I Was Called Incompetent ch.58

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Episode 58 : SSS

A dark basement.
She’s in a prison cell where she couldn’t hear anything other than the sound of water drops falling.
She was wearing an iron collar and the iron chains leading from it led to the wall.
Her limbs were also chained and she cannot move her body freely. 

About a week had passed since her capture.
She only interacted with a limited number of people during that period; first was the guards who came to deliver food twice a day and the second was the water mage who came to wash her body every two days.
There’s of course no conversation.
They simply deliver food or bathe her in silence.

The human mind can be very fragile.
Most people would break after being treated like this for an extended amount of time.
But she’s determined that she has to go through with it.
A single thought kept her together.
That’s also the only thing in her mind as of late.

It may not go as she wishes, but she still has one last thing to do.
And the way she’s now, it can only be done when she’s about to be executed.
Therefore, she decided that she would not die. Not until then.

She wasn’t particularly guilty.
It’s true that she’s about to hit the kid.
But when the face of a certain someone emerged on her head, she couldn’t help but pull her fist back.
But unfortunately for her, she was seen by the guard and thus arrested.

Before she knew it, she’s treated as a criminal.
This was because the mother of the kid, who was about to be beaten, gave false testimony to save her child.
It was action from fear that the same thing would happen again.
And above all, one of the reasons is that everyone in this royal city of Celt knows she is an incompetent.
But how come everybody knows?
It’s because the Hero told them so.

She was taken by the Hero and came to Celtic, one of the five major nations.
Even to the end, she didn’t know why the Hero brought her here.
But that’s no longer important.
He robbed her.
Literally everything from her
And then she turned into an incompetent.

But even that didn’t matter anymore to her.
Her regret over her past deeds filled her heart more than that nowadays.
She only understood after being in the same situation.

The childishness of her own deeds.
The outrage of her own deeds.
The evilness of her own deeds.
The stupidity of her own deeds.
The incompetence of her own deeds.

He might be dead already.
But he might be still alive as well.
If he’s still alive, then perhaps her feelings will reach him.
This thought continuously repeats itself in her mind.

She’s sure that she’ll go to hell if she dies.
If she dies, she wouldn’t be able to meet Rhode in heaven.
So today, she chanted it as well.
Regardless of whether it’ll reach him, she’ll still say it ‘til she dies.

[Rhode…. I’m sorry…]


Kings of each country were gathering on Olympus one after another.
Along with them, escort armies, as well as high-ranking adventurers also followed.
The city of Olympus was surrounded by strong high walls with only four gates serving as entrances. 

The security was strict; only those with special permits may enter the city now.
Furthermore, even the kings of each country were only allowed to enter the town after being examined thoroughly and confirmed that they are not under the effect of transformation magic, mind control magic, etc. by invalidation magic.

Most of the military forces the kings brought along would have to wait outside the city.
There were already skirmishes happening here and there, but it’s normal during Olympus meetings.
It’s almost like a tradition at this point.

Strict security continued even after going inside the city. The city itself was segmented by another wall. The palace is located behind this wall and it’s secured with anti-transfer magic equipment.
To enter there, you have to undergo a strict inspection again and the number of people who can enter is even more limited.
After undertaking multiple checks, the kings and their escorts entered the Olympus Palace, the largest castle on the continent of Valhalla.

And, in the room with the Olympus palace, the 10 strongest people in the world gathered.
Their ranks may vary, but it is undeniable that they’re the strongest.
Only one of them carries the title of Hero.
Because someone has to be one. That’s all.

And it was neither them nor the people who live in the world who decided who gets to become the current hero.
Just as Ban told Rhode, the world is not as beautiful as people may think.
However, the hero himself could hold his own.
That’s why Ban didn’t particularly care about it.
Although, he could sense a tinge of evil coming from the Hero Roy.

[How many years has it been since we all gathered like this?]

When 10 people sat across a long desk; 5 of which were probably too tired as they remained silent; the biggest man among them opened his mouth.
This man’s name is Algreen.
He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Adventurer’s Guild, commonly known as the Grandmaster.
Over 50 years old already, he’s dubbed by adventurers as their ‘Pops’ because of his dependable and gentle personality.

[Pops, I’m sleepy, can I return to my room?]

A young man named Dee replied cheerfully.
With his black hair stretched to his shoulders tied behind him plus a very good-looking face and a youthful look that was indeed pleasing to the eye.
However, this man loves women way too much, to the point of gaining the nickname “Strongest Womanizer”…
He actually had other nicknames, but all of them were attributed to his sinful nature.

[It gives me a chill when you call Algreen-san ‘Pops’… of all people, I don’t wanna become your sibling the most.]

[Now now… eh, why me?]

[Shaddap you perv. One day you’ll die from being stabbed by a woman.]

[Hey… can you cut it out?]

The brown-haired man who chided Dee just now was called Geed.
He’s Dee’s childhood and long-lasting friend.
He’s known to have a harsh tongue but otherwise, he’s a kind guy. He’s famous for saving people despite being sick himself.
On the other hand, he gets annoyed when others ask for his wellbeing and is generally not good at maintaining himself.
Due to his personality and the magic he uses, people mostly know him as the “Sleeping Hero”.

[Old man Algreen, just say the agenda already. Otherwise, these two idiots wouldn’t stop bickering.]

[Ban-kun? What did you call me just now?]

[Oi, Ban… don’t lump me together with this libido-turned-human.]

By the way, these two got along well with Ban and had been drinking pals for quite a while now.
All of them are around 25 years old now, but they got along just fine anyway.

[It’s exactly as Ban said. Before that…. Hey, wake up, Vivian!]


A slender-bodied woman who had fallen asleep on the desk instantly stood up.
Her glassed eyes still looked sleepy and there’s a trace of drool running from the corner of her lips to her ear.
And those ears of hers are long and slender.
She’s actually a strong royal blooded elven mage.

[I’m awake! I’m awake now! Everyone…. I’m all awake already!]

[Alright… just stand where you are then.]

When Algreen told her so, Vivian swelled her cheeks and folded her arms. 
But her eyelids dangerously close to falling down again as she became drowsy the very next moment.
Despite knowing that this would be the case, Algreen still felt the urge to facepalm.

Vivian could sleep everywhere.
Regardless of whether she’s in the middle of taking a bath, eating, or even in battle.
She had spent most of her 22 years sleeping.
Naturally, people know her as the “Sleeping Princess”

[This is fun and all, but can you be a little faster? This is a waste of time.]

[Ahー don’t be like that …. You’ll never have a boyfriend if you keep acting like that, Luca-chan.]

[Shu, shut up…! Leave my private life alone! And who said that you can call me by my nickname!]

The woman who got infuriated when Dee got a bit too familiar with her was called Lucca Luluca.
20 years old, she’s a fair-skinned woman with beautiful blue hair. But her appearance betrayed her bloodthirst.
After knowing her nature, most men who were at first attracted by her beauty chose to retreat gracefully.

She still looked fine and sane right now. But once she snaps, she’ll turn into something a lot more menacing and terrifying. 
Thus she was known as “Exploding Fairy”.
By the way, she may turn berserk if someone else mentions that nickname of hers.

[Hey… if this crap goes on and on, I’m going back. Fuck this.]

[I’m talking now, so please calm down. And would you please take your feet off the table?]

His name is Dragnis.
30 years old with hair as red as his clothing. Unlike Luca Luluca, he had no qualm in hiding his bloodlust.
Only those with similar power levels would dare to talk him off.
He is a loner who doesn’t get along with anyone and keeps a distance from anyone. But his quest for strength is pure.

Although he fought for his own gain, there were so many people who were helped in the process. And he is surprisingly popular because he does not ask for any reward.
“Reverse Scale King” was how people call him, both out of respect and awe.

[Shithead…. I’ve come all the way here, so don’t waste my time. You shithead]

[…did you just say “Shithead” twice? Bastard!]

[Wanna fight…!]

[Please stop, Dee, Dragnis!]

[If Dee-san can stay silent, there’ll be no problem. So can you please die?]

[I’m just joking there… ahaha…]

[Oh, is that so?]

The sharp tongued woman was named Beatrice.
24 years old. She is a beautiful woman with beautiful black hair stretched to her waist and her appearance that exposes her plump breasts to the limit would make any man long for her.
However, if her beauty is all there is to her, the womanizer Dee wouldn’t have been so scared of her.
Under her beautiful appearance and sweet lips is a poisonous lady that mercilessly struck at men’s hearts.
That’s why people call her “Goddess of Hell”.

[Dahaha! That silenced Dee! Who would’ve known!]

Volksfang laughed while holding his belly when he saw Dee become quieter thanks to Beatrice.
He’s Algreen’s long time acquaintance and is closer in age than the others here.
He’s very tall among the usually petite bodied dwarf at 170 cm. His tall stature and fine beard gives off the sense of a strong man.
However, he’s actually an easy going charming man who is easy to befriend and talk to. This personality of his makes him very popular.

He’s the strongest among the dwarves, armed with a mysterious weapon that launches one-shot deadly axes.
Among this group, only Ban was able to match him head to head without any trickery.
He had a very strong sense of justice and he’s at his best when he protected someone.
He is also called the “Guardian of Erasure” because his attacks could turn his enemies into dust. He likes that nickname as he thinks it’s fitting. 

[Shut up, Volksfang! Don’t rub salt into my wounds!]

[Ahaha! Serve you right, you damn skirt chaser! Somebody needs to spank your ass and put you back into your place!]

[This is not funny anymore… I’m going home.]

[Oi oi… can’t you guys be silent for a short while?]

[Ahーcome on guys… be quiet already…]

[Nee, everyone. Let’s be serious here.]

The atmosphere immediately churned.
Everyone glared at him.
However, he took in their glares calmly.

[So, let’s begin the SSS-ranker meeting.]

Roy said with a laugh.

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