Return of The Former Hero ch.171

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A comfy chapter between MC and Etna~

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Chapter 171.  Former Hero – having lunch

And then, after spending a day preparing, Etna and I set out alone to capture the unicorn.

[Haruto-kun, are you really okay?]

Etna-san spoke to me worriedly.

[Yeah, this much is alright.]

I replied to her.

What made Etna-san worried is that instead of a horse, I was the one pulling the carriage.

It took only half a day to reach the forest that is the habitat of the unicorn.
I suggested that we should travel by a carriage; mainly so that Etna-san won’t need to walk too much.

The problem is our destination. It’s a forest where horse carriages cannot travel through easily.
This means we’ll have to leave the carriage at the edge of the forest and no one will be available to tend to the horses.
Even if we have people to pick us up, we don’t know yet when we will return.
So rather than having to wait aimlessly, I quickly decided that I would be the one pulling the carriage.

That way I can also ensure that the crew would only consist of me and Etna-san.

It didn’t really matter to me. But this carriage, can it still be called a ‘carriage’?
I mean, it definitely still looks and functions like a carriage, but I guess given that it’s not pulled by humans, then should I call it a rickshaw instead?
Well, whatever.

[Fuuh. Anyways, let’s have lunch around here.]

About halfway to our destination, I finally stopped pulling the carriage.
There wasn’t any pain, since I used strengthening magic on my body. But maintaining the magic continuously over a long period of time can be tiring.

Moreover, we’ve been travelling non-stop since morning.

[Thank you for the hard work, Haruto-kun.]

Etna-san, getting off from the carriage, said so as she approached me.
Then, she gently wiped the sweats down my cheek with a handkerchief she took out from her skirt pocket.


[Fufu. You are welcome.]

I thanked Etna-san who smiled up close to me.
With this kind of treatment, I won’t mind pulling any number of carriages all day. Ehehe. 

[Alright then, I will go prepare lunch.]

Etna put her handkerchief back in the same skirt pocket from where she took it out, then returned to the carriage to pick up his lunch.

The handkerchief that wiped my sweat is now in Etna-san’s skirt pocket…

I’m not really into that kind of thing, but I’m still thrilled anyway.
Uーn…. that’s pretty perverted even for me.

[Was this made by Etna-san? Very delicious!]

With the clear sky above us, Etna-san and I enjoyed our lunch.

When I say [delicious], I don’t actually have any standards. But since it’s Etna-san’s cooking, it’s automatically delicious for me.
I mean, it’s indeed delicious.
It’s just sandwiches, sure, but it’s not like someone can’t screw up when making it.

[By the way, I thought this outing was planned quite suddenly. But it seems to me Etna-san is already aware of it in advance?]

During lunch, I initiated a small talk with Etna-san. Alright, it’s a good start.

I think it’s every man’s dream to have lunch alone with a girl on the school’s rooftop.
Well it’s not a rooftop for sure but more like a courtyard.

[Not really. I was only made aware recently as this is the first time I returned home since a long time ago. I was surprised to hear that there is a unicorn! I have been wanting to see one directly myself~]

Etna-san clapped her hands together, eyes shining with excitement. 

So that means Etna-san didn’t request for an escort while knowing about this.
She really only asked us to escort her back to her hometown.

Sharon and Laurier had no idea what the unicorn was. But I guess for Etna-san it’s like a lifelong wish to see a living one directly.
Then, what’s the purpose in capturing this creature? It’s not like there’s a zoo around here. Well, it doesn’t really matter to me.

By the way, Etna’s parents’ house had an emblem with a creature that looked like a unicorn.
So they might have a history with this particular creature.

[Haruto-kun, on your cheek…]


When I was deep in thought, Etna-san suddenly pointed her finger at me.

My cheek?
I continued eating while being deep in thought. I guess I missed that one.
Ugugu… how embarrassing.

I tried touching my cheek, but found nothing in particular. 
If it’s like this, I couldn’t tell what piqued her interest.

[A little further to the left… ah, a little further down…]

Etna-san tried to guide me but I still couldn’t find it. Damn. 
Moreover, was it Etna-san’s left or my left? It’s hard even with someone else guiding you since you can’t see it yourself.

[Nnー……Haruto-kun, please stand still for a bit.]

[Eh… ah, alright.]

Etna-san ended up ordering me to stand still since I still couldn’t find it.

Thi, this is… have I entered the bonus ‘route’ in an unexpected place!
Something like this is never intentional. It’s the product of chance.

Etna, who was sitting across from me, leaned forward and narrowed her distance to me.
Then she slowly reached for my face.

Etna-san’s clear eyes.
Her lips are partly opened, probably because she’s focusing.
Her slim arms and fingers are extending toward me.
Her breasts are partially obstructed from view, but I can see most of her back.
Due to her leaning forward, her skirt gave in to gravity, highlighting the profile of her waist and butt.

Where should I look?
I wish I had a camera so I can revisit this moment anytime I want.

Doki doki.

However, such a blissful feeling will end the next moment.

Etna-san’s slim fingers touched a little below my lips.
It was only for a moment, but I can feel the warmth of her fingers.

[Yes. That is more like it.]

With that, Etna-san returned to her seat.
Oh, what a pity. I wish I could enjoy the moment a little bit longer.

[Th-thank you.]

[No no, you are welcome.]

When I thanked her, Etna-san replied back with such a sweet smile.

Kuuh, so cute! What a cute smile.
A smile that makes me think that there is no man who wouldn’t fall in love with her after seeing it. Fell in love. I fell in love with it from the beginning. Can I fall in love again? Either one is fine. 
She’s just so cute.

However, the bonus event didn’t stop there.
The climactic《moment》started after this.



Etna carried the egg yolks and the leftovers that seemed to be under my lips to her mouth without any particular concern.


What the. What is this?
I don’t know why but I felt very embarrassed all of a sudden, causing my face to become hot.

Doki doki doki.

T-this is… even more terrible than I expected.
There’s a good reason why the bonus route is always superb.

Why did I eat in a proper manner just now?
If I knew this, I would’ve eaten my lunch in a messier manner.

No, that’s wrong logic.
This kind of thing wouldn’t happen if I deliberately bait it.
It’s superb because it happens only by chance.


Thus, I ended up getting more tension and power than I would’ve by taking a break. And we’re soon on my way to the forest destination again. As a carriage horse, just like the word carriage horse.

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