I Was Called Incompetent ch.63

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Translator: Raizu
Editor: Shirayuki

Episode 63: Epoly

Levi pointed me to a certain section in the newspaper.
The word “Incompetent” was written there.

[This is…an article from about a week ago. “A violent incompetent girl sighted in the Celt capital! Targeted crime at a happy family!” …it says. Perhaps she couldn’t control her hatred. We wouldn’t know until we get there. I at least want to know what kind of person she is…]

[I bought this newspaper a while ago just in case. It was a correct decision after all. I thought we still had time to plan this through, but now that she has been arrested… this will be difficult.]

[But if we can prove that this person is not an incompetent, she might be spared from the capital punishment but…]

It’ll still be difficult.
Firstly, meeting the person in question will be a challenge in itself, let alone doing something about her condition.
Not to mention openly helping an incompetent would make for a bad publication.
In other words, we’ll have to break our promise to Ban-san to “keep our moves under wraps”.

[What to do then…?]

[We should head for Celt first. We can ask around the city folks once we are there, perhaps find a way in the process.]

[Indeed… then should we get ready?]

[Yes… we’ll leave first thing in the morning]

Thus we started preparing for our departure then headed to sleep afterward.


Meanwhile, in Celt――――

Meals are delivered and placed in prison as usual.
She kept her head low, not bothering to glance at the meal
It’s the same as usual up to this point.
However, there’s something different today.

[Incompetent girl.]

Her body trembled.
She was taken aback because it’s been a while since she heard anyone else’s voice.
Terrified, she raised her face. The chain around her neck scrapped her in the process, causing her to let out an unpleasant voice that echoed throughout the otherwise silent prison cell.

[Unlike Armenia, we don’t condone letting prisoners suffer for so long. It’ll be 5 days from now]

Hearing that, she instead closed her eyes and smiled. As though she’s been relieved from a great weight.

[…why smile?]

The man originally only intended to inform the young girl of the date of her execution.
And yet, he stayed to inquire about her expression, which was the total opposite of what he expected.
The girl smiled, replying to the question with a murky voice.

[I’m relieved because… I can finally die as I should.]

He couldn’t quite get the meaning behind her reply.
Unable to find a word to respond, he chose to leave the prison cell silently.

He has a particular power.
However, this same power that has helped him arrest many criminals told him that the girl is not guilty.

[Is it only because… she’s an incompetent…?]

Unable to get rid of the indescribable emotions swirling in her head, Celt Knight-Captain Eddie walked at a more brisk pace.



One of the five major powers in Valhalla, located in the southern part of the continent.
Due to its proximity to the land of dragons and demons, the kingdom has to deal with a large number of monsters regularly, making it a good place for adventurers to make a living.
Other than that, there’s another reason why adventurers flock here.

There’s a famous saying among the adventurers that, “making a name in Celt will lead to great success”. Truth to be told, there are indeed many high rankers who started their rise by making a name in Celt.
In addition to the large number, many high-ranked monsters appeared almost daily.  Therefore only the strong would be able to stay while the weak would either leave or die in the middle of fulfilling the request.
As a result, the quality of the adventurers would rise, and those who continue to complete requests would eventually become high rankers.

With this kind of environment, strength is of the utmost importance in this country. A strong adventurer becomes comparable to that of aristocrats or the royal family.
The current Celt King understood this fact very well, thus saying “Celt will not survive unless I am strong”.
Surprisingly, or rather, unsurprisingly, he’s still an active adventurer despite already being in his fifties. And an SS-ranker at that.
It’s something he achieved not through connection or influence, but his sheer efforts and abilities. The current Celt King is heralded as either the strongest or second strongest King on the continent.

Of course, the country’s government officials wished nothing more than for him to finally quit and settle down but the King didn’t listen at all.
To everyone’s surprise, back at the Olympus meeting, he’s waiting for Titanomachy to attack with a scary glare in his eyes.

Such is the Celt King that is loved by his people and is regarded as one of the strongest kings in the continent.
Valuing chivalry, he’s also sincere and easy-going.
With his strength supporting his other good qualities, he’s undisputedly a great king.

However, even he had a secret.
That he will soon disappear from this world.


[Geho geho… ahー… This really won’t do….]

In a forest 20 miles away from Celt.
A man sat on a giant monster corpse, staring at what came out of his mouth in the palm of his hand.
His hand, trembling without permission, was drenched with blood. The pungent iron smell was obvious to his nose.
It’s not because he was injured during the last battle.
That would be a better scenario for him.

[My my…. What a pitiful… guh! …weak body I have here…] 

The rank of the monster he just slew was around A. Normally he wouldn’t have any problem fighting it.
However, the sickness that has been eating away at him prevented him from performing normally.
And he’s been suffering from this illness for several years now.

It’s a strange illness that causes severe pain whenever he uses his magic.
A terrifying sickness that stemmed from an abnormality at the cellular level, leading to the body being unable to withstand its own magic power.
The more he uses magic, the more he’s hurting himself, and eventually, it’ll lead to his own demise.
In this world where magic is just as valued as your life, this “Magic Syndrome” becomes the worst sickness.
Not to mention that there is currently no cure for it.

Realizing that the illness had struck him from the symptoms he experienced, he resolved to not tell anyone and acted as normal.
Because he’s a King.
Orlando Godrick Celt will continue to fight valiantly.

As a man, an adventurer, and above all as a king, he must not be defeated without a fight.
Even if it’s against an incurable sickness.
With this strong resolve, he hid his illness and continued to fight.

Naturally, he also did his research regarding his illness. But every book he read mentioned the same thing.

“一there is no cure to the magic syndrome. Even if the patient never uses their magic again, their condition will still deteriorate as the body continually produces magic power.”

Despite this, he persisted, fighting with all his might.
Even so, he couldn’t prevent his body from deteriorating.
He could withstand the pain, swallow back the blood welling up inside his mouth.
Never would he show any weakness to his people, especially by succumbing to illness.
But human effort sometimes can only go so far.

[Damn… is this communication stone broken? Uh… gaha! Hah… Hah… somehow… to the city…]

Realizing his end draws near, he had already written his last will and hid it in his room.
In addition to that, he had also entrusted to his son most events and ceremonies during the last few years starting from when he realized that he was afflicted with Magic Syndrome. Thanks to that, his son has been gaining popularity among the people.
His son is also growing to become a wise man and is currently an active adventurer himself. An S ranker already.
Hopefully, the people of Celt would see his son as a worthy King.

[Haha… there will be problems with the funeral… if my body isn’t even there… I have to go back…]

He intended to retire from adventuring after completing this request.
Also abdicating from the throne afterward so that his son can take his place.
He took this request to fulfill his last selfishness, wanting to have a final fight at this twilight of his life. 

[I guess I was too greedy… well, this is also fate… Alright now, for my last triumphant return…!?]

Right at the same time, his body reacted by reflex and avoided an attack coming from behind.
Rolling on the ground and looking back while crouching with one knee on the ground, he saw the opponent he’s hoping for.

[God… thank you…!]

The strongest King smiled happily.


[Nn… it’s already morning…]

When I woke up inside the swaying carriage and looked sideways, I found Levi still sleeping soundly.
After staring at her sleeping face for a while, I moved to the carriage cockpit.

It’s been 5 days since we departed from Nibelugh.
We had entered Celt’s territory and would soon arrive at the royal capital.
It will normally take longer, but we were able to shorten it thanks to a new friend. 

[I’m sorry, Epoly. Thanks to you, I had a good rest.]

[Always the charmer, but need not worry. I have dreamed of driving a carriage myself like forever now. That is after all part of my power.]


Epoly – The Gauntlets of the Sacred Charioteer

A pair of charioteer arm braces crafted by the Gods 
Those wearing this will find it very easy to mount horses and drive carriages.

It’s not only simply improving equestrian skill, it also allows the wearer to travel over water and even in midair. 
Wearing the gauntlets will also improve the horse(s) and/or carriage’s performance.

Rank: 【SS】
Ability: 【S】


[Well, I know that. I just feel bad (for leaving you to drive all night).]

[Well, that is one reason why I am willing to help you. I still have some magic power left, so please relax in the meantime.]

She smiled as she shook her brown ponytail.
Thanks to my improved Materialization magic, I was able to keep Epoly materialized for a very long time, during which I let her drive the carriage.
Vaendymion became an almost inexhaustible horse while Epoly drove the carriage, only needing to stop when it’s time to eat. This shortened the traveling time which is very appreciated.

[I’ll take you up on your offer then…]

[Munya… good morning…]

[Ah, you’re awake. Morning, Levi.]

[Oh, pardon me… I woke up later than Rhode-sama…]

[Don’t worry about it. Epoly, how much further?]

[About 20 km, tops? We should be arriving soon.]

[Got it. Well then, let’s change our clothes. Once we get into the city…!?] 

Right then, a sound of an explosion echoed from the forest.
Following soon after was an inhuman scream.

[Rhode-sama, just now…!]

[It’s not that far away… Let’s go take a look. Epoly, please!]

[Leave it to me! I will have to adjust so that I would not run out of magic midway there… here we go!]

The moment she put her magical power into her reins, the carriage rose as Vaendymion galloped over the forest.
High in the sky, we saw rising dust not too far away, 

[Over there!]

[Okayー! I shall be counting on you! Vaendymion!]


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