29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai ch.54

Weekly Chapters (2/2)

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Episode 54 – ~Arriving at the Border town~

Yep. The next day. The day after I enjoyed Deborah’s huge breasts.
I got up very early and quickly prepared myself. All that was left was to wait for Marl to finish. For today’s trip, Marl wore soft leather armor.
Along with that she also wore a soft leather cloak and shoulder-slung travel bag that was big enough without hindering her movement range. My mithril dagger and the curved blade that I gifted her hung on her waist, shining under the sunlight.
The bag was actually embedded with a gem infused with space expansion magic, so it could hold more than it looked. It’s the so-called magic bag. I was just testing my ability to craft magic items, but I decided that it would be great as a gift since it ended up working quite well.
Even more dangerous was the leather coat, as it had holsters lined with test vials. The magic of shock absorption was given to the front side, and the magic of article protection to the lining, basically to prevent the test vials from cracking due to impact. Marl, having tasted the convenience of the magic bag, asked me to create the coat.
The other day, I saw her inserting a lot of vials that emit a blue glow like Cherenkov light, beautiful yet cold, on the holsters lined inside the cloak. Cute!

[Are we going to Telesco first?]

[Umu. I am planning on travelling to Gandil in the north east from there.]

Telesco, the largest city in the northern part of the Kingdom of Calendil, was the last city I liberated during the great flooding. I still remember that Zondark’s sister was the wife of Telesco’s citylord.
The city kept the great flood at bay with her large wall and efficient use of siege weapons.
Gandil on the other hand was a city further northeast in Karendil kingdom territory that was closest to the Gobbel kingdom. It’s a city where trade with the Gobbel Kingdom was most active, making its development tied to it .

[So we are visiting that city for reference?]

[There is also that, but apparently a large-scale bazaar with goods imported via Gobbel from the second continent, as well as special products from Gobbel is ongoing as we speak.]

For me, that was the main purpose. There seems to be some restaurants where you can eat Goebbels cuisine. The other plan was to get information about the Kingdom of Goebbels.
According to the stories I heard, it seems that the assault by the flooding monsters is still ongoing, and that they are currently in a state of civil war with the Centaur and other demihuman tribes. I’d like to get the latest information somehow.
That said, the leather armors I made were not crafted from the usual hydra’s hide. The jacket and pants were made from the hide of Yamata no Orochi. It would be perfect if I wore gloves crafted from similar material, but I don’t want to make it too obvious that I’m a hero.
By the way, the skin of Yamata no Orochi was softly tanned and dyed black. It’s highly flexible and comfortable to wear, yet it’s an excellent product that easily resisted any half-baked sword.
And since I also infused it with impact resistance magic, it’s defensive power now was comparable to that of mithril armor
How did I infuse magic into it? I learned how to do it while practicing making magic items.
Magic items are different from magic tools. Despite the similar naming, there is a major difference between the two.
Magic tools are tools that exert various effects by receiving magical power directly from the user or from magic stones, etc. Magic items on the other hand can generate magical power by themselves without such a mechanism by gathering magic power from the surroundings. It absorbs and continues to exert some magical effect.
Water generation facilities and purification facilities were also made by applying this. It seems that the direction of magic that can be given depends on what material is used. This theory hasn’t been verified yet, but it’s like that.
For example, only boiling and refrigerating could be infused to an iron kettle, but if it was made of silver or Mithril, the magical effect of purifying could be infused. If it was black steel, nothing could be given. I still don’t understand the rules and laws in this matter.
Also, I was able to infuse the magic to weapons as well.
The magic engraving learned with the blacksmithing skill was more effective, but the magic granting I learned from the magic item creation skill was easier. The magic engraving could add the same effect to any material as long as the engraving is engraved, but the magic that can be applied to an item is limited depending on the material and its shape.
Honestly, both have advantages and disadvantages. By the way, they cannot stack together. At least for now.
Well, if you want to give it to cloth or leather products, it is much more convenient and easier to infuse magic into it. The magic engraving can only be done with a material that can be carved, and above all, it takes a lot of effort.

[Today, Taichi-san looks more fashionable than usual.]

[Cause it’s a date. I’m not particularly adept in this matter, so it’s just to be safe. You’re cute, so you’ll still look cute no matter what you’re wearing. It makes me want to hug you]

After complimenting Marl’s appearance decked out in her Yamata no Orochi leather armor, she immediately went into dere-dere mode. She’s so simple. When I lightly hugged her, she rubbed her head against me like a puppy. Her brown hair was silky smooth, so it felt pretty nice.
Marl’s breasts had been growing up steadily recently, so she’s been gaining more points in the sexy department. She’s becoming a beautiful woman. But she’s still cute, so I couldn’t help but spoil her like a puppy when the occasion comes.

There’s no denying of my feelings for her.

[Alright, let’s teleport to Telesco now. Are you ready?]

[Yes! But I feel like it does not feel right to teleport into a room. So let us teleport to the gate instead.]

[Sure. Let’s do that.]

While agreeing to Marl’s advice, I took out a dragon leather sword sheath from my inventory and put it on. I then deposited a sword made of godsilver into it. This one was a replacement for my mithril sword which I gave to Torn since he’s the leader of my private army.
The decoration was not particularly flashy, and at first glance it was a longsword that seemed to be sold everywhere. Only the handle was a little longer than a normal longsword in order to make effective use of my hobbies and the gimmicks I have prepared. The cutting edge was sharp, but not very sharp. It is a sword whose main purpose is to crush rather than slash. Though it’s not that I can’t cut with it.
This sword was actually a longer oversized sword. It was shrunk by magic engraving to make it the size of a normal one-handed sword. By twisting the handle, I can adjust the effect of the magic engraving, making it a sword that can change size.
In one-handed sword mode, the total length including the handle is about 80 cm, which is about the same as the length of my arm. At glance, there is no doubt that it is a short sword with a slightly long handle. It is intended for interpersonal battles and battles against small monsters.
In the greatsword mode, the total length doubles at once to about 160 cm. It’s about the size of a typical two-handed sword. This mode is meant to be used to fight against orcs, trolls, and medium-sized monsters about the size of a dragon demon. With my strength, it’s still possible to wield it with one hand at this size.
And when the reduction magnification was at zero, and the total length became 320 cm in the oversized sword mode. This was meant to be used in a fight against large monsters such as dragons and giants. It was like a fusion of the unpleasant tentacles and the brain the other day. It’s hard to swing around with one hand when it comes to this length. The weight and length will make me lose my posture when I swing it. Because my own weight doesn’t change after all.
Since the weight remains the same even if it’s in one-handed sword mode, virtually no one else but me could wield this weapon properly.
On the contrary, this weight and the toughness of godsilver makes for great weapons to me. Thanks to my out-of-this-world STR, I could swing it around like twig (in one-handed sword mode). Any armor or shield not made from orichalcon will either be bent, cracked, broken… basically turned into useless scrap after being struck by this sword. The only exception is probably armor strengthened with magic.
By the way, I had the dragon leather sword sheath infused with the magic of weight reduction. Otherwise, the sword will be too heavy, causing the pants I’m wearing to slip down while I’m walking.


After greeting the rest of my brides, we finally left the mansion. Apparently it would take 3 hours in horse carriage from Telesco to reach Gandil. Since they say that it’s impossible to get there in a single day while on foot, the distance is probably about 40km.

[How will we go to Gandil then?]

[I’m planning to charter a carriage. If there isn’t an available one, then I’ll just run over there with Marl in my arms.]

[Let us do just that then.]

[Really now. Well, it’ll certainly be faster that way though.]

It’s a guarantee that our buttcheeks will be hurt by the end of the 3 hours travelling on the horse carriage. So I guess it’s a lot better for me to just run? I’ll stand out a bit too much though.

[Should I just fly?]

If I’m going to be standing out either way, it won’t make any huge difference if I fly instead.


I cradled Marl, who let out a surprised yell, in my hands and immediately teleported to Telesco with Long-distance Transfer magic.

[Uaaa, ha, have we teleported yet?]

[We have. I’ll fly now.]

[Eh? E, excuse me? Why is the land suddenly becoming so far down there?]

[Hahaha. Let’s goー]

I deployed the wind pressure shield and started to accelerate.

[Hyaaaaaaaa!? We, we are flyiiiiiiiiiing!?]

[I know you’re surprised, but hold tight. It’s okay to look downward, but it’s better to look forward you know? Look, isn’t that Gandil over there?]

[E, even if you say that, it is still scary to suddenly fly like this!?]

Marl circled her arms around my neck and held on to me tightly for her dear life. Her ever growing breasts pressed against my cheek.
Looking down, we flew above big hills and mountains that stood between Telesco and Gandil. I concurred that it’ll take a few days to go through all that on foot, but flying high in the sky like this, the distance between the two cities felt much closer.

[Come on, I’ll slow down so take a good look around. There aren’t many opportunities to fly in the sky like this.]

[Eee, it is a little scary, but the scenery is indeed pretty.]

Marl looked at the scenery below her while feeling a little scared. Certainly a good view. You can see Telesco down below, the city of Gandil in the distance, and people travelling along the road.

[Why didn’t they carve through the mountain to make a path? Wouldn’t that save a lot of travelling time?]

[Uーn, landscape problem, old tradition getting in the way, powerful monsters living on the mountain, the fact that it is not cost effective to maintain such a path, and that the lords of the two cities do not get along well…. Basically various kinds of reasons.]

[Ah, I guess I’m just thinking on my own terms. You’re right, it’ll be difficult to bore through the mountain to make a path normally.]

If you can just walk for a full day, or travel for three hours on horse carriage, why bother to take the trouble of opening the mountain?
If you actually tried to break down a mountain with thick trees by human power, first you’ll have to remove the bushes and dig up the soil while pulling out the trees. Then when rocks come out, crush them, and discard the earth and sand that came out…. It’s a bit disappointing, But in this world with magic, earth mages will be used like heavy construction machines. Though hiring them will probably cost a fortune.

[If we try to do things based on Taichi-san’s standards, it will lead to a lot of ridiculous things. It will take less than an hour to open up this mountain, right?]

[Sounds about right if there’s no hindrance.]

I could either use earth magic to split the mountain, or pure magic to erase unnecessary parts. But if there was a dormant volcano, magma may suddenly spurt out. It’ll be catastrophic.
Thinking now, I’m already far beyond a normal human. Being made aware of it gave me a slight scare.

[Maybe we should walk for the remainder of this trip. I’ll get us off near Gandilー]

[Gyaaー!? Taichi-san please go slowly! We are getting down too fast! We are fallingー!]

[We aren’t falling.]

I descended near Gandil while calming the frantic Marl.


[Show me your identification card.]

[Yeah…. Identification card, identification card.]

Welp, I completely forgot about this. I mean, identification card? Did he mean adventurer card?
However, since it’s an official card, my name is on it. Taichi Mitsuba, the hero who stopped the great flood in Karendil Kingdom.
This time I’m coming here privately, so I really don’t want to be bothered with all the stuff that comes with my fame. I received Marl’s adventurer card from her and showed the gatekeeper both cards. He looked at the two cards for a moment before turning wide eyed and slack jawed.
Me and Marl gestured to the gatekeeper to keep quiet. I spoke after he gave us a positive response.

[This time I came to this city for a very personal business. I want to avoid unnecessary attention as much as possible. Can you do it? I don’t want the gatekeeper to have any extra troubles, got it?]

I asked the confused gatekeeper not to report that we are visiting this city, then ask for the best inn before handing him some silver coins.
I know bribery is bad and all, but the information he gave us about an inn with a reasonable price point was really good.

[Taichi-san is slowly becoming a small-time villain, is he not?]

[What’s wrong with being a small-time villain?]

It’s true that I gave out a lot of silver coins with the intention of bribing, but it was under the premise that I was paying for the information the gatekeeper provided, which is not a lie. Even if someone tried to blame me, valuable information still had its price. Until it’s found out, we should be alright.
Although I won’t deny that it’s still fishy.

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  1. Do you change translators every paragraph? It’s rather strange how you changed the name of a kingdom from calendil to karendil in adjacent paragraphs, then repeated that with Gobbel to Goebbels.


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