I Was Called Incompetent ch.59

Weekly chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 59: Hero

Hero Roy. 21 years old.
He became a Hero at the age of 18 and now is commonly known as the strongest man on the continent.
His handsome face, coupled with his blonde hair and blue eyes, was pretty much the ideal depiction of a ‘hero’ in people’s perspective. 
This ideal appearance of his makes him popular among the people.
Not to mention his actual power.
Those who witnessed his battles testified, [He fired a scorching flame from his hand,] another said, [He summoned a gigantic lion,] and another [He could fly freely in the sky.].
Normally, one person could only have 1 magic.
Thus, he who broke this common sense by mastering various kinds of magic gained the nickname of “Almighty Hero”.

Usually, only the strongest among the Adventurers could lay claim to the title of “Hero”.
However, unbeknownst to everyone, it was the current King of Olympus who bestowed Roy with the title of Hero.

Roy emerged to the top soon after he began his career as an Adventurer.
With his strength and excellent supporting members, he quickly rushed to the top of the Adventurers’ rank.
Naturally, the country took note of him. Roy was even summoned by the late King Olympus XVIII for an audience.
It was after the audience that Roy met Zodiac Olympus, the current King.
About a year later, Olympus XVIII passed away.

To become the king of Olympus is almost synonymous with becoming the leader of the entire continent.
But of course, the responsibility is very heavy. Not only was the occupant of the throne required to be wise and humble, but he also needs to be attentive and careful.
At least, that was the case with Olympus XVIII and his predecessors.

Olympus XIX, on the other hand, having to succeed the throne at the young age of 19 due to his father’s early demise, was frivolous and ignorant.
Knowing that he’s nothing compared to his predecessors, he used his father’s shadow to cover up his tyrannical rule.
And just like that, the entire continent became like a muddy stream that is clogged near the source.

After Zodiac met Roy, the two became fast friends. As soon as Zodiac was crowned as the king of Olympus, he also named Roy the Hero.
Using the influence of Olympus, Roy managed to bypass the wall that he shouldn’t be able to surpass with his capabilities and became the current generation’s Hero.


[So, Mister Algreen. What are we going to discuss here?]


Everyone in the room didn’t like the idea of having to mingle with Roy.
Because everyone here knew how Roy was able to become a Hero.
It was never explicitly mentioned, but each one of them knew the gist of it,
Not to mention that they’re aware of who had to be sacrificed so that Roy could claim the title. It only served to widen the gulf between them and Roy.

These other 9 didn’t want to become Heroes.
However, if people deemed them worthy, none of them would deny the title.
This belief was what made them dissatisfied with Roy’s existence. 

However, there’s nothing they could do about it.
It will be another matter if Roy is weak. The fact is, he’s strong.
There are also other factors like how highly people evaluated him and not to mention the backing of Olympus. This man was nigh untouchable.

And Roy is aware of this, which makes him even more daring and unhesitant.
It’s like he’s flaunting the fact that he’s now a Hero.
There’s also one more troublesome thing.
Outwardly, he treated other people with kindness and always all smiles. Giving the illusion that he had nothing to do with the scandal.
He’s such a perfect Hero in the public’s eyes.

Regaining his wits, Algreen started the discussion.

[Alright, let’s begin. The reason why we got together this time… is none other than to discuss matters regarding Titanomachy.]

Everyone, except Vivian who was sleeping while standing still, frowned upon hearing Algreen’s words.
In the streets, rumors tell that these assassins are comparable to everyone present here.

[With all this security, if they’re smart, I doubt that they’ll come to stir up trouble. But… ]

[It’ll be a different matter if their purpose is something else. The world has shown its stance by proceeding with the Olympus meeting. Now it’s their turn to make a stance.]

[It’s just as Ban said. They’ll come to attack head-on instead of assassination. That’s already enough proof that Titanomachy is not scared of us.]

[I see… that’s probably correct. By the way, wasn’t there a girl among Titanomachy members?]

[Mister Algreen. Can we get rid of this fool first?]

[I concur. I’m willing to go anytime now…]

[Why so serious, Luca-chan, Geed…?]

[Fucking bastard.]

Dragnis glared at Dee so hard his eyes looked like they nearly popped out.
Algreen palmed his head watching this.

[In short, it’s no longer “maybe” but “will certainly” instead… am I correct to assume so?]

Algreen nodded to Beatrice.
It was Ban who brought this matter up to Algreen. 
The opponent is strong for better or worse.
It’s not time to be worried about pride or the likes. Better safe than sorry.
There’s one more reason that Ban kept to himself.

[Algreen, is that all?]

Volksfang asked while stroking his thick beard.

[No, there’s one more thing. It’s about the incidents that are happening in this world. Does everyone know that the level of Adventurers has been declining in the last few years? The number of Adventurers of rank A or higher is at the lowest it has ever been… No one has reached the SS rank in the first six months of this year. Few people have risen to the S rank… But despite all that, there’s one person whose name had suddenly soared in a short period. ]

The person Algreen referring to was Rhode.
It’s uncommon for an A ranker to be promoted to S rank after completing many requests and building up a lot of achievements.
But what the world needs at the moment is someone who could rise through the ranks even faster.
In that sense, Rhode was the only one who matches this requirement.

[Ahー…. the boy Ban-san mentioned before?]

[Yeah, that one. He defeated Gladi in the Nibelugh Adventurers’ tournament final. He’s already an S-ranker even though it’s only been a month since he started as an Adventurer… this Rhode will continue to grow.]

[Hooー, he did that? Gladi is not your average joe… even though he’s bound by the tournament rules, defeating him is no small effort. I guess we can look forward to this boy.] 

As Geed said, Gladi’s reputation is not a fluke.
Truthfully, there are not many people in this world with the power to restrain Heracles.
Adding the fact that he still has an ace up his sleeve, he’s already very close to being an SSS ranker.

If there is something that he still lacks, should it be said that he has no unique atmosphere like those who gathered in this place?
It’s not something strong magic or powerful physical strength alone can give you.
Although it was an abstract expression, they had something invisible called the “strength of existence”.

Regular folks call it charisma.

[Yeah, strong rookies are extremely precious. Ban, Dee, Geed, also the now SS rank Brands, Skark, and Shawn …. I miss those days watching you guys rising through the rank together.]

Algreen closed his eyes in nostalgia.

[Dahahaha! True! That was a fun time alright!]

[You’re being too loud.]

[We were called the golden generation, weren’t we?]

[Please don’t lump us together with idiots like Dee and Shawn.]


[Fuhn… I digress. The adventurers’ decline in levels is also a problem, especially with the movements of the demons and dragons becoming more active as if to match this problem. Especially that recent raid…]

[They’re trying to gauge our strength. Without a doubt.]

Everyone except Vivian nodded their heads in agreement to Luca’s words.
Before this, there were only a few monster attacks during the past 10 years.
And it was the first simultaneous attack since the great war.  
In other words, Valhalla is in a situation where war might break out again.

[We have to be more careful than ever. We must do everything we can as adventurers. Everyone, we’re counting on you all.]

[That’s right. We need to fight hard to protect Valhalla. But justice will prevail in the end! Right?]

Roy finally said with a smile.
Nobody could tell what lies beneath that smile.
Therefore, they could nod silently in return.

Once, Ban asked Alice to look at Roy.
After seeing him, all Alice said was [Scary].
What she saw was pitch black darkness.
She couldn’t see anything else.

Ban thought to himself.
It’s not the right time to have a scuffle between companions.
But is Roy truly their companion?
Therefore, he found the need to determine this.
Valhalla is in the precipice of danger so this would be the only chance he has.

[Well then, I’m sorry for taking your time. Let’s…]

[E, excuse me!]

When Algreen was just about to say “adjourn”, a soldier suddenly barged into the room.
He was sweating profusely and obviously in a great rush.

[What’s the matter?]

[It… it’s a raid!]

Everyone, except Vivian, thought that Titanomachy had finally made their move.
But what the soldier said next betrayed their expectations.

[The dragon army is approaching!]

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