New Project Announcement

Greetings everyone. Raizu is here with a news~

  1. Thank you for everyone who recommended and suggested a lot of interesting titles. Finally, after a long consideration, we’ve picked-up this novel as our new project.

Heroic Chronicles of the Three Continents ~Chronicles of Empire Rebuilding with Modern Knowledge~.
a.k.a The Champion of The Three Continents. (Novel Update)

You can read the previous chapters from Byzaboo Translations.
This novel is also got adapted into the manga.

The main reason on why I picked-up this title is because the story is almost similar with King of Heroes.
OP MC, Harem, lewd scenes available, MC is not coward, nation building, and the story contain politics, wars, plots, etc.

However, unlike King of Heroes which is the raws is slowing down, this new title has already completed. (No more cliffhanger from Author-sama~)

From the past week, I read all of the raws chapters and got hooked.
So, I hope everyone will enjoy this novel too.

Please look forward for the new translated chapters from us.


  1. Perhaps some of you might already noticed that the patreon chapters is bit lagging behind the schedule.

The reason is because my IRL stuffs and my editors IRL stuffs won’t permit us to work on the chapters. Yep, pretty much it’s because COVID-19. However, rest assured, we will always delivers and fulfill the Patreon chapters in the end.

Alright, that’s all the news for now.

Have good day and stay safe everyone.

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