Santairiku Eiyuuki v2c5

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The calm before storm.


Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 5 Library

[I don’t have a book to read.]

Hercule began to say such a thing.

[What happened?]

[That’s why I don’t have a book to read.]

Hercule answered Carolina’s question.
Sit down on the sofa and cross your legs.

[I read all the books in the library attached to the Palace. I also read all the books owned by the Cathedral of Nova Lemuria. I bought a lot of books from abroad, but I already finished reading all of them too…]

[How many books did you read a day before you stopped?]

[Hmm, maybe three books.]

I’m free, hey.

[You can read that well.]

[Well, there’s no entertainment after all.]

In this world, there were only three options for entertainment: reading a book, watching a play, or going hunting.
Hercule, who was originally fast to read, finished reading books in no time.

[What should I do…]

[Why don’t you go to the Great Library of Alexia?]

It was Scheherazade who suggested to Hercule.
The princess of [Big Breasts] in the Kingdom of Fars.

She was currently living in the palace of the Lemurian Empire.

[I see, the Alexia Library…]

It is the second largest city of the Lemurian Empire and the capital of the province of Misuru.

It had a long history and existed before Lemuria’s transition to imperial rule in a port town built by its famous ancient king.

Since the province of Misuru was the largest breadbasket of the empire, wheat was concentrated there from all over the Empire.
It’s also Alexia that collected spices imported from the East.

The Alexia Library in Alexia was one of the largest libraries in the world, with a collection of 700,000 volumes and a research institute where researchers from all over the world gathered.

[I see, it’s the Alexia Library… I heard that there are books over there that I can’t read for the rest of my life…]

It’s not bad.
That was Hercule’s thought.

Originally, there was a scheduled visit to the province of Misuru someday for a tour of rice cultivation and sugar cultivation, and the local governor-general’s office requested a special budget for hydraulic irrigation.

This was a good opportunity.

[Alright, shall we go to Alexia?]


[However, it’s hot… the province of Misuru… as usual.]

[Because it’s a desert.]

Preparations were hurried, so a month later Hercule visited Alexia, a province of Misuru.
If you went south from the capital by boat, it’s just a short distance away, so it’s not too much of a hassle to visit.

The province of Misuru had a desert climate.
A scorching land where the sun burned the earth and the wind whipped over the sand.

That was the province of Misuru.

But that was only one side of the province of Misuru.

The province of Misuru was by no means a land of death.
Rather, the opposite.

It is a land full of life.


[But, the Neil River is always big.]

[It’s like the sea, isn’t it?]

Hercule and Carolina overlooked the Neil River, a large river that poured into the sea, from the balcony of the Governor’s Office.

The Neil river.

It’s a large river that brings blessings to the Misuru region.

The Misuru region had been developed since ancient times due to the large amount of water brought about by the Neil River and the fertile soil of the upper reaches brought about by the annual flooding.

Although it was a desert area, it was the blessing of the Neil River that was the largest breadbasket of the Empire.

[Wow, that’s amazing. Is this the Neil? There’s a big river, Dajra Frat, in my hometown, but Neil is certainly larger.]

Scheherazade that came with him also cried in admiration.

Alexia also had a Cathedral and a Bishop oversaw it, so she definitely wanted to go on a pilgrimage.
Because there was hope for Scheherazade.

It was not desirable to leave the palace in Lemuria too much, but it would be depressing if Scheherazade was also trapped in the palace for a long time.
Hercule, who thought, gave a special permit.

By the way, Scheherazade would act as a daughter of a nobleman.
It’s how it was set up.

When people say that there was a reason, everyone thinks [Don’t touch it] and doesn’t snoop.

Other escorts include Christoph and Gulfis, fifty heavy cavalry, and twenty archers.
And Lucanos was accompanied.

[Well, it’s okay to go to the Alexia Library from tomorrow.]

[…His Majesty the Emperor, the main purpose of this time is to visit the province of Misuru. Don’t forget your priorities, right?]

[The Alexia Library is at the top priority for me…]

Hercule was being reminded by Carolina.
However, work is work.
Of course, I will do it. I’ll postpone it.

[Carolina, don’t get too stiff and think about it comfortably. It’s like a trip, right?]

[No. Your Majesty, an inspection is an inspection… Please stop for a moment. In a place like this…]

Hercule puts her hand on Carolina’s shoulder and slowly drops his hand down.
Hugging Carolina’s body and groping her back, hips and buttocks.

The season was summer.
The heat of the tropical province of Misuru was extraordinary.

Therefore, both men and women wore thin clothes with more exposure.

That’s why Hercule was horny.

[Can I lock the door?]


Hercule whispered in Carolina’s ear.
Carolina turned her face red and nodded a little.

(They are so forward… Lemuria is unexpected…)

Looking at such a situation, Scheherazade thought inwardly.
Scheherazade, who grew up in a half-house arrest deep inside the Royal palace because she was a Messiah, is ignorant of such love affairs.

It has nothing to do with me.
She thought.

However, for Scheherazade as a long-eared tribe elf, she is unaware of a lot of men nailing their gaze toward her very developed chest.


That night.

[That… Do you really want to do it?]

[Isn’t it natural!! Your Majesty the Emperor is here, you know! I can’t show him such a pagan book!]

Bishop Alexia insisted straight, with clear eyes to his assistant priest who had a worried look.

Bishop Alexia was an Orthodox Messianic priest and had been the Bishop for about 20 years.
It was Hadrianus, the father of Hercule, who appointed him the Chief Bishop.

Originally, the province of Misuru was different from the Orthodox sect, and there were many Messiahs of the [heretics], [Alectia sect]. Emperor Hadrian expelled the [Alektian] general Bishop and established a new [Orthodox] general Bishop.

That was him.

As a result, he was very enthusiastic about the exclusion of [heretics] and [pagans], and was deeply grateful to Emperor Hadrian.
The gratitude was, of course, also directed to his son Hercule.

When I heard the coronation of Hercule, he rushed to Nova Lemuria first and swore allegiance.

Such a work-minded general Bishop was planning to be there to welcome and impress Hercule.
Thus was the destruction of the Alexander Great Library.

His idea was to burn and purify the dirty books written by the pagans along with the library.

The first thing that His Majesty the Emperor woke up in the morning was the ashes of the Devil’s Library! 
His Majesty the Emperor rushed in first and said this:

[Who did this?]

And I answer. [It’s me]

His Majesty the Emperor says. [Well done, it’s my loyal retainer. What an excellent Patriarch! If you look closely, it seems that you have judged many heretics and heathens. Patriarch Alexia isn’t enough for you. Let’s dismiss Lucanos, who was useless and balless, and make you Patriarch Nova Lemuria. Work as my right arm from today!!]

Patriarch Alexia began a solo play.
This would be the case for raccoon dogs that were not caught.

[…Does it really work that well?]

[What happened, assistant priest? What are you worried about?]

[…His Majesty is certainly made to be a [Orthodox] Messiah, but I don’t know what he thinks of heretics and heathens is…]

[What do you say!! Do you doubt the faith of His Majesty the Emperor!!]

[No, that’s not the case…]

The assistant priest had a troubled face.
It is difficult to have a boss who had a strong delusional habit.

[Whatever, you should go back and stay at home!]

[…I understand….It won’t be a problem if I gave up, right?]

Fortunately, the assistant priest got off the [Super Limited Time Express To That World].
Later, the assistant priest said:

[No, it was dangerous. Yeah, really. I’m glad I was away at that time…]

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