I Was Called Incompetent ch.62

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Episode 62: Gungnir

[Gungnir-sama has also been a great help for us.]

[It’s also one of the keys to our great performance in the tournament. Time to repay it. Alright, Gungnir!]

Abiding by my call, a silver spear emerged from the notebook.
It’s a beautifully crafted spear that shone under the sunlight.

[This is so light. Like… it’s almost like I’m not carrying anything.]

I tried spinning it a couple of times, only realizing how featherlight the spear is by now.
Materializing it, the spear was engulfed in silver light momentarily before being replaced by a pretty girl standing before me.
No… she was floating there.

Just like her spear form, her hair, eyes, and attire are silver in color.
She looked to be no older than 7 or 8 years old.
Holding her spear form, which size looked disproportionate compared to her current form, in her hands, she looked at me expressionlessly.

[Thank you, Rhode.]

[A, are you Gungnir?]

[Correct. Greetings.]

Gungnir spoke to me while floating around in midair.
It’s like… seeing an angel.
No… I feel guilty for saying that.

[Thank you for helping me during that time, Gungnir. Can I ask you why you helped me?]

[I like Rhode.]

[I see… thanks.]

She seemed like a kid who does not express much emotion.
I found it strange that she took the form of an adolescent… given that she’s much much older than me.
But well, she looks like a child…
That said, I found Levi fidgeting in the corner of my eyes.

[Levi, what’s wrong?]

[Eh, ah, no… I… so cute…]

I see now.
So Levi likes kids.

[I like Levi too.]

[Uuu…! Gu, Gungnir-sama… is it… Is it alright if I hug you…?]


Gungnir released her grip on her spear form and spread her hands for Levi.
Kuh, so adorable…


Levi immediately went to hug Gungnir, even rubbing her cheek against the latter’s head while smiling widely.
…that’s cheating.
Several moments later, Gungnir was sitting on Levi’s lap, enjoying a cup of tea with us.
Gungnir was still expressionlessly sipping her tea so it’s hard to tell whether she’s annoyed having Levi hugging and stroking her head from time to time or not.

[Hey, Gungnir, do you have any wish? I mean, as a thank you for helping me…]

Still sipping on her cup of tea, Gungnir looked up to the sky.
Taking her mouth off the cup, she replied shortly.



[En. See the world.]

I get it now.
Gungnir used to travel around the world with the Storm God.
She may want to see the world with her own eyes now.
Coincidentally, I need to go outside to buy something and collect information.

[Yosh, let’s take a walk outside then. Levi, can you carry her if you don’t mind? Gungnir is barefooted after all.]

[Yes, happily obliged. Rhode-sama, how about buying Gungnir-sama a pair of shoes?]

[Good idea. The shoe store it is then.]


[What do you think, Gungnir-sama?]

We bought a pair of white shoes that would suit Gungnir’s overall appearance and had her try it out.
She walked around while looking at her feet.

[Thank you.]

[Looks like you like it.]

[So cute…]

Leaving the shoe store, the three of us held hands and walked through Nibelugh city.
Gungnir walked with me and Levi on her left and right, looking around the scenery.
How does she feel about the current world? I wondered to myself.
Then suddenly, Gungnir stopped.

[Nn, what’s wrong?]

[Ah, over there, Rhode-sama.]

The little girl was staring expressionlessly at a certain location: a restaurant that was brimming with delicious fragrances. 
So that’s it… by the way, I’m also quite hungry after that sparring session with Durandal.

[Gungnir, do you want to go there?]


[Actually, I’m a bit hungry now. Right, Levi.]

[Oh… I might die if I do not eat something soon…]

[Can’t have that! Gungnir, let’s go in!]


When we entered the store, the scent of spices immediately invaded my nostrils.
In addition to that, the burning scent of garlic and bacon only made me salivate.
People were eating on tables lined up with delicious-looking pizza and pasta. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meal.
Ahh…so appetizing…

[Rhode. Hurry.]

Gungnir pulled my hand.
So cute.

[Welcomeー! Will it be a table for three?]

[Ah, yes]

[Ohー! What a cute child! Hello thereー how old are you?]

[Hundred three thousand…]


[Sorry! She’s 7.]

[[Aa, ohh! Don’t make fun of us adults like thatー! I thought she meant it since she said it with such a serious faceー…]

[S, sorry…]

That was close…
Even so, 103,000 years old…for real?
Well, it shouldn’t be strange if she’s that old…

[Ah, never mind it! Please have a seat!]

We sat at the table where the elder sister employee directed us to, then perused on the menu.
Gungnir was still expressionless as always, but the way she’s staring at the menu was like she’s about to devour it.

[Really cute after all… Feel free to order anything you like.]

Levi will probably become a doting parent in the future.
Most definitely.

[Can’t choose one]

[Then pick 3 so all three of us get a portion each.]

[Got it.]

After that, Levi ended up intoxicated from watching Gungnir eat the food we ordered, Doubly so when people misunderstood us as parents and child. Meanwhile, Gungnir was barely able to move because she ate too much. It’s one after another, but we left the store satisfied. 

[Today is a good day…]

[Indeed it is… Levi.]

Afterward, we went to buy the newspaper at the bookstore. Then got ourselves some snacks as we toured around the marketplace trying to find what we needed.
During all that, we tried to listen to our surroundings for rumors about incompetents, but unfortunately found nothing of interest.

We even visited the slum area, but there are also no rumors circulating there. Suffice to say that there’s probably no incompetent left who is living in this city.
Now I surmised that it’ll probably be faster to just check the newspaper rather than going around blindly.
As we continued to walk, Gungnir suddenly stopped again.

[Rhode. Satisfied.]

[Nn? You sure, Gungnir?]

[Un. I get it now.]

What did you get?
I wonder what she found out…

[Gungnir-sama… what did you find out?]

[My creator is no more.]

Gungnir’s creator is the Storm God…
The Storm God… is no more?

[I’m returning. See you, Rhode. Thank you, Levi.]

[Oh, okay… see you later, Gungnir.]

[Ye, yes… until we next time, Gungnir-sama.]

[Un. It was fun.]

After putting Gungnir back in the notebook, Levi and I looked at each other.
I’m glad that Gungnir enjoyed the day, but what she said at the end was really curious.
Did she mean that… The God… is dead?

[Is it possible, Levi?]

[That… I do not know. There is no way we could know…]

[Un… you’re right. Hmm, let’s go home for the time being. It doesn’t seem that we’ll find any information by going around the city for now.]

[Indeed it does. Let us read the newspaper while enjoying tea then.]


Returning to our mansion, the two of us started reading the newspaper.
There were various types of information from country-specific information to global information, but most of them were related to Titanomachy.
It seems that the Olympus talks ended successfully but apparently, there was an attack by Titanomachy the day before.
The article states that a wyvern flock approached Olympus, but Ban-san repelled it.

[More than 100 by himself… that man is really a beast.]

[Yes…not to mention that the enemies are airborne. He is truly not your average guy.]

The case was widely reported, but that ended up making other information got left aside.
Most of them were gossip-like, such as the fact that famous adventurers got married, and that a party was about to break up.

[Most of the articles are about Titanomachy. Well, I guess it can’t be helped… ah, there’s also their criminal statement here.]

[Yes, it is listed here. The Olympus meeting is over, but if Titanomachy can control a flock of wyverns, the world will surely be covered in anxiety yet still…]

[Maybe that’s the purpose from the beginning. Let’s see…]


To our Dear World

Someone is wailing out there somewhere.
Someone is crying out there somewhere.
Who decided the difference?
And who will benefit from it?
The era? The world? The country? The people?
To go against the passage of time is nothing but to surpass God.
Why is the world so distorted?
Why is the world so sad?
Someone has to correct this.
Someone must lead us back to normalcy.
We have to do it.
We have to right the wrong.
Death to the ignorant King.
Power to helpless people.
We are Titanomachy.
We will stop at nothing to save this world.


[I still do not understand…]

[Look, after that, there’s a normal passage saying “The wyvern flock was our doing”.]

[Yes, it is. The poem is always included before the actual crime statement.]

[I suppose that’s what they believe in]

I wonder if it has any meaning… but I don’t know for sure.
I want to do something about the anomalies of the world, but I don’t think they are aiming for the same thing…

[…oh!? Rhode-sama, please take a look at this!]

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