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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 6 – Extinguishing Fire


[Your Majesty the Emperor…]

At midnight.
Hercule was visiting Carolina’s room.

Both of them hugged each other on the bed.

[You’re wearing a cute one today too.]

[No, please stop… Your Majesty, that…embarrassing.]

Carolina wore a lovely pink lace nightie made of silk.
It is made of silk and thin fabric, so Carolina’s white skin could be seen through.

[It looks good.]

[Your Majesty…umm… please turn off the lights.]

[Still shy as usual. I understand.]

Hercule turned off the lamp.
The room became dark, and only the moonlight shining through the windows surrounds them.

Both of them devoured their lips with each other.
They put each other’s bodies in close contact with each other, while feeling the other’s body temperature and body with their own skin, they exchanged hot kisses.

The body temperatures of the two people rising high ended up not being due solely to the temperature in the province of Misuru.

[Umm… Your Majesty…]


[Umm, the light…]

[I have turned off the lights though?]

[Eh? But it still looks bright…]

Then they notice,
There is something that glows faintly red on the other side of the window.

The light came from the center of the city.

[Hey, Carolina.]

[What is it?]

[That is…something like a fire, isn’t it?]

[I think so, too.]

Hercule and Carolina looked at each other.
And then…

[Carolina! Get dressed right away. I’ll wake up Christos, Garphis, and Lucanos.]

[Understood! I will prepare the horse ready.]

[Yes, please.]

The two started moving in a hurry.


[Dammit! Who is the idiot who caused a fire late at night!!]

Hercule was running his horse to the scene of the fire.
Fortunately, the panic hadn’t happened yet, and the road was open-wide because the law prohibited people from going out in the middle of the night.

[That’s really fortunate that we are here today.]

Christos said that while running side by side next to Hercule.

Hercule, Carolina, Christos, Garphis, Lucanos, and followed by Hercule’s long-eared tribe Elven Knights as their escorts.
They are all spiritualist users.

In this world where the fire engines don’t exist, the fastest way to extinguish fire is by using spirit magic.
In particular, Christos and Garphis who have contracted with the spirits that are capable of extinguishing the fire.

[However, Scheherazade. You don’t have to come along because you are still our guest…]

[If anyone is in trouble, it’s natural for me to help.]

[I see.]

Hercule stared at Scheherazade’s twin hills, which shook as the horse moved.
She really holds such wonderful things.

[…Your Majesty, please don’t look away. It’s dangerous.]

[Eh? Ah, yes, I’m sorry.]

Hercule reflexively apologized to the strangely murderous words from Carolina.
Carolina rode her horse with a slightly moody face.

(I wonder what the value of a lump of fat is… it’s not like we’re eating something different either)

That’s why the man.
Carolina thought, but she didn’t say it.

Lucanos, who saw the two of them, murmured, [It’s good to be in love].
Considering that it’s the remark from the guy who lost his genitalia, it was heavy in various ways.


While doing so, the party arrived at the scene.
At the location, there was a group of people trying to throw the fire into the building with the torches, while quarreling with another small group who tried to prevent them.

The small group is being defeated, and torches are being thrown one after another.

[What are you doing!!]

[Oh my! Your Majesty the Emperor!!]

When Hercule shouted, a man appeared.
The Patriarch of Alexia.

[Patriarch Alexia, huh. What are you burning right now?]

[It’s the devil’s library!!]

Patriarch Alexia replied with pride.

I see, is it the devil’s library?
If it’s a devil’s library, then there’s no problem…


A cold sweat runs on the back of Hercule.

[…Don’t tell me, it’s the Alexia Library?]

[Yes, it is!!]

Alexia Library. 
The world’s largest library with 700,000 volumes.

A library that contains a lot of books that are unique in the world since ancient times.

That is…
Burning now?


What are the books in the library here made of? 
Since there is no paper yet… I see, it’s papyrus.

In other words, it’s grass.
It looks like it will burn well!!

[…Don’t tell me, it’s the Alexia Library?]

Hercule asked again, taking into account in case of misunderstanding.
And Patriarch Alexia replies.

[Yes, it is!!]

For a moment, Hercule’s consciousness flew away.
His feet became unsteady..

While holding his head, Hercule thinks.

Alright, it’s indeed burning.
The question is who is the one who is burning it. Or rather, who is the group with that torch?

Hercule took a deep breath, calmed his head, and then asked.

[Who burned it?]

[I did it!!]

Patriarch Alexia replied with pride.

Hercule’s body is slowly trembling.
Seeing Hercule’s reaction, Patriarch Alexia thought.

He is so happy that his body is trembling!!

Now, what’s the next word you want to say!
A compliment or a career advancement to be Patriarch of Nova Lemuria!!

Patriarch Alexia saw Hercules with the bud of expectation.
Toward Patriarch Alexia, Hercule said with a smile.


Hercule pulls out the sword that he held in his right hand and slashes Patriarch Alexia’s neck with the same momentum.

The fastest slash in the history of Hercule’s life.

However, the sword did not slash the head of Patriarch Alexia.

[Your Majesty! Please wait!!]

Carolina quickly grabbed Hercule’s arm.
The sword was almost buried in Patriarch Alexia’s neck for about two millimeters, and if Carolina was slow for a second, the head of Patriarch Alexia would undoubtedly fly in the sky.

[Carolina, let go. I can’t kill him.]

[Your Majesty, you shouldn’t kill him yet, at least after he went to trial… You see, first of all, should we extinguish the fire?]

Due to Carolina’s wit, the cold-headed Hercule put away his sword.
And then…

[Y-Your Majesty the Emperor? W-what are you angry with…]

[I’ll kill you later.]

Hercule hit Patriarch Alexia’s belly to immobilize him.
And after trampling on the face of Patriarch Alexia who fell to the ground several times…

[Asmodeus!! Stop those trash!!]

[Oh, it doesn’t matter, but…is that okay? This kind of order… Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll do it right away]

Asmodeus sensitively felt Hercule’s murderous intent, and then she used her magic.
The group with torches collapsed noisily.

Asmodeus can also force the person to sleep.

[But, the strong-minded guy will stay conscious … Carolina, kill them for me.]

[… Isn’t it okay to make them faint?]

[…It can’t be helped.]

Carolina was relieved and began to hit people with torches one after another with her scabbard to stun them.
In no time, the torch group fell to the ground.

[Okay, extinguish the fire soon!!]

[I’m already doing it.]

[Preparation is okay!]

Garphis and Scheherazade accumulated their magical power and thrust their hand into the burning library.


Garphis summoned Amon, who was capable of manipulating the flames, and tried to keep it from burning as much as possible.

And Scheherazade…


The Great Spirit of Falsehood and Alchemy [Berith].
One of the 72 Great Spirits.

Its rank was Duke.

Its ability was alchemy.
In other words, gold forging!!

[I’ve just temporarily turned the papyrus books that haven’t burned into gold. They won’t burn for a while.]

[Gold…it’s a great ability.]

[That’s not the case. They will turn back to normal when I stop pouring magic. It can’t be used to make money.]

Scheherazade smiled.
Anyway, the books were temporarily protected.

[Alright, Christos!! Don’t worry about the papyrus, do it!!]

[Finally, it’s my turn… It’s been a long time since the first appearance…]

Christos remembered the days when he sent the Hercules by ship and stayed at home.
Only Garphis taking an active part, and it’s almost as if his turn doesn’t come.

Even though he was unmatched since his enemies were mostly pirates,his enemies were too weak and he was not able to describe that empty feeling…
However, such days are ending today.


The Great Spirit of the Sea and the Wind [Focalor]
One of the 72 Great Spirits.

Its rank was Duke.

Its ability… Manipulating seawater and sea breeze.

This was Alexia.

It’s a port town.

[I’ll wash it off.]

A large amount of seawater collected by Focalor.
It was raining toward the library.

After extinguishing the flames on the surface, a stream of wind-clad water invades the library like a snake and extinguishes the flames as if to wash them away.

The flame was extinguished in three minutes.

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  1. Asmodeus didn’t disclose Hercules’ secret in the future… I wonder how much they have discovered in the future about the demons and magic.


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