubled over how to handle it.

Our noisy group finally arrived at the meeting room. Before we even took any seats, Mimir already dropped the bomb.

[That little girl, was she the sacred beast that has been rampaging in the desert?]

[Yeah, but let’s sit down first before we talk about that.]

I took a seat right across Lishua, with Snow immediately climbing up to my lap and sat there. Roxy sat on a chair next to me. Meanwhile Mimir stood at my other side.

[She was quite big before, but now she’s so small. And her red hair looks kind of cute.]

[Apparently, this isn’t her true form. She’s also an amnesiac. Didn’t even remember her own name when she first woke up.]

[So that’s how it is. Did she also get resurrected by the Door to His Land?]

[Most likely. Greed recognized her as a sacred-beastkin. So she probably lived a long time ago.]

[So she’s like, sacred-beastkin…? Where? Where? Can I see?]

[Hey, you! She will hate you if you are forceful like that.]

As if not learning from Roxy’s failure, Mimir also tried to get along with Snow.
If you’re too forceful, I’m afraid… she’ll end up eating you.
But against my expectation, Snow actually jumped to Mimir in response to her advance.

[Ooh! She doesn’t hate me. Here let me hug you. Yoshiyoshi, good girl good girl.]

[ [ EEeee!?] ]

I was honestly surprised. But there was someone else who was even more shocked than me. Obviously, it’s Roxy.
Oi oi, how come she allowed Mimir to hug her so easily?
As if showing off, Mimir repeatedly lifted and lowered Snow, and the little girl seemed to enjoy it as well. Roxy, of course, didn’t take this pretty well.
Roxy leaned on her chair weakly, as if her body was devoid of any muscle. It appeared that the mental damage she received was greater than I thought. She had a dead fish-look on her face.

Meanwhile, the previously silent Lishua suddenly yelled after seeing Mimir lift Snow up for several times.

[Everyone, can I have your attention for a bit! Look under Snow’s clothes… what is that?]

[ [ [ Nnn!? ] ] ]

Lishua desperately pointed her finger to Snow’s lower half.
Looking closely, I noticed something like a tail dangling behind her dress.
What is it? Everyone wondered.

[ [ [ Scorpion’s tail! ] ] ]

Un, a normal human definitely doesn’t have that. Yep, she’s definitely not human.
The so-called sacred-beastkin that Greed told me actually existed.

Snow’s face turned sour upon realizing that we saw her tail.

[Only I have this among us all, so I’ve been trying to hide it because I was anxious.]

Since she lost her memory, Snow probably felt like an odd one.
When she realized that she has a scorpion tail unlike the rest of us, she became confused and didn’t know what she should do with it.

Mimir boldly stretched her hand, touching Snow’s scorpion tail.

[This, it looks hard but it’s actually nice to touch! It also feels warm.]


[Stop that!]

Even if she looks like a kid, Snow was still someone who belonged to Area E. If she rampaged around, she’ll easily level the entire mansion.
So I told Mimir to retreat and stop her antics.

[It felt nice to touch, what a shame.]

[You should be ashamed of yourself. If something happened… you’ll be responsible for it.]

[I don’t want any of that… Fine, I’ll just stay put obediently here.]

That’s a relief. Phew~, good grief.
Snow who looked troubled because Mimir was prodding at her tail earlier seemed to have calmed down.
Just when I thought we could proceed from here, why was Roxy eyeing us intently like that!?

[Wha, what’s wrong?]

[Mumumu, that should be my line. Why… Mimir is A-okay?]

I wonder about that too. Snow simply seemed to avoid Roxy with all her might. Even now, she already hid herself behind me again.
But she didn’t act like that to Mimir. Even letting Mimir to touch her tail, which is currently her sore spot.
What could we conclude from all that…?

[Does she only act distant to Roxy-sama?]


Lishua had beaten me to it. Despite her appearance, she’s actually quite straightforward.
Having others to point it up directly like that only made Roxy to droop her shoulders down.
No no, I don’t think that was the actual case. This time, it was Mimir who spoke up her opinion on this matter.

[Perhaps it’s funny for me to say this, but this little girl doesn’t seem to like me in particular. I have a feeling Fate-sama has something to do with it. Maybe because I have Fate-sama’s scent in my body?]

[And what does that mean?]

Roxy frowned sharply, probably guessing where this is going. Mimir, on the other hand, puffed her chest smugly.

[Because we’ve slept together. That’s why Fate-sama’s scent lingers around me.]


Hearing that, Roxy started pummeling my shoulder with small punches in protest.
Wait a second there, it’s true, but it’s not what you think about.

[We ended up sleeping together because I was too tired and Mimir got drowsy after sucking my blood. Mimir, don’t say it in a way that it’ll cause misunderstanding. And Roxy, you should calm down!]

[ [ Yes… ] ]

Despite the hubris, Snow who should be the main topic of our talk had actually climbed back up to my lap and dozed off at some point.
She occasionally moved her body around while sleeping soundly. The damage she suffered from our previous battle may still remain. We really did a number to her… so I couldn’t really blame her for falling asleep like that.

While stroking Snow’s head, I told everyone my own take on the matter.

[Perhaps Snow is not afraid of Mimir because Mimir has been sucking on my blood. I don’t know why she’s attracted to it, but I can’t think up any other feasible reason other than that.]

[Blood is it? I see… that is indeed more reasonable. If it is just scent, I should have at least caught some since I often stick around Fai as well.]

[Glad if you can understand.]

I pat my chest in relief. Even if Roxy wants to get along with Snow so bad, there is no way that she’ll demand to suck on my blood like Mimir does.
But that thought was washed away when I noticed Roxy suddenly went silent as she eyed my neck intently.

With the sacred beast rampaging on the desert disappeared, the livelihood of the people living on this territory that Lishua governed should improve.
Just in case, let’s check if there was any darkness left after we’re done with this discussion.
Moreover, I still have my starvation to deal with. I want to build up even more status anyway. The more status the better. And the more skill I have, the more things I can do.
I just had to be careful with the urge that Gluttony skill kept shoving at me. Otherwise, the skill is pretty much beneficial.

I felt the urgency to rack up more power after I saw just how powerful Dad was.

At the end of our discussion, Lishua suggested that we should at least relax for a while in the public bath before going out to hunt the remaining darknesses.

[Everyone seems to be tired. Why don’t we wash up the sweats and grimes from our body first? After that, we can go together to hunt the darknesses. Of course, I will also tag along. If it’s just them, even I could handle them.]

[Right, right! And I could also join in too this time. In fact, Eris-sama had given me permission before she went to sleep!]

[You’re awfully prepared, aren’t you?]

[Ehen! I AM the maid of Barbatos family after all! So I will even work hard day and night to be able to be of service to my Lord. On the other hand, Roxy-sama must be tired, so she’d better pass this up and rest.]

Mimir had to stay behind during the sacred beast fight, so it’s only natural that she’s itching to join the fight now. She was all smiles when she saw us off, but I knew that she wanted to partake in the fight too.

She must’ve been worried and nervous. Well, she worked hard as a maid back at the capital, so I guess it should be fine to allow her to let loose once in a while.
Meanwhile Roxy could only grumble [gunununu].

[No no, I can still fight. I have the experience in fighting the darknesses. I can teach Mimir since it is going to be her first time fighting that kind of creature. Of course, I am going to teach her step by step.]

[Thank you very much, Roxy-sama. I’m looking forward to it.]

[Fufufu, me too.]

Dark shadowy aura floated around those two.
I could only hope that Lishua could act as the middle ground between the two later.
But when I looked at Lishua, she’s staring back at me. Apparently at loss with what she should do.

Stop Roxy and Mimir, you say!? Hahaha… you must be kidding, right…?
We should just head to the public bathhouse already.

[Alright, let’s head to the bath house. Lishua, lead the way.]

[Yes, this way.]

I was about to carry Snow, who I thought was still sleeping, up. But apparently the word [bath] managed to worm its way into her eardrum, which caused her to immediately spring awake.

[Bath! I want to!]

[Alright, alright.]

[Quick, quick!]

With Snow getting excited, I had to go now since it’ll be troublesome if she goes into a rampage..
I hastily left the room. Chasing behind me were Roxy and Mimir.



I didn’t bother to look back. Because Snow could be a lot more dangerous and frightening at the moment.
She’s… an Area E no less. Fighting her one on one would require me to go all out

The employees who we happened to pass by quickly made way for us. I guess it’s rare for a guest to make such a ruckus about taking a bath.
Once all of us arrived in front of the bathhouse, our guide came forward.

[Here it is. I actually managed this place myself, renovated several rooms into a large communal bath. The bathing place used by the former Lanchester was a bit too…]

Most of the girls in our group showed their agreement to that statement. Un, I see now… this Lanchester guy must’ve been not that popular among the holy knights. The dining room, the bedroom, etc had been renovated into this area.

Alright, let’s enter the large bathhouse!

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  1. I don’t know why but Mimir is growing on me more and more. I think that she will soon overtake even Aisha as best waifu in this novel. Why? I don’t know.
    Roxy is too bland, almost without character. Another harem manga/ln where main heroine got overshadowed by other members of the harem.

    Thanks for chapter


    1. I’ve always been puzzled by this trend to label a character that is genuinely kind heated and loving as “bland”. What? Is she supposed to be one of those abusive tunderes not to be considered “bland”. And just how exactly does Mimir have more character then Roxy? ‘Cause she’s a cliche vampire bad girl?

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