The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.126

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 126 – Aryan Heroine

Gilgamesh, the chief of the Aryan has a younger sister.

She is Zenobia.

She’s still in her mid twenties. She had a well-formed face, making for an outstanding look coupled with her long black hair and supple muscles. Truly, she is a rare beauty among the Aryans.

Although, there is something else that would catch people’s attention..

[She’s tall…]

Darius muttered.

Right, she’s very tall.
Her height was about 190cm tall. The 2 meter tall Darius didn’t even need to look down to meet her gaze.

With her appearance, the excitement among the Aryans was actually becoming much fiercer than before.

Yes, for even amongst the Aryans, she’s an exceptional warrior.

There was a saying within the tribe, that she’s the only true Aryan among the modern Aryans.

A 『Supreme Masterpiece』, so to speak.


[The Aryans… have become very excited.]

Darius commented after looking around.

Zenobia’s appearance had reignited the atmosphere.
They looked considerably excited during the fight between Gilgamesh and Ares… but this one was on a whole different level.

The Aryans shouted and cheered excitedly and, as if that’s not enough, they also made many other noises such as stomping on the ground repeatedly.

While watching such an atmosphere, Darius walked toward the center of the arena with his long spear. On his front was Zenobia, carrying a sword that was twice as large as herself.

[Oya? Why is it not the short guy from earlier?]

[Are you not satisfied?]

[Well~ it’s nothing like that. I just wanted to see that short guy fight seriously.]

Darius chuckled upon hearing her. She actually knew that his Lord wasn’t fighting seriously.

[But you look strong too. Who is stronger, you or that short guy?]

[That hit my sore spot. I certainly lost against him once before. Judging from that, guess you can say that I’m weaker than him.]

Darius chuckled.

It was his first ever defeat. His match against Ares in the previous war ended with his loss. But he didn’t see it as something shameful. He actually felt proud of it.

[Oi, I only won out of sheer luck. Don’t go making me into some sort of a freak.]

Ares’ voice could be heard from behind. His lord truly had sharp hearing. But Darius ignored that complaint.

[Well, I did manage to make him go serious, although he still beat me by a step. So why don’t we see how good I really am through battle?]

[Fuhn, whatever. I can see that you’re also a very strong person. All I need to do is to defeat you to force that short guy to come out.]

Zenobia brandished her sword. Wind and dust was kicked up just from that simple movement.

[Let’s have some fun! Here goes!]

And she started dashing unexpectedly fast.



Darius blocked Zenobia’s attack head on.


The moment his spear clashed with Zenobia’s sword, Darius’ feet actually sunk a few centimeters deep into the stone floor. That was how huge the pressure of Zenobia’s sword swing was.

Even so Darius managed to shake her sword off. But Zenobia quickly retreated with cat-like agility.

[Oi oi, are you kidding me…? There is actually someone like this.]

Darius’ face turned serious. His long years of experience told him that this is a strong enemy.

On the other hand, Zenobia was smiling. As if she’s having fun.

[You actually took that pretty well. That’s a first! Entertain me some more!]

Zenobia charged in to attack swiftly once again.

[Not only strength, I have speed as well!]

Having said that, Darius entered a stance with his spear poised.

His spear met Zenobia’s sword blow by blow, causing sparks to fly every time.

Zenobia’s attack had devastating power in its own right. Her lack of technique was covered thanks to her speed and overwhelming strength.
Darius was gradually forced into a defensive stance.

At that moment…


Darius shook Zenobia’s sword away with a roar and Zenobia once again retreated.

Both of them barely lost their breaths. Darius took the short break to observe her… and smiled.

[I’ve been fighting Aryans many times before… but I never imagined that someone like you actually existed. I’m going to get really serious for the first time outside of my fights with Milord and Sigurd.]

Darius’ body began to glow gold.


Darius ignited his fighting spirit. His muscles swelled up.

Seeing this, Zenobia actually frowned.

[Alright. Let the real game begin now. Show me… how long can you last!]

Darius started attacking Zenobia violently.


Zenobia involuntarily groaned after receiving Darius’ first attack. The weight was heavier than his previous blows.

But Darius didn’t simply stop with one attack. He attacked again and again. Now Zenobia was pushed into defense.

While chasing his opponent, Darius clicked his tongue.

(To be able to stand this much…impressive.)

At the corner of his eyes was the sight of a stupefied Ares. Even he didn’t think that she could keep up with Darius that far.


Darius’ last attack caused Zenobia’s body to shoot backward. She dropped her sword and even closed her eyes.

(Is that it…? No, it’s not. She hasn’t lost her will to fight.)

While Darius was wondering…


[No way!?]

Golden light started to envelop Zenobia’s struggling body, making her glow in the same manner as Darius.

The Aryan spectators were lost for words.

At first, they were silent, probably confused… but then they started to loudly cheer again.

[I must thank you, Warrior of Grants.]

Zenobia said as she checked and tried moving her body.

[This feels… Different. My body feels so light… I never thought there is such a thing in this world before.]

Zenobia then turned to Darius again after retrieving her sword.

[Well then, let’s continue our spar!]

With that, Zenobia began to attack Darius again, this time at a faster speed than before.


Darius and Zenobia collided once more.

[This is nice! My body feels so light as if I’ve grown wings!]

Zenobia kept attacking, although the expression in her face was that of happiness.
Darius on the other hand, didn’t show any emotion and simply responded.

[What’s wrong? What can you do if you keep defending?]

Darius kept enduring while ignoring Zenobia’s provocation.
They probably had clashed for more than fifty times already by now.

Ares, witnessing the battle, suddenly muttered.

[Is it almost time?]

And at the same time Darius also muttered.

[It’s about time.]

Soon afterward, a visible change happened to Zenobia’s body.

[Guh! What?!]

The golden light that covered Zenobia’s body suddenly disappeared, and Zenobia promptly fell on all four. Her breath became ragged, as if her performance just now was a lie.
Standing before her, Darius spoke up.

[It’s because you overused your fighting spirit. Fighting spirit causes your body to exhibit its inner potential after all. This happens for those who use it for the first time.]

[Bastard… you know that and yet you said nothing… coward!]

[Coward? Don’t make me laugh. I could’ve easily wrestled you to submission if I were very serious.]

Darius then unleashed his true fighting spirit. This is Darius’ secret. He actually had two levels of Fighting Spirit release.

[No… no way…]

[You do understand, right? What does this mean?]

Cold sweat soaked Zenobia’s back. She realized now. There are stronger people out there and this man before him was one of them.

Zenobia finally relaxed, sat down on her butt and said while scratching her head.

[You got me… I submit.]

Along with Zenobia announcing her surrender, the crowd also became subdued. It’s only natural. Their strongest champion had been defeated.
And with that, the duel between Darius and Zenobia came to an end.


[Well then… you’ve lost. So does that mean you’ll agree to become our friend, just as the Aryan customs say?]

To Darius’ words, Zenobia turned to Gilgamesh who was watching at the back.

[Kuh… very well. We will abide by your words. Name your requirements.]

Darius laughed openly, then he turned to Ares.

[Good grief, who is the lord here anyway?]

Ares sighed, then shrugged his shoulders.

[I only have 2 requests.]

Darius slowly raised two fingers, before continuing.

[The first request is to follow the instruction of my Lord over there. You all have also recognized his power, correct?]

The many Aryans promptly turned toward Ares, which the latter responded with a smile.

[And for your information… Milord is stronger than me. Remember that.]

The Aryans started whispering and muttering to each other. Ignoring them altogether, Darius continued on.

[As for the other request.]

The Aryans quickly settled themselves down upon hearing that. What Darius said next was unexpected, even for Ares.

[Oi… the woman over there. You, be my wife.]

Right then, it’s as if the time stood still for a while.


Ares was the first to recover from the startling scene.

[Wha- Darius. What are you sayin…]

[Pardon me, but please be quiet for now, Milord.]

Darius then approached Zenobia.

[While fighting you earlier… I came to like you. So be my wife.]

Zenobia, in turn, looked deep into Darius’ eyes.

[Do you really mean it?]

[I do. I want you to bear my child. If it’s with you, our children will certainly be born strong.]

Silence covered the area once more. Until…

[Ahaha. Interesting offer. Very well. I will bear your children.]

Zenobia responded with a hearty laugh.

[Aryan women will only submit to someone stronger than themselves. Unfortunately, there is no one stronger than me within the tribe. In that case, you fit in the requirement just fine.]

She then turned to Gilgamesh.

[My brother surely won’t mind as well.]

[…..well, I do not mind.]

Gilgamesh nodded in consent. The previous calm Aryans started cheering again.

[We welcome the strong as our friend.]

[Finally, our princess found her fated.]

[Their offspring will certainly be even stronger!]

Meanwhile, Ares muttered wryly without anyone taking note of him.

[What was that? To think it’ll develop this way…]

The Aryans rushed to congratulate Darius, ignoring Ares’ existence. But regardless of what happened in between, Ares managed to befriend the Aryans in the end so he decided to join the Aryans in the celebratory mood.


No less than the Hero Sovereign himself, the Heavenly Warrior Darius Grants was also a man who really got around with women. He was known to marry several women, but the most famous among his wives was certainly Zenobia, who was known as 『Aryan Heroine』in the later dates.

She was famous for her fighting prowess as she’s said to be stronger than any of the Arestia Twelve Generals, but still fell short to those of the Six Heavenly Generals. People also said that she didn’t really get along well with Ares, as it is believed that her loyalty lay in Darius alone.

Zenobia later went on and served as Darius’ deputy, making a name for herself as one of the Arestia’s strongest.

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  1. I feel the obligatory DBZ references have to be pointed out:
    >> Darius’ body began to glow gold.
    >> Darius ignited his fighting spirit. His muscles swelled up.
    Darius went Super Saiyan!

    >>Golden light started to envelop Zenobia’s struggling body, making her glow in the same manner as Darius.
    Then Zenobia learned to go Super Saiyan!

    >>Darius then unleashed his true fighting spirit. This is Darius’ secret. He actually had two levels of Fighting Spirit release.
    And all this time, Darius could go Super Saiyan Level II!
    Is this the story of Gohan and Videl?

    Sorry, I couldn’t help it! XD


    1. In one of the xeno verses she does don’t know the details but there is a super sayian videl card in the DBS card game


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