The Story of Hero Among Heroes ch.168

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Chapter 168 – The Eastern Expedition 4 ~ The Apex of Martial Arts~


The sound of iron colliding against each other echoed on the battlefield.

The sound came from the center of the battlefield.

There are two men showing their powers.

[It’s you. It’s definitely you! This overwhelming power!]

Zackard was excited. There is a man who can take his best blow.

[Isn’t it late? I’m tired of waiting.]

Darius, who responded in a rough tone, also smiled at his expression.

When each other took a good distance, they both looked at each other with a smirk.

Zackard saw the man in front of him.

A big man who is about the same height as himself.
His bare muscles were bulging and his appearance was also elegant. He’d never seen anything special about them, but it’s definitely the real deal.
The horse that he rode seems to be a demon beast. The black glossy hair and the ferocious eyes that shone red suggested that it is not an ordinary horse.

Darius, on the other hand, also saw Zackard.

About the same height. The developed muscles of his whole body and looked like a muscular dharuma. A golden armor helmet that covered the body. The halberd in his hand was full of black and terrifying magical power, and it was clear that he was a magic spear user. And that riding thing… it’s not a horse or a cow, it’s obviously a demon beast. A cow-shaped demon beast covered with blue hair… The two horns that shine black are like sharp blades.

The thing that made them stop looking against each other…is because of Darius’ beloved horse Death Scythe was neighing. Death Scythe got enthusiastic at seeing his opponent.

As if to call it a signal, the two charged with tremendous force.



Every time the two people’s strengths collide with each other, an invisible shock wave scattered throughout the battlefield.

5, 10 and even 20 times … The total number of weapon clashes has increased, but both men do not give up.



Darius’s beloved horse Deathscythe and the cow monster that Zackard straddled, did not move as if to boost his master. However, they hit their opponents with that sharp line of sight.

When the number of clashes combined was about to exceed 50… those two took another distance again.

There are no words. But… They have understood two things by exchanging spears now.

Their way of fighting is similar.

And two.
If you don’t take it seriously, you can’t beat the man in front of you.

[It’s fun! It’s really fun!]

He shouted with a vicious laugh which made Zackard excited


Along with that voice, Zackard raised the halberd overhead. The black miasma from the halberd overflowed and covered Zackard’s body.
Miasma began to drift from Zackard’s body and the color of his eyes began to glow red.

[It’s the first physical strengthening method…]

Darius muttered and glared at Zackard.

His physical strengthening method is like a demon’s.

Some people use magic, but in some cases like Darius and his master Ares, they use fighting spirit to break through their limits, but using miasma is…

Darius took a small breath and…


He took a deep breath. Along with that, the golden fighting spirit covers Darius.

[Now, let’s go for a second round!!]

In this way, Darius and Zackard would clash spears again.




The sound of their spears echoing on the battlefield. And every time their spears clash, an extraordinary amount of wind pressure is dug into the ground.

Darius didn’t care so much and drew out a heavenly painting with the wind pressure.

However, as well as Zackard, he exchanged while twisting his body while identifying his enemy’s weak point… The next moment, he laid down his halberd.

Darius also stopped and accepted the attack as if he knew the blow.

The offensive and defensive movements continued…

The people around them can only watch over it.

[…what should I do…?]

A young soldier muttered, watching over the battle.

[What can I do to be strong like that?]

An unnamed young soldier muttered on the battlefield. The veteran soldier next to him replied with such words that everyone would normally ignore.

[Are you sure you want to throw it away?]

[Ha? What is it?]

[Abandoning your humanity. By abandoning your humanity, I’m sure you’ll end up with that kind of martial arts.]

The martial arts that are unfolding in front of you. It’s not a human skill.

The young soldier was staring at the figure as if he was biting into the words of a veteran soldier.


Zackard began to feel a little impatient.

Ever since he was born, he didn’t know anyone who could fight him this much.
Most of them couldn’t take one of his blows and have died until now.
Yes, including his father.

But, what about the man in front of him?

He took his blow firmly and, on the contrary, launched a counterattack. And that blow is also so heavy that he had never experienced it…..

(The world is wide… as there is a man like this.)

Darius, on the other hand, was also waving his spear with surprise.

(I was surprised. Isn’t it the same martial art as the Lord, Sigurd, and Shu?)

However, it is definitely different from Zackard. He knows a warrior equal to himself and is experiencing a deadly battle.

There are people around him who, like him, have reached the culmination of martial arts.

Sigurd, Shu, and his master, Ares.

By acknowledging their existence, he was able to swing their spears more calmly than Zackard.

However, such a margin is insignificant for the two of them today.

Both Darius and Zackard… smiled before the spear was put together, but now it’s gone.

It’s easy to see that they are fighting within the limits.

How long has it been since it started?

The two pulled their spears again and took their distance.

It was then that something incredulous happened.

From the direction of the left flank of the Zackard army, a strange army that had never been seen on the battlefield appeared.

[Oh, Darius. You seem to be doing something that looks fun.]

A funny voice echoed in the tense battlefield.

Yes, the man at the front spoke to him without reading the atmosphere. And Zackard is scared to stand up.

The man… was straddled on the dragon.

[Oi oi, what happened to the enemy’s left flank?]

[Isn’t it decided that we already crushed it, right?]

[Haa. As expected from the dragon unit.]

Two men were laughing at each other. But Zackard heard the words, turned his gaze backwards… and clicked his tongue.

Yes, it was the many dragon species behind him that came into his sight.

He put it in sight and then immediately took action.
He suddenly turned his horse’s head in the opposite direction.

The chance to fight numerous dragons was a bad call. And the man who was talking to that Darius… That man is also a monster. It’s bad to fight against two monsters here right now.

Even now… he heard that the right wing was swallowed by the enemy and the left wing was crushed…

[…Oi bastard, wait!]

Without replying to Darius’ words, Zackard started running.

[I will… never forget you…]

When he glared with his red eyes, Zackard returned to his own camp.


Zackard kicked off the Margraves’ soldiers with a single horse, and returned to his main camp.
Then the entire army will be ordered to retreat immediately.

However, the decision was slow and his army was almost destroyed.

The Byzeld army, which had invaded Istrea in this way, was thus almost destroyed.

The retreat of Dormadia and Byzeld. That is something that has never been seen in the eastern countries.

Their defeat marks the beginning of a major tide in these eastern nations.

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  1. That’s kinda dumb. How you gonna let him escape when he’s in the middle of your army and you’ve got your two best guys there?


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