Glutton Berserker ch.162

Weekly chapters (2/2)

Imagine being Fate in the end of this chapter…

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Chapter 162 – Ancient Gate

Groundwater leaked down from the ceiling, accumulating for who knows how long, creating a wide stream on the floor.
Splashing sound could be heard with each of our steps.

At first, I was anxious that we’d encounter monsters within. But there was no sign of anyone else inside. Just the sounds of dripping and flowing water.

I recalled what Eris had told me earlier.
That people with Mortal Sin skills were born due to the accumulated hatred of the people.
Comparing that to my old behaviour and mindset. Suffice to say that I was surprised.

From time to time, there was always this feeling of darkness slowly creeping into my heart. It was the worst when I fought Rafal at the capital. Whenever I hid myself behind that skull mask, I felt like there’s another me moving to the surface.
Having the intention to kill that Lanchester dude in the throne room. Moreover, during that incident in the military district, letting that guard die in the same way he killed others. I strangely didn’t feel any guilt back then.

I knew that it’s a bad thing. But the restraint would still come off when I felt pressured. Sometimes my emotions would explode uncontrollably.
But thanks to Roxy, I was able to get past all that. Evidently, I never wore that skull mask anymore.

While I was deep in my own thought, Greed spoke to me through 《Mind Reading》.

『At that time, you were under the Gluttony skill’s influence. You couldn’t even hear my voice back then.』

[My bad…I was horrible…]

『It’s the path that every Mortal Sin skill holder will inevitably trudge on. All you can do, is to experience it yourself and overcome it. It will be all over if you fail, but I believe that Fate will be just fine.』

[He~, you’re actually encouraging me today]

『You are the wielder of this me. I have the obligation to do that much.』

I was in a good mood after Greed praised me. But of course he followed up with his usual barbs.

[Still, thank you. Then, is there anything else you need to tell me?]

『How could you tell?』

[How long do you think I’ve put up with you?]

『Hahaha, certainly. Thinking about it, we spent more time together than you with Roxy.』

After that light hearted exchanges, Greed switched back to a serious tone.

『There is one thing I found strange.』

[…..what is it?]

『Your impulse. It’s not solely coming from the Gluttony skill influence.』

[What do you mean by that?]

『It’s just the intuition of this me. Why? Because you are different from my previous wielder. In your case…..』

The sound of Eris and Roxy’s gasps cut off Greed before he could finish.
Apparently I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings during our conversation.
When I looked in the direction of their gaze, there was a gate that was even larger than the outer gate of the Royal Capital.

[This gate…looks sturdy.]

I thought to cut it open, but Greed warned me to not do so.
And I think, I’ve seen this kind of metal before.

[This is adamantite. The sturdiest metal known in the world, which is also used to reinforce the outer wall of the fortress city Babylon.]

[It’s exactly as Roxy said. Even Mortal Sin weapons couldn’t destroy this easily. Unless Fate is a master swordsman, I don’t think you need to even bother trying.]

Eris threw a grin at me as she glanced sideways.

[Okay, okay, I admit that I’m not on that level yet. What about you, Eris?]

[I’m a support type combatant. There is no way I can do that.]

[What’s the point of that blade on the black bayonet then? It must be crying over its wielder incompetence by now.]

[You do know that I can say the same words right back at you, right?]


I couldn’t refute her.
I had been taught swordsmanship by Aaron, and also received Greed’s guidance in the spiritual world.
But my level of proficiency still couldn’t compare to either of them.

Not going to let me sulk over that, Roxy made a follow up.

[Fai is the type to brute force through everything though]

[…..thank you.]

[Well, that is certainly true. I thought that it would be impossible for him to defeat the Tenryu. But Fai is the type to evolve during the heat of battle. I actually look forward to it.]

[Stop! I don’t wanna fight that kind of battle again.]

[But the result is the current you, who is standing here with us.]

We’re about to head to a mysterious place here…telling something ominous like that. Oh dear…I have a bad feeling already.

Still, how do we open this gate?
Eris tried to push it open, but it didn’t budge.

[Fuu~, this is not good as well.]

[It is too early to give up!]

[Because it’s me who tried it, of course it failed. Right, Roxy?]

[I guess so… If Eris-sama could not do anything about it, then it is obviously impossible for me…]

Roxy seemed troubled by this.
After telling her not to worry too much about it, I took another look at the gate.

[Did Snow really go through here?]

[Perhaps. She’s a Divine Beastkin, so she probably has some sort of special ability.]

[Special, huh…]

My hand inadvertently pushed open the gate.


[No way… But how?]


Both Eris and Roxy were surprised.
I was also stunned. But inwardly I knew….that this had something to do with Dad.

[So I also have the qualification]

[Now that I recall, your dad was a Zodiac Knight, wasn’t he?]

[Yeah, Libra said so. And from my Dad’s action back in the desert, I guess he really was.]

[I see… So you are a half blood]

Eris flattened at first, but quickly smiled back.
Libra had left behind a major trauma in her. As a result, I guess she carried similar hatred toward the other Zodiac knights.
But she seemed okay with me judging from her current expression.

[Thanks to Snow, I’ve come to terms with it somewhat. And see, I could stick to Fate like I always do.]


[Now now.]

Eris latched herself to me in a hug.
Now I had a feeling that she does this all the time to help overcome her trauma of the Zodiac knights.

[You’re hugging too tight]

[Nah nah, perhaps I do, but I feel good by doing this.]

I tried to peel away Eris from me to no avail.

[Don’t use Area E power for something like this]

[It’s part of the preparation]

[There is no such thing as this!]

Eris kept hugging me tightly.
While I was at loss for what to do, I sensed a cold gaze coming from behind.
When I turned around, I was reminded. Wasn’t Roxy in here watching us all the time!?

[You two really get along, are you not?]

[No, no, no matter how you look at it, that’s not the case!]

[Then why is Eris-sama grinning so widely there?]

[Eris please say something!]

[This is trauma treatment, so don’t worry about it. I have no other intention. Rest assured.]

But Roxy wouldn’t buy any of that.
She then started to recount what Eris had done so far.
Sleeping naked in the same bed, went into the men’s bath… Could that be considered as ‘trauma treatment’?
Un, it’s not convincing at all.

[Can I ask you one thing?]

[What is it?]

[How are you feeling right now?]

[The best!!]

The kindhearted and gentle Roxy.
Even now she still had a smile on her face…
Did my eyes deceive me?

I swore that I could see a creature resembling Tenryu dancing behind her.
A tremendous pressure that I had never felt before.
This is like…when I need to run away from Aaron!

When in a situation like this, there is only one thing I can do.

[Yosh, anyway, the gate is open now. Let’s move on.]

[Ah, Fai, hold it right there!]

[Can’t hear you.]

[You definitely can hear me! And why is Eris-sama still hugging Fai like that? Please let go!]

In any case, we proceeded onward.


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