I Was Called Incompetent ch.60

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Episode 60 : Titanomachy

[The Dragon army…?]

Algreen’s reaction was only natural. 
No one knows why the dragon army would attack now Because no monster or dragon ever attacked Olympus before.
Olympus’s strength alone is sufficient against a large army even if there are no high-ranked Adventurers.

And now the most elite soldiers of the continent as well as the SSS rank adventurers had gathered in this very city.
Furthermore, this was still a day before the actual Olympus meeting. No one understood why they attacked during this time.
Except for Ban that is.

[What type and how many?]

[A, all of them are winged claw wyverns! About 100…]

[100 huh… Got it, let’s go. Everyone should stay vigilant. This might be a demonstration.]

[Demonstration… by who?]

[Titanomachy of course.]

[Eh? Why would the dragons and Titanomachy…?]

[Just a guess. But it’s still a possibility.]

Ban’s intuition had always been sharp.
He might say that it’s just a guess, but it was far from that
He understands the current situation and hypothesizes what the event really meant. With his creativity, he has crushed many predicaments that any other people would never see coming.
Even if the opponent is someone with godlike power. Hence the “Godslayer”.
Everyone in this room knew this much.

[Should I go too, Ban-san?]

Roy asked with a smile on his face.
Ban replied back with a smile as well.

[No, I alone should be enough. Later.]

Ban disappeared from the room afterward.


He stood atop the Olympus Palace roof.
Some distance away, a flock of winged claw wyverns flapping their wings could be seen.

[Only low rank… in the middle of day… one day before the actual meeting… gotta keep them away. Either explosives or poisons…]

Ban started predicting the opponent’s 2nd and 3rd steps.
He already surmised why the dragons attacked today.
Outside the town below, the military forces of each country had already cooperated to retaliate against the dragon attack.

[Uーn…. the King of Olympus would most likely do that afterward…]

Whilst muttering so, he crossed spacetime again. 


Over 100 wyverns flew over the forest.
This scene is clearly strange.
It’s rare for more than two of such territorial creatures to appear in a single place and the last time they flocked into such a large group was during the last great war.
Seeing such a view, anyone would probably run away.
Let alone challenging the flock solo.

A red wyvern led the flock to fly toward Olympus.
At that time, other wyverns started making noise behind it and at the same time, it noticed a strange feeling on its back.

[Uーn… is it really possible for this many wyverns to flock together naturally? Aーh, I see… there are familiar faces now that I look closely.]

A human appeared and sat on its back before the wyvern knew it.
His cloak fluttered in the wind, letting the normally concealed giant greatswords on his back to be revealed.
That, however, was the last thing it saw.

[Let’s reduce their numbers for now.]

The man promptly decapitated the wyvern he’s riding on before disappearing and reappearing on top of another wyvern. 
The wyvern tried to get rid of him with its fire breathing. But the flames never reached the man, disappearing right in front of him as if being swallowed by something.
Now holding the two greatswords in his hands, Ban laughed cockily as if nothing happened.

[Rejoiced. You guys are about to go on a trip to another dimension… enjoy.]

The next moment, the wyverns lost their heads one after another. With their heads missing, they fell to the forest below.
Ban had repeatedly moved and beheaded the wyverns in  quick succession.
The wyverns’ retaliation means nothing to him. They’re pretty much sitting ducks now.
However, they didn’t waver.
Continuing to fly toward their destination, they adamantly spew fire at the blinking black shadow. 

[Hmm. Is it more to “creation” or “manipulation”? This power is weird.]

Beheading a wyvern for the last time, Ban disappeared and reappeared back on top of Olympus palace.
The massive army below had already raised their battle cries, ready to fight.

[Alright then, let everyone cooperate to handle the rest of them. Though I shouldn’t let them enter the city.] 

Ban muttered as he once again disappeared.


[Arararara…  they’re burning the corpses….]

[We’re in trouble… the operation is a failure…]

The two women sighed at the same time while one other man palmed his face.

[I was planning to get them closer to the city… then that idiot would surely order the army to bring the corpses into the city. But their retaliation came way too early…. This must be the handiwork of that bastard. I’m talking about Ban.]

[Arara… you mean that “Godslayer”. The SSS rank adventurer, isn’t he?]

[Whatever… I guess we can go now that it’s over.]

[Isn’t this pretty much a botched plan?]

[Not quite…. Well, in a way. We are supposed to make it look like the dragons have come to attack.]

Those wyverns were actually created by man’s magic.
The strategy was to have the armies of each country outside the town and the escorting adventurers to defeat the Wyvern and have the corpses put into the town.

Wyvern carcasses can yield precious materials.
And if more than 100 of it piled up right in front of the city, the ignorant and arrogant Olympus king would surely lay claim to it.
And then, as long as the corpses had been brought inside the city, the man could then activate the hidden gimmick he placed inside each wyvern, causing further confusion within the city.
It’s actually still okay if at least the scales or claws remained, but tough luck for him, the opposition chose to burn the corpses.

[Does this mean back to the drawing board?]

[That’s right… haa, Leader will be angry.]

[I’ll apologize with you!]

[Our leader does have a soft spot for you, Risel… I’ll be counting on you.]

[But it’s tough to lie when we didn’t perform as expected though?]

[That’s why I said he has a soft spot for you . Just use your womanly charm on him.]

[Araraー so daringー]

[…please forgive me, Chamlitte-san]

And so, they left.
But of course, they will return here again.

[Glory to Titanomachy!]

[Why do that all of a sudden….?]

[No, I mean, it’s cool, isn’t it….? It’s cool if somebody says something along that line before leaving…]

[Haha! Though it’s not like there’s glory or anything for us.]

They are Titanomachy.
Those who fight the world in order to save the world.


[Ee, look at this cool and dashing uncle! If you come here… won’t your wife at home cry?]

[It’s fine, it’s fine! This uncle doesn’t have a wife yet!]

[Reallyー!? There is no way with how dashing you are?]

[Then do you want to be my wife?]

[Aーh, me tooー!]

[Nahahaha! Too bad there’s only one uncle here… but how about you come at me all at once?]

This Solomon… is it really alright?
But this is what he wished for.
He’s been really helpful after all.

[Does this brother want something to drink?]

[Oh, please give me some tea.]

[Ah, not liquor?]

[I’m just not good at it…]

The legal age for drinking alcohol in Nibelugh is 15, but I just don’t feel like it.
Moreover, I have another problem I need to worry about…

[Theーn…. How about the maid sister?]

[Give me one with high alcohol content.]

[O, oh… certainly…]

She’s definitely angry.
The moment we entered this shop, a smile disappeared from Levi’s face.
Although this was for Solomon, I guess she still didn’t like it… the women here were wearing some amazing clothing.
I tried to not look at them, but when I turned away, one more came to fill in the blanks.

[This brother is actually good looking too… Nn, have we met before…?]

[Can we know your name?]

[Ah, it’s Rhode…]

[Eh!? Rhode…?]

[The tournament champion…. That’s right! There is also the maid lady here! I didn’t realize it because I didn’t expect someone like you to come to this place! How amazing!]


The women stuck their bodies even closer to me.
Then I looked at Levi.
Ah… please don’t give me that look, Levi…
Levi turned away and grabbed the liquor bottle, drinking its contents all at once.
Ah… Levi-san….

[Gulp… one more please.]

[Eh!? D-did you just drink that all out!? All of it!?]

[Yes, is there a problem? One more please.]

[Y, yes….]

Solomon was in a different seat with four women attending to him. He sounded very happy judging from how he laughed.
I’m glad for you… Solomon…


Meanwhile, I was bombarded with various questions and Levi continued to chug more bottles.
It was only several hours later that Solomon was satisfied and I was released from this hell.

[Manー! That’s awesome…! Thanks, Boss!]

[Glad to hear that….]

[Ayaa? Didn’t the Boss have fun too?]

[Ahaha… don’t worry about that.]

[I, is that so? Then I’ll return now. Later, Boss]

[Yeah… see you later.]

We entered the back alleys before returning Solomon to the black notebook.
Alright then, Levi…



She hugged me the moment I turned toward her.
My body was squeezed by her tremendous strength.

[Le, Levi! It’s going to break…!]

[Uwaaa…. Levi is sad! Levi is…. Levi is!]

She’s completely wasted…!
Was she alright earlier because Solomon was still around!?

[M, my bad, Levi! This is …. all… because of Solomon… ughh!]

[I will not forgive you! Levi is hurt!]

Guh… Levi became this petty when she’s drunk…!
N, no, more importantly!

[Levi, listen…!]

[Rhode-sama is stuupiiiiiiiiid!]

I’m dying.
I’ll die if I don’t do something.
I can’t afford to die here.

I grabbed Levi’s face and forced her to look at me.
Her brown skin reddened and her eyes were moist with tears.
This is the closest we’ve gotten since that night…

[Levi… listen to me.]


She loosened her ironclad hug.

[I don’t need anything else but you. So please stop crying.]

It was such an embarrassing line, but I’m just being true to my heart.

[…is it true?]

[It is. So let’s head home. Alright?] 


I was relieved when Levi released me.
The next moment, she suddenly lost her balance so I promptly moved to catch her.

[ [ Nnn!? ] ] 

And for the first time, our lips overlapped.

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