First Announcement on 2021

Firstly first, Happy New Year 2021.

Dear Patrons and readers. Thank you for all of your support last year, and please take care and support us this year too.

So many things happened in 2020, and that includes me and our staff. But, I sincerely hope that everyone managed to get by despite the bleak times.

I hope 2021 will be a good and blissful year for all of us.
Nega Translations will do our best to deliver more chapters for you to spend your free and relaxing time.

Next for the announcement.

  1. As I stated in my previous announcement, Glutton Berserker almost catch-up with the raws. Less than 10 chapters. We’re planning to catch-up before 2020 ends, but alas, one stuff and another is coming and we’re unable to commit our wishes. However, rest assured, we’re gonna catch-up with the raws soon. I can promise you that.
  1. Regarding our King of Heroes project, we’re also almost catching-up with the raws. Some of you had mentioned that the raws died, however, recently the Author-sama made an update, although it’s slow update, but it shows that the Author-sama didn’t abandoned the project. With only 11 chapters left, we’re likely to catch-up with the raws within next month.
  1. Since we have 2 projects that almost catch-up with the raws, we’re considering to pick-up a new title for our next project. So, if you have any recommendation, feel free to drop it in the comment section below. We’ll give it a read before make the decision later.
  1. Good news. A kind reader just shared the raws of MotoYuusha. Thus, we’ll restart the project back. Thank you very much goo21 for the raws. I and Shirayuki will do our best to deliver the new chapter asap.
  1. Due to Christmas and New Year golden week, there is some delays on the our projects. As the result, we decided to combine last week batch and this week batch releases. Hopefully, our schedule is back to normal starting on next week batch.

That’s all for now.

Have a nice day and stay safe everyone.

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