Glutton Berserker ch.188

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Mirp

Chapter 188 – To the Flying Continent

It seems that the time passed in a blink of an eye as I groomed the silent black sword.
This should be enough. It always feels satisfying when I’m finished polishing the small details.
The reflection of my face appeared on the mirror polished blade.
My left eye was shining red.

I didn’t even notice that I’ve entered a semi starving state.
It just happened without any sign.

[This is bad…]

In the end, I didn’t get any sleep at all. I was scared.
In addition to that, I wanted to avoid confronting my other self in the spiritual world.

If I were to face it alone this time, there’s a huge chance that I’ll get swallowed.
I could no longer borrow Luna’s or Greed’s power anymore after all.
Although I said to Roxy that I’d do my best… it seems that I still need to buy some time until I find some clues.

But that thing won’t wait even if I avoid facing it in the spiritual world.

[Looks like someone did not get enough sleep.]


Roxy, who was napping beside me, replied.
I was a little worried about her since the angel mode is quite exhausting for her, and she hasn’t slept all that long.

[How are you doing?]

[Thanks to you, it is perfect. Looks like they are still asleep.]

[They’re just acting like usual.]

Myne and Snow were sleeping soundly.
Sleeping peacefully like kids.

To them, there’s no such thing as tension.
Roxy approached me as I was laughing bitterly.

[What happened to your eye!?]

[This… well…]

I tried to explain the situation to Roxy as best as I could.
Listening to me thoroughly, she finally nodded.

[So it is different from the usual starving state? And it will probably disappear if you drive the creature back?]

[It’s different alright. Normally, I’d feel a great inclination to eat something. But now… there’s nothing.]

It’s strange. Usually I’d be attacked by the urge to feed when the semi-starving state kicked in.
There is something wrong after all.

[Is it related to that other Fai you mentioned who attacked you in the spiritual world?]

[Maybe… maybe it’s working on something]

I stood up while putting the black sword back to its scabbard.
Right then, I felt my body was lighter than usual.

[!? This is…]

[Is there something wrong?]

[I actually feel alright. My stats will get boosted up during a semi-starving state, so I become stronger than normal.]

[That is good… is what I would like to say.]

[Too good that it’s creepy… knowing myself, it’s like a calm before a storm.]

[Even if you think so, you should not jinx it.]

[I know.]

For better or worse, this is probably the best state to enter Gallia.
Well then, should we wake Myne and Snow up? When I thought so, the door was opened from outside.

[Good morning. Libra-sama is waiting for you.]

As before, Eris appeared dignified in her maid getup.
She bowed gracefully.

[Alright. Please wait a moment.]

I turned around to wake the two girls up… but found that it’s not necessary.

Myne no longer looked sleepy, already neatly dressed, and the black axe was ready in her hand.
Snow was still yawning, but otherwise ready.
It’s normal for a veteran warrior like Myne. She’s been like that since I started travelling with her way back then. So I’m not too surprised.
It’s Snow who has changed. Since the battle at Hauzen, she’s been showing a lot more thoughtfulness and a lot less childishness. She actually sometimes sounded mature.

[Let’s go, Fate!]

I received Snow who was jumping at me.
Her blazing red hair was still unkempt from sleeping. But she managed to arrange it by hand.

[Okay, let’s go.]

Everyone nodded and left the room.
Eris guided us toward the deck.

[Hey, don’t you want to take some more rest?]

[I’d rather be told that by anyone else but you.]

[Ahaha, we’re on the same team now, so why can’t we get along.]

[Same team? I loathe to think about that. And you won’t be jumping to fray directly anyway.]

[Don’t say it like that. You see, I have a representative here]

Saying that, LIbra pointed at Eris.

[You should be familiar with her strength. And I have readjusted it, so she’s stronger than ever.]


I stared dagger at Libra, but his laid back face didn’t change one bit.
As if deliberately waiting for my reaction, he finally continued.

[Still not satisfied? Then how about if I give you a full set?]

He then took out a black weapon from nothingness.


[The black bayonet Envy. This one has also been readjusted. It’s been acting like a noddy child while I was away. Here, have a look.]

He tossed the weapon to me as he’s throwing away trash.

[Well, it’s a support type weapon, so it won’t have a lot of firepower. That said, Eris should be able to handle it to its full extent now.]

[So you’ll be just watching from high up here?]

[You still don’t get it. I’ll be here praying to God so that you’ll be successful in your endeavor.]

[Don’t get in the way. Or else I’ll break this ship to the ground.]

[Ahaha, so funny. Alas, if you do that, Eris’ head will roll on the ground immediately.]


There’s no use in talking to him.
I tried calling into Envy with 《Mind Reading》.
But there was no answer.
It’s gotta be the influence from the readjustment. Just like what he did to Eris.
The ego must’ve been sealed away.

[Eris, here.]

I handed over Envy to the silent Eris, then turned my sight toward the direction of Gallia.
It’s such a huge mass of land floating in the air.

It looked magnificent from a distance, but it was even more impressive from near.
Adding to that was the tingling I felt on my skin.
Caused by the enormous amount of magical power emitted by the numerous monsters habitating the floating land.

[That looks like worthy to be eaten]

[Let me tell you once more. Anyone else but you.]

Laughing, perhaps finding it funny, Libra pointed at a certain location.

[We’ll be landing over there. That place has always been quiet.]

[That place is…]

[The green canyon.]

Roxy looked on with a nostalgic gaze.
It must have been a place to mine rare minerals to be supplied to the royal capital.
And I once came here to gather the magic crystal necessary to craft the scabbard for the black sword.

At that time, although the purpose was different, it was also a memorable place to fight with Roxy.
Although it looks like an oasis of devastated land, it is actually made up of piled up dead monsters.

[Isn’t it dangerous? There are many monsters sleeping there.]

[Sadly not. They have long lost their souls and are merely fossils now. They cannot be revived.]

[Lost their soul? Fossil?]

[Simply put, it’s safe.]

Damn. he’s not going to answer.
But well, as Libra said, there’s no sign of monsters nearby.

I looked to Myne who had remained silent all this time.
She responded with a quiet nod.

[It seems safe.]

[Ohoho, so you don’t trust me.]


Libra then looked up to the sky, seemingly deliberately.
But he soon turned to me again and grinned.

[Alright, I’ll land there. Looking forward to it.]

Instead, Libra seemingly directed that last part to Snow.

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