I Was Called Incompetent ch.61

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 61 : Durandal

[G-good morning, Levi.]

[G-good morning]

[Sorry for yesterday…]

[N, no… I should be the one apologizing… it was upsetting…]

[No, it’s not Levi’s fault.]

[A, anyway, let us have breakfast…]

[Ah, yes.]

Last night, Rhode-sama had to support me all the way back to the mansion because I could not walk properly.
I do not usually drink alcohol, but at that time I felt the urge to drink so bad.
I cannot stand to see Rhode-sama having fun with other women… 

It was also my first time getting so drunk.
I heard some people would not be able to remember what they did when they were drunk, but that is not the case with me.
I remember everything…


When I recalled what happened last night, I unconsciously let out a weird sound.
Unable to restrain myself, after hugging Rhode-sama, I accidentally… ki, ki, ki…


[Wha, what’s wrong, Levi!?]

[Hiyaaa! N, nothing!]

[I, is that so?]

[P, please wait a little longer!]

[Ah, sure…]

This cannot continue…
I am aware of why it felt like soaring in the sky.
But… I am still happy.
Alright, off with the shyness now.
I… I just have to do my best for Rhode-sama!

[It is done.]



I observed Levi as we had our breakfast.
It seemed to me that she remembered what happened yesterday.
But, that might be better.
I did convey my feelings and…
E-even if it was by accident, we… yeah…

[Thank you for the meal.]

[It was nothing much.]

Whilst drinking the tea Levi brewed, we started discussing our plans for today.
Perhaps because I was too exhausted, I ended up waking up late in the afternoon yesterday. That’s why we only managed to fulfill Solomon’s wish.
But apart from what happened between me and Levi, there were two good things.

[Rhode-sama, what shall we do today?]

[I’m planning to greet Durandal and Gungnir today. I’ve grown stronger now and our companions continue to grow in numbers too.]

Yes. After materializing Solomon yesterday, my Materialization magic had leveled up to 20.
Furthermore, 4 more pages had lit up, making for a total 20 legendary armaments willing to lend me their power.
Perhaps, our victory in the tournament had convinced them.

[Getting new power is really difficult, but it’ll surely help in future battles.]

[Indeed. But it is like adding more levels to Materialization magic itself. With the reduced magic power consumption, dealing with prolonged battles will be easier.]

This new power I mentioned is “Strengthened Materialization Magic”.
It allows items to remain materialized for a longer duration with less magic power cost. In addition to that, it also shortens the materialization process.
And lastly, the weight limit has been considerably relaxed at 5 times my own weight.

[Then, without further ado… Durandal!]

The handle of the black sword emerged from the notebook page.
Yep… still looking cool alright.

[It was a really big help back at the tournament.]

[Yes, thank goodness I had Durandal back then]

A sword that could cut through most armors will always be useful in the future.
It can also cut through most weapons too, perfect for incapacitating opponents.

Thus I materialized Durandal.
A black light momentarily wrapped Durandal from which a man in black attire emerged.

[That’s fast!]

[This will surely be useful.]

The man opened his eyes, inspecting his body as he tried moving his hands and feet.

[Ohh… ziss ees my bahdy… ahh, excuse me. Let me eentrahduce myself first. My nahme ees Durahndal. Pleasure to meet you, Lord Rhode. ]

ED note: (said character is trying to use English despite sounding French)

With that said, Durandal put his hand on his chest and bowed politely.
Black attire, black hair, and dark skinned.
He’s also a little taller than me. His face is good looking, even I, as a male was impressed.

[Thank you, Durandal. And sorry for this late greeting.]

[Thank you very much, Durandal-sama.]

[Do naht mention eet, Lord Rhode. Ahnd lady Levi too. I ahm hahppy to help. ]

[Glad to hear that. By the way, can you tell me why you are willing to aid me?]

[Eet ees ahlmahst ze sahme ahs everyone else. Ahll ze legendahry ahrmahments like me cahrry great powair within ourselves. Zat ees why we need to be cahreful, whethair or naht ze persahn who wields us cahn use our powair cahrrectly. Een zat respect, Lord Rhode hahs a good heart. Us within ze nahtebook evahluate Milord fairly highly. I sink zat eet will eencrease steadily een ze future.]

[I see… good to hear it. Ah, by the way, how does it feel like to be inside the notebook?]

I’ve been meaning to ask for a long time, but never got the chance.
It’s a good opportunity to ask now.

[Hmm … eet feels like eenside a big house. We ahre wahndering ahround een our fohrm as weapahns. Zere ahre spahces zat serve ahs our own room ahnd a plahce where everyone gahthers. We cahn see whaht ees hahppening outside. Most of ze weapahns ahre free to move ahround, but some of zem nevair leave zeir room. Een ahny cahse, eet ees naht pahrticulahrly painful or troublesahme. Of course, now zat I ahm outside, I ahm just hahppy zat my powair ees of ahny use. Ahnd I deed naht expect to earn a physicahl bahdy, so ahll een ahll I feel great now. Merci.]

Durandal said with a gentle smile.
So, so cool… ah, no no.

[I see, so it’s like that. Well, I’m glad that all of you are content within the notebook. So, does Durandal have something you wish to do?]

[Hmーmm… a spar zen.]

[Eh? With me?]

[Nahturahlly. Milord cahn use zat swahrd, fahr I shahll suppress my shahrpness.]

Durandal pointed at Iaris.
I guess it’ll be okay… the walls are pretty high and the garden wide.

[Okay. If that’s what you want, then I can only respond.]

[Merci, Lord Rhode.]

We went out into the garden and faced each other at a distance.
For some reason, it didn’t feel awkward.
Thinking back, this is my first time facing a legendary armament.
I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited.

As I drew Iaris, Durandal also drew his sword form from its scabbard.
Our swords were about the same length… I’m counting on you Iaris.
Brandishing Iaris, I pointed the tip toward Durandal’s neck.
Durandal pulled his left leg in and entered a stance with his weapon poised as well.

[Well then, let us begin… fight!]

Following Levi’s signal, Iaris and Durandal collided.
Durandal grinned despite the fierce struggle.

[A good swahrd… My shahrpness may hahve been suppressed, but eet deed naht cheepped ahftair clahsheeng ahgainst me…!]

[Of course… because this sword represents a lot!]

I forced my way in, pushing Durandal back.



I managed to force Durandal to his knee with my overhead slash.
But he let my blade slide off his sword, effectively redirecting my attack while instantly going for an attack in a fluid movement.


Before his sword could reach me, I immediately kicked him away. Durandal was knocked away.

[Nahtheeng less frahm Lord Rhode… Howevair, eet ees naht ovair yet!]

[Sure… come at me until you’re satisfied!]

The sparring continued for a while. Both me and Durandal continued to swing our swords to the point where we lost track of time.


[Now zat wahs sahtisfying. Merci, Lord Rhode]

[It’s a good sparring session alright. I also enjoyed it, Durandal.]

[Good job, you two. I have brewed some tea, so please take your time.]

Cups filled with beautiful, golden tea were placed on the white desk in the garden.
We each sat on a chair, taking a breather while enjoying the warmth of sunlight.

[Well, from Durandal’s point of view, how is my swordsmanship?]

I asked Durandal about one thing I’ve been wondering for quite a while now.

[Of course… eet ees hahrd to judge seence I deed naht use my powair, but Lord Rhode ees ze strahngest persahn to hahve evair spahrred weeth me. By zat I mean eet wahs my previous wieldair who spahrred while wieldeeng me, naht me persahnahlly. Zat ees ahll I hahve to say.]

[I see… That relieved me a little.]

[I recahll zere wahs a time when Lord Rhode underestimahte hees own strength. But rest ahssure. You ahre strahng, Milord ]

Having said so, Durandal sipped his tea.
Hearing a legendary armament said that makes me happy.
My self confidence has been slightly boosted.

[Thank you, Durandal. I’ll be more confident.]

[Fufu, zat ees ahlright. Now zen, I should be returneeng soon. Milord plahnned to meet ze othair, deed you naht?]

[Yes, I’m going to do that. Again, thank you, Durandal. I’ll be counting on you in the future.]

[Of course. Cahll upahn me ahgain ahnytime.]

I undid the materialization and returned Durandal to the notebook.
He turned out to be a nice person.
I have a feeling I’ll be using his power a lot in the future.

[Alright, next, let’s call Gungnir.]

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